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This page lists any significant updates made to the game from Version 5 onwards. Smaller changes and fixes which aren't enough to constitute an update, particularly if they are meant to fix or modify errors, typos, or inconsistencies with object lines, will usually be listed in the Tsuchinoko updates instead.

Upcoming / Roadmap

Minor updates in progress

  • (minor) version number TBD: A Shield, an Arrow, and a Pile of Hotfixes (updates to archery weapons, shield rules, roomstyle hotfixes, LBE hotfixes and way more)
  • (minor) version number TBD: Critfail update

Major updates in progress

  • (major) v6.9.4: Expanded Hiring Bureau update
  • (major) v6.9.5: Random event generators; World Events at every Daily Reset, Town Events at every town/intersection entered
  • (major) v6.9.6: Unnamed major clothing system update
  • (major) v6.9.7: Stealth update
  • (major) v7 / final: Uncharted Areas (XA) at the edges of the world + A final weapon update with everyone's favorites/a final round of suggestions.
  • Post-v7: Tsuchinoko code refactoring?

Version 6.9.4 - Unnamed update

April 10th 2024

Version - Helmet hotfix

  • Effects: Removal of the Ballistic protective trait, now considered obsolete. Due to it being a carryover from eras of the game where headshot Pain multipliers used to be much higher than the current 1.5x (3x or higher), the effect remained unchanged and accidentally overbuffed the protective capabilities of helmets with the trait.
  • Clothing and armor: All clothes that had the Ballistic protective trait lose it.

March 24th 2024

Version - Say My Name update

  • New Tsuchinoko command, &callsign. Generates one of about 200 different names (including variations).
  • Callsigns are intended to give, well, callsigns, but also nicknames, war names, and other aliases. Primarily intended for mercenaries but easily adaptable to anyone else; Maze Military personnel, raiders, adventurers, and so on.
  • The command is designed to be expanded over time in even smaller, Tsuchi-only updates.

March 18th 2024

Version 6.9.3 - The MazeOS Update

  • Added a fourth type of items requiring identification: Data storage devices. Includes floppy disks, zip disks, compact discs (CD), and hard drive disks (HDD). Camera memory cards also become a type of data storage device.
  • When finding data storage devices in the UA, they may contain useful or valuable data.
  • Bring data storage devices to a library computer to identify them, or use a laptop to identify them on the field. Laptops are considered a new type of toolkit and are rechargeable with HITB batteries.
    • Laptops can also double as higher-capacity (and rechargeable) hacking toolkits.
  • Blank versions of data storage devices are available for sale in workshops (as crafting items). Blank devices currently have no specific purpose but GMs are encouraged in any story or quest where writing or saving data could be useful.
  • New Tsuchinoko commands added to support this update: &data &data-floppy &data-zip &data-memcard &data-cd &data-hdd

February 9th 2024

Version 6.9.2 - Mushroom update

The functionality of mushrooms has been expanded, and a new essential shop can now be found in all towns. Mushrooms now become valuable loot ; low value individually, but due to their extremely low weight, worth hanging onto. Mushrooms can be sold or traded up directly for more valuable mushrooms at dedicated, brand-new locations. The mushroom identification costs have also been lowered to match the cost of the lowest-value mushrooms.

  • Identification: The cost of identifying mushrooms has been dropped to 0.10 P$ (previously 10 P$)
  • Mushrooms: All mushrooms now have a monetary value (they previously did not) roughly consistent with their nutritional value and effects.
  • All towns now have a new location, the street kitchen
    • The street kitchen works as both a restaurant and a shop. The manager is a random citizen with the Mycologist trait.
    • The restaurant part of the street kitchen sells inexpensive, filling, mushroom-based dishes.
    • The shop part trades mushrooms. It sells a small selection of savory and magic mushrooms, and it will buy back any mushroom at cost, similarly to valuables.
  • Tsuchinoko: Pull rates of mushroom types with the &marisa command have been adjusted to heavily favor normal mushrooms.
    • Normal mushroom pull chance per command: 63.38% -> 71.81%
    • Magic mushroom chance per command: 32.39% -> 12.23%
    • Unique mushroom chance per command: 4.23% -> 15.96%

December 27th 2023

Version - Melee Repair Kit hotfix

Changes to toolkits:

  • Melee repair kits can now repair shields. The formula to calculate shield HP repaired is equal to the Condition (with Repair skill bonus) divided by 80 and rounded up.

December 25th 2023

Version 6.9.1 - The Soldier of Fortune Update
This update was conceptualized and developed almost entirely by GenericArchangel; the author mostly took care of minor fixes and additions and the final implementation.

A minor update focused on fleshing out MAIM and giving players the option to hire mercenaries.

New occupation: Mercenary

New named characters (14 mercenaries, with different skillsets and loadouts)

Minor lore tweaks to MAIM itself to make it a legitimate organization, now headquartered in Ferron City.

October 4th 2023

Version 6.9 - The Nice, Big Re-Balance Update

New gameplay concept and ability: Hebizuka's Favors.

  • They are MazeWorld's version of Edge points. Burn to re-roll a variety of unfavorable rolls.
  • A trait, Hebizuka's Favorite, allows you to have a maximum of 4 Favors instead of 3.

Changes to Abilities:

  • New technique, Shaft Splitter. Lessons to learn this technique can be purchased at a dojo for 2000 P$.
  • New technique, Two Become One. Lessons to learn this technique can be purchased at a dojo for 3000 P$.
    • The makaryuudo have been given this technique, as they have canonically invented it.

Changes to Ammunition:

  • RPG-7 rocket: TBG-7V rockets now cost 425 P$, increased from 265
  • RPG-29 rocket: TBG-29V rockets now cost 500 P$, increased from 300
  • Ammunition types: New ammo type for shotgun calibers, Dragon's Buckshot (D-Buck).

Changes to Combat mode:

  • Escaping now causes UA trip length to increase automatically by 1, as if it was a Detour +1.

Changes to Clothing and armor, youkai outfits, and trauma plates:

  • Many pieces of armor have received new effects (or had existing effects modified or deleted), mainly to hamper Agility. The general idea is that the heavier the armor, the bulkier and harder it is to move in.
    • Activist Recon Outfit (ARO), all five types: Agi+1 effect deleted
    • EOD Suit: Plate carrier effect added
    • Kawashiro Shinobi Outfit: Effect nerfed to Agi +1
    • Armored trench-coat, Composite armor vest, Composite armor full leggings, D armor full leggings, Dou-sode armor, Heavy D armor vest, Heavy K armor vest, Heavy T armor vest, K armor full leggings, Powered Combat Vest, SRA Riot Vest, SRA full leggings, T armor full leggings, Light steel trauma plate, Composite armor trauma plate: All of these received an Agi-1 effect
    • EOD Suit, Medieval cuirass, Heavy steel trauma plate: All of these received an Agi-2 effect
  • Many pieces of armor have been made more expensive.
    • Heavy steel helmet: Increase to 250
    • T armor helmet: Increase to 500
    • K armor helmet: Increase to 750
    • D armor helmet: Increase to 900
    • Cerashield helmet: Increase to 1250
    • Titanium/Steel helmet: Increase to 1300
    • EOD helmet: Increase to 2000
    • MASKA helmet: Increase to 2500
    • Armored dress: Increase to 400
    • Armored tuxedo: Increase to 400
    • Light stab vest: Increase to 400
    • Light K armor: Increase to 750
    • Light T armor: Increase to 800
    • Heavy K armor: Increase to 1500
    • Heavy T armor: Increase to 1600
    • Light D armor: Increase to 1800
    • SRA riot vest: Increase to 2000
    • Heavy D armor: Increase to 4500
    • EOD Suit: Increase to 5000
    • Powered Combat Vest: Increase to 7500
  • Some pieces of armor have been made cheaper.
    • Flak jacket: Decrease to 250
    • Kabuto-menpo: Decrease to 450
  • A new youkai outfit has been added, the Combat Outfit. It is a generic, non-faction combat outfit with similar looks and functionality as the Activist Combat Outfit. Available for all five body types for the same price as the ACO.
  • Style shop: New rules now heavily discourage creating armor with an AC of A4/A5, a youkai outfit with AC tier +4 or higher, or anything granting Agility +2 or higher. Anything combining Agility +0, +1, or +2 with high AC or outfit AC tier boost must be justified or have other maluses.

Changes to Creatures:

Changes to Effects:

  • Travel Fatigue: Now burns 20 nutrition and 10 hydration per room traveled, on top of the Fatigue effects.

Changes to Skills:

  • Evasion:
    • Successfully Dodging a critical hit now downgrades it to an inaccurate hit instead of turning it into a miss, meaning crits remain dangerous in both directions.
  • Handloading:
    • Picking up spent casings now grants Skill Points, at a rate of 1 SP per 20 cases/hulls salvaged (or 0.05 SP per case/hull)
    • Disassembling ammunition into components now grants Skill Points, at a rate of 1 SP per 20 rounds disassembled (or 0.05 SP per round)
    • The Skill Point bonus for handloading ammunition is doubled, the rate is now 1 SP per 10 rounds loaded (or 0.10 SP per round)
  • Repair:
    • All skill thresholds have been halved. It now requires 25 SP for Basic, 100 SP for Skilled, 250 SP for Expert, and 500 SP for Master.

Changes to Weapons:

  • Brick, Broken bottle, Iron ball, Stone: New throw mode.
    • Throwing the broken bottle will always destroy it, whether you hit or not. If you do hit, target receives 3 light wounds.
  • Mini C4 charge: Price reduced to 100 P$, from 750. Rarity adjusted to 1, from 2.
  • Small C4 charge: Price reduced to 300 P$, from 1500. Rarity adjusted to 1, from 4.
  • Large C4 charge: Price reduced to 500 P$, from 2500. Rarity adjusted to 1, from 5.
  • Taser X26c: Stun effect buffed to 2 turns instead of 1
  • Stun baton: Stun effect buffed to 3 turns instead of 1d2
  • Stun knife: Stun effect buffed to 2 turns instead of 1d2
  • Shock gloves: Stun effect buffed to 3 turns instead of 1d2

September 26th 2023

Version 6.82 - Explosives hotfix

Changes to Explosives:

  • Pressure mine disposal:
    • You can now shoot a mine to detonate it, but you must deliberately aim at one mine and score at least one inaccurate hit.
    • You no longer need to roll for accuracy when using an explosive; the explosive blast will set primed pressure mines off automatically.
  • Directional mine disposal:
    • You can now shoot a directional mine to destroy it (will not detonate on a hit), but you must deliberately aim at one mine and score at least one inaccurate hit.
    • If you use a weapon that causes a Standard explosion, it will destroy all mines on the same Side, not just the one you targeted.
    • You can now deliberately approach a primed directional mine from a Targeted Side, but you must pass two successive Agility checks (8+ to pass) to avoid setting it off. If you pass both, you enter the Side without setting the mine off. If you fail one check, you still enter the Protected Side, but it sets the mine off at 0.5x damage. Failing both sets it off at full damage. Regardless of the result, carefully approaching a mine breaks Stealth. However, it can also be done outside of combat.

August 19th 2023

Version 6.81 - Mining hotfix

Changes to Mining have been introduced to simplify it and make it easier.

  • Mining now works according to a hit point system instead of a chance-to-succeed system. The objective is to make mining more of a straight trade of resources and favor strength-based builds (which would already benefit from using tools like pick-axes and mattocks as weapons).
  • Each mining target (ore bundle, obstructions) now has a set number of hit points.
  • A pick or drill strike reduces the target's hit points; the check is based on the skill level (1d20 to 1d60, in increments of 10), multiplied by Strength.
  • Explosives damage equal to their limb damage multiplied by a number that depends on skill level (x1 to x3, in 0.5 increments).
  • The length of a Mining Level has been shortened from 15 + Mine level to 8 + Mine level
  • It is now possible to save your progress exploring a mine and leave without having to start over from Level -1.
  • New items at the mining supplies store now allow you to reset your progress in a mine and start over.

June 19th 2023

Version 6.8 - Deep Wound update

  • Introduction of a new injury type called deep wound (DWs)
    • A deep wound is similar to a normal wound (to be renamed light wound (LWs)), but causes four times the amount of bleeding per turn: -1.2 Blood per turn instead of -0.3.
    • Piercing-type damage now causes deep wounds
    • Bullet-type damage now causes light wounds on inaccurate hits and deep wounds on solid hits and criticals (except as otherwise dictated by ammo type)
      • Rubber buckshot and rubber slugs continue causing fractures instead of LWs (no change to behavior)
      • Flechette can now only cause LWs
      • Sintered Frangible (SF) can only cause 2 wounds per successful hit, but the wound type is accuracy dependent; 2 LWs on an inaccurate hit, 2 DWs on a solid or critical hit.
      • Broadhead arrows (BRD) can now cause 2 wounds per successful hit instead of just 1
  • New items:
    • Meds
      • Tranexamic acid (TXA): Syringe, 400 P$, not addictive. Reduces bleed rate to 0.0/turn (effectively stops bleeding) for 10 turns
    • Mushrooms
      • Extra wound healing (Extra vulnus medicae): Heals 3 wounds, prioritizing Deep Wounds first, then Light Wounds.
      • Stop the bleed (Cessant sanguinem): Reduces bleed rate to 0.0/turn (effectively stops bleeding) for 10 turns
  • Changes to ammunition
    • Flechette damage tables balanced on all calibers to behave more like armor-piercing ammunition. All flechette damage on Ax armor classes has been buffed, damage on Cx is unchanged. New tables are as follows:
  • Changes to creatures
    • Numerous creatures have attacks that variously cause extra wounds (1d2, 1d3, 2d2, etc.) on a hit. Most of these now cause either LWs or DWs depending on damage type.
    • Many creatures with healing spells will have their effects updated. They can now close both wound types, but will prioritize DWs first, LWs second, just like the Stop the bleed mushroom.
  • Changes to hospitals
    • Light Wounds cost 10 P$ apiece to heal.
    • Deep Wounds cost 25 P$ apiece to heal.
  • Changes to meds
    • Gauze roll: One use fixes 1 LW.
    • Individual Bandage: Fixes 1 LW.
    • Hemostatic Agent Pack: One use fixes 1 DW.
  • Other changes
    • Basic mechanics: Sarah example updated to reflect LWs and DWs.
    • Convenience store: Updated the Meds aisle accordingly
    • Damage types: Updated accordingly
    • Explosives:
      • Injuries caused by explosions: No longer causes wounds of either type. Instead, 1 fracture goes to a random body part for every 6 Base Explosive Damage (BED) caused. e.g., a MkIIIA2 grenade causes 1d8+18 BED, which results in 3-4 fractures.
      • Injuries caused by shrapnel: Shrapnel can only cause LWs, despite being Bullet-type.
    • Limb health: Updated accordingly
    • Healing (non-combat skill): Updated accordingly

March 18th 2023

Version 6.7.1- The Mining Overhaul Update (+ extra goodies)

  • Mining received a major overhaul
    • The exploration process was completely overhauled to reward progressing as deeply as possible.
    • Introduction of a minecart feature to transport ores in and out of the mining facility
    • Introduction of mine bosses, acting as guardians of specific depth levels
    • The end of a mining facility should contain a GM-defined treasure (our recommendation is to make it an artifact weapon)
    • Metal ore bundle generation is reduced from 1d800*5 to 1d200*5, reducing the maximum size of a single bundle from 4 kg to 1 kg.
    • Gemstone ore bundle generation is reduced from 1d800*5 to 1d10*50, reducing the maximum size of a single bundle from 2 kg to 500 grams.
  • New underbarrel grenade launcher: ISL-201 UGL-I integrated underbarrel grenade launcher, exclusive to Customs MP5s with the ISL-201 handguard.
  • Maze Customs
    • Blackhawk and Redhawk revolvers receive a new modification: Barrel porting, which acts as an integrated muzzle brake (Recoil -1).
    • MP5 receives a new handguard: ISL-201 handguard (Adds an ISL-201 UGL-I underbarrel grenade launcher). Not compatible with Short MP5K barrel or Long barrel.
    • Minor: RL optics for RPG-7
    • Minor: Tokarev magazine conversion for Thompson
  • Uncivilized Area: 5 new roomstyles, each designed to offer players opportunities to exercise non-combat skills.
    • Blocked pathway: The front door leads to a Shortcut -1 but is blocked by the carcass of a rotting creature. The carcass must be butchered to pass the door.
    • Dismantled roadway: The front door leads to a Shortcut -2 but is locked and missing a doorset. You must craft one with a Crafting toolkit to open the door. Crafting a doorset is treated as a Level 2 blueprint with no particular ingredients (50% base chance of success per kit use).
    • Caved-in causeway: The front door leads to a Shortcut -3 but is caved-in by dirt, sand, or gravel. You must mine your way through it by successfully striking the obstruction 3 times. If you clear it, roll 1d20. On a 11-18, you receive one bundle of common ore. On a 19-20, you receive one bundle of rare ore.
    • Collapsed highway: The front door leads to a Shortcut -4, but was destroyed to the point of impossibility. You must use a Gun Repair Kit (GRK), Melee weapon Repair Kit (MRK), or Explosives Toolkit (XTK) to repair it. Each usage of any of these kits repairs the door by 1d50%. Skill level bonus is +10% for every level above Unskilled.
    • Padlocked cache: The front door has been fitted with a lock, requiring the right key, lockpicking, or brute-forcing to open. Roll &genbox to determine loot and lock type. Opening the door adds extra loot to the next room, if applicable. (2x &boxlootW or &boxlootM depending on the results of &genbox).

January 23rd 2023

Version 6.7 - The Bestiary Update

This update was co-designed with GenericArchangel and aims to make the bestiary more interesting and varied, more dangerous, yet make fighting worth the effort more often than not.

  • Changes to existing creatures
    • Aquagon: Gains two new attacks: Electric bite and Mist ball.
    • Electragon: Changed the type of the stun attack from Piercing to Spec-Elec, increased base Pain to 44%.
    • Everdragon: Armor Class was increased from A4 to A5.
    • Kappa and Kenmun: Each gains a new attack, the Mist ball.
    • Jami, Daijami, Oujami, Aquagon, Kappa, Kenmun: Changed the type of the mist ball from Special to Spec-Aqua, giving it the ability to cause Water-Soaked.
  • Changes to effects
    • Water-soaked: Is now a semi-permanent effect intended to represent the effects of being drenched in water. As long as the effect is active, it overrides On Fire (disables any fires on the creature's body and prevents new fires from starting), but makes Spec-Elec cause double damage. Additionally, while the effect is active, the creature +0.2% Fatigue per turn at the end of combat, and +0.1% Fatigue per room traveled at the end of a UA trip. This effect is separate from actual Travel Fatigue, meaning it is unaffected by the Wherever I May Roam trait.
    • New item introduced: Dispoable bath towel, Weight 0.5. This item is a consumable with the sole purpose of removing an active Water-soaked effect. Once used, it is discarded. Available in workshops for Parallar symbol.png7.
    • GM tip: A non-specified supply of bath towels is assumed to always be available in bathrooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere it would make sense to find them.
  • Changes to containers
    • Mimics, in the form of mimic traps, have been introduced. Upon being approached by an adventurer, they turn into creature-like constructs that must be fought to access the loot inside.
    • Four types of mimic traps have been introduced: Biter, Basher, Melter, and Burner. Each has an appropriate attack.
  • Numerous creatures, both new and existing, receive new drops that can be either obtained on death or harvested through butchering. The full list is below:
    • Food: Raw and fried chicken egg, raw and fried turkey egg, vinepear
    • Meds: Poison glands (small, medium, large), chelicera, telson
    • Valuables: New Special valuables: Beast fang, blob matter residue, bone antler, borz subdermal scale, bronze feather, dragon scale, frost crystal, firelizard scale, giant rodent tooth, Golden Lion fang, hydra scale, keratin plate, LSS fluid canister, snawfus antler, spiny scale, steel antler, thorny scale, two-headed serpent scale
  • Crafting:
    • 7 new crafting blueprints and associated recipes: HmVnmS, HmVnmC, HmVnmM, HmVnmT, HmVnmL, DragonSP, HydraSP
  • Trauma plates:
    • 2 new crafting-only plates: Dragon scale plate and Hydra scale plate
  • Numerous creatures, both new and existing, have received changes to their attacks to make them more lethal and more specialized.
    • Bears
    • Birds
      • Bearded vulture: Increased MAPT of all attacks
      • Emu: Increased MAPT of Peck
      • Black vulture: Increased MAPT of Talon attack
      • Elephant bird: Added multi-wound effect to Peck and Talon attack
      • Bronze bird: Modified the property of Metal feather shot into an AP attack. Increased MAPT of all attacks.
      • Lightning bird: Added new attack, Spark. Increased MAPT of Peck and Talon attack. Added non-combat skill: Evasion (Skilled).
      • Basilisk: Increased MAPT of Peck and Poison spit.
    • Bugs
      • Giant scorpion: Modified the property of the poison sting into an AP attack.
    • Canines
    • Deer
      • Elk: Added non-combat skill: Evasion (Basic)
      • Snawfus: Added non-combat skill: Evasion (Skilled)
      • Danger Deer: Added non-combat skill: Evasion (Expert)
    • Felines
      • Jaguar: Added multi-wound effect to Bite and Claws
      • Pantherian: Added multi-wound effect to Bite and Claws
      • Splintercat: Added multi-wound effect to Bite and Claws
      • Golden Lion: Added multi-wound effect to AP bite and AP claws
    • Golems
    • Humanoids
    • Mamono
      • Shinigami: Raised MAPT of Force Bullet. Added new technique, AP Force Bullet.
    • Reptiles
      • Firelizard: Added new technique, FP Tearing poison bite
      • Two-headed serpent: Added new technique, FP Tearing poison bite
      • Hydra: Added new techniques, Machine gun bite, FP Ripping claws and FP Tearing poison bite
    • Science experiments
      • Vinebeast: Added new technique, FP Deep thorns
      • Scaleworm: Modified the property of the Bite into an FP attack.
    • Halflings
    • Youkai
      • Guhin: Added new technique, Scent detect.
      • Kasha: Added multi-wound effect to Bite and Claws
      • Satori: Added new technique, Psi-scan.

December 24th 2022

Version - Scary Snipers with Braking Power Mini-Update

This update was entirely designed by GenericArchangel to fix a flaw related to muzzle brakes.

  • Changes to Weapon accessories
    • Muzzle brakes: If equipped to a weapon that is also equipped with a scope, the brake limits that weapon's maximum Recoil to 6 on top of applying its normal Recoil -1 effect. In this case, if that weapon's Recoil were to exceed 6 after applying all modifiers, it is treated as 6.

November 1st 2022

Version 6.6.3 - The Static MG Update

This update was co-designed with GenericArchangel and aims to adds more flavor and additional combat opportunities to the world.

  • Changes to Cover:
    • New category of non-random cover (cannot appear in the UA): Machine gun emplacements (125 health, A4 armor)
    • Four types of MG emplacements: three based on existing weapons (Static M249, Static QJY-88, Static M60) and a unique new one, based on the Browning M2 .50 BMG machine gun: Static M2HB
    • Although static MGs function like weapons, they are non-equippable and not counted as new weapons (as they are elements of a piece of cover)
    • MG emplacements appear only in Towns at the Town Gate. The type they receive depends on the town's population ("the larger the town, the bigger the bullets")
  • New weapon accessories:

October 30th 2022

Version 6.6.2 - The Redrawn Map Update

This update was co-designed with GenericArchangel and aims to make traveling across the Mazes more immersive. The changes made in this update will also be used to support further future map and location-related updates.

  • Changes to Uncivilized Area and Civilized Areas:
    • Fast, Safe, and Deep routes are no longer available between all locations. While most locations are connected by a Deep route, the availability of a Safe or Fast route depends on the existence of a major trade route or traveling axis.
    • All wiki pages for each town, alongside the Intersection page, now feature route notation to inform players of each available route between each location.
    • A new world map has been produced. It now shows a visual representation of each available route (green for Safe, blue for Fast, red for Deep).

October 18th 2022

Version 6.6.1 - The Str⑨ngest Balance Update

This update was co-designed with GenericArchangel and addresses minor balancing issues with specific Character traits, yousei and kitsune.

  • Character traits:
    • Fast learner now grants 5d25 XP instead of 8d25 XP.
    • Just Can't Use This now requires you to restrict 4 combat skills instead of just 2. 2 of the skills restricted must be either Firearms or Heavy Weapons, and the other 2 must be Melee and Misc.
  • Yousei: Due to Limitless Potential, yousei now receive 4x training machine XP. This effect stacks with the Fast learner and Slow learner traits.
  • Kitsune: Kitsune no longer start with Master level in Negotiation. Instead, they start with the Very Pretty trait for free. The trait is non-removable (similar to hakutaku and Mycologist).

October 17th 2022

Version 6.6 - The Battle Rifle Update

This update was co-designed with GenericArchangel and aims to address power ranges across specific calibers, introduce a battle rifle family to Maze Customs, as well as new calibers, weapons, ammunition, and Customs mods.

Maze Customs

  • New Major family: AR-10, which includes the existing ArmaLite AR-10 and KAC M110 SASS, a new weapon (the ArmaLite AR-10(T)), and a range of new calibers listed below
    • 6 rechambering options
    • 5 barrel lengths, from 12.5" to 24"
    • 5 fire control group options
    • 3 handguards
    • 4 stock options
    • 3 upper receiver options
  • All existing Minor mods for the AR-10 and M110 SASS will be deleted


  • 2 existing calibers re-balanced
    • 7.62x51mm NATO: Buffed to a base Pain of 161% (16 more). New ballistic model (more closely matches M80 ball), new reference barrel (20" barrel from the AR-10 instead of the 17.7" H&K G3A3)
    • .260 Remington: Buffed to a base Pain of 133% (7 more). New reference barrel (20" instead of the previous 17.7")
  • 5 new calibers
    • .243 Winchester: 115% Base Pain cartridge meant to be a low power, low recoil alternative to 7.62 NATO and .260 Remington. Available as a rechambering option for the AR-10 and Rem 700 families.
    • .300 RSAUM (Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum): 172% Base Pain cartridge, serves as an "optimized" alternative to 7.62 NATO. Rare caliber - no base weapons offered for it, but will be available as a rechambering option for the AR-10 and Rem 700 families. (and some non-Customs weapon systems)
    • .338 Federal: 182% Base Pain hunting-oriented big-bore cartridge, serves as one of the two "fat" alternatives to 7.62 NATO. Available as a rechambering option for the AR-10 and Rem 700 families.
    • .358 Winchester: 200% Base Pain hunting-oriented big-bore cartridge, serves as the other of the two "fat" alternatives to 7.62 NATO. Available as a rechambering option for the AR-10 and Rem 700 families.
    • 8x50mm R Lebel: 164% Base Pain cartridge, selected for its historical significance. Available as a rechambering option for the Rem 700 family.



October 3rd 2022

Version - Archery rule patch

Weapons and Ammunition

  • The rules now explicitly specify that Arrows, Large bolts and Small bolts can be reused, according to specific conditions.
    • Under normal conditions, all hits and misses produce arrows that can be retrieved. Only critical failures result in arrow or bolt breakage.
    • If the arrowhead is XPL (Explosive): All hits and misses result in detonation, making explosive arrows 100% non-reusable.
    • If the arrowhead is IMP (Improvised): Misses and critical misses result in breakage. Only hits are reusable.

September 18th 2022

Version 6.5.4 - Guns, Blood, and Drugs; A balancing update

Maze Customs

  • The Heckler & Koch MP5K is added to the MP5 Customs family.
  • Customs: New modifications for the MP5:
    • Barrel length: Short MP5K barrel (4.5-inch barrel) - Muzzle: N/A, Underbarrel: Integrated foregrip - Cost: 150 P$
    • The Short MP5K barrel is incompatible with the Surefire 628 and Quad rails

Limb health

  • Wounds now cause a bleeding rate of -0.3 Blood per wound per turn.


  • First aid kit (FAK): Weight reduced to 1 (previously 2)
  • Epoetin-alfa: Effect modified to Blood +0.2/turn, -30 ntri/turn, +0.4% Fatigue/turn for 20 turns


  • New addiction mechanics simplifying the previous system: As before, using a substance comes with a percentage chance of becoming addicted. However, the withdrawal tiers now function differently and more simply. Now, every use of an addictive substance is a chance to increase the current addiction level by 1, from the minimum of 0 (no effects) to the maximum of 3.
  • Instead of disabling corresponding withdrawal effects when an addictive substance's effects are active, withdrawal effects are now truly permanent and continue being active even if the character uses the corresponding substance. In other words, usage effects and withdrawal effects now stack.
  • Hospital: Addiction removal is now tier based and depends on the current level. It now costs 250 P$ and 2 day periods of mandatory rest per level, up to 750 P$ and 6 day periods (1 full day) for treating a single Level 3 addiction.
  • Addiction effects: To account for the possibility of med effects and withdrawal effects being active simultaneously, the following withdrawal effects have been modified:
    • Nicotine withdrawal
      • Level 1: Minimum Stress set to 15.0%
    • Alcohol withdrawal
      • Level 1: Need a drink (level 1) applies to this character (see below),
      • Level 2: Need a drink (level 2) applies to this character (see below), Agility -1
      • Level 3: Need a drink (level 3) applies to this character (see below), Agility -2, IS tier +1, Hallucinations
    • Cannabis withdrawal
      • Level 1: Mild munchies
      • Level 2: Minimum Stress set to 15.0%, Mild munchies, Mild thirst
      • Level 3: Minimum Stress set to 30.0%, Intense munchies, Mild thirst
    • Anabolic steroid withdrawal
      • Level 1: Minimum Stress set to 30.0%
      • Level 2: Minimum Stress set to 60.0%
      • Level 3: Minimum Stress set to 90.0%, Rage
    • Sick hakutaku syndrome
      • Level 1: IR +1
      • Level 2: FT +1, IR +1
      • Level 3: FT +1, IR +1, Hallucinations


  • Alcohol affinity (Oni creature trait): Effect simplified. Instead of both halving Inebriation received and doubling the Stress relief effect of Need a drink to compensate, this trait now simply doubles the Stress relief effect but gives the normal amount of Inebriation.
  • The "Need a drink" effect has been delineated into 4 variants; Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. In essence, the "Need a drink" effect progressively offers less and less Stress relief per Inebriation gained as your character's level of Alcohol addiction increases.

August 24th 2022

Version 6.5.3 The R&R Update

Basic mechanics

  • Created and defined the concept of Downtime.

July 20th 2022

Version 6.5.2 - Lockpicking minigame update


April 20th 2022

Version 6.5.1 - Simplification Update #10: Completely Baked Edition

Basic game mechanics

  • Recoil has been simplified; there is no point of aim shift after crossing ADT anymore (due to it being a remnant of when Recoil required checking for shot order).

Weapon accessories

Effect changes to the following accessories:

  • Laser sights: No longer cancel the point of aim shift (as that mechanic has been deleted), now gives IR -1.

March 22nd 2022

Version 6.5 - Further Balance Updates

Basic game mechanics

Changes to the following core game mechanics:

  • Major change to the limb groups system: hits to the LIMB group now cause 0.5x damage (same as hits to the EXTREMITIES) instead of the previous 0.4x.


Major rebalancing to the ammunition type cost multipliers:

  • Tracer: 1.1x (previously 1.5x)
  • Match: 3.0x (previously 4.0x)
  • LSWC: 0.8x (previously 0.85x)
  • JHP: 1.5x (previously 3.0x)
  • JSP: 1.2x (previously 2.0x)
  • LSWCHP: 2.0x (previously 2.5x)
  • HPX: 2.5x (previously 4.0x)
  • AP: 1.5x (previously 3.0x)
  • SAP: 1.2x (previously 2.0x)
  • APX: 2.5x (previously 5.0x)
  • API: 2.5x (previously 4.0x)
  • SF: 1.2x (previously 1.5x)
  • UHS: 1.2x (previously 2.5x)

Character creation and Character customization

  • Human characters now receive 4 starting trait points instead of the normal 3, to compensate for the lack of racial benefits.

Convenience stores

  • Convenience stores now sell M67 frag grenades, M18 smoke grenades and M84 flashbang grenades (1d8 per store)


  • Changes to Toolkits:
    • Gun Cleaning Kits (GCK), Gun Repair Kits (GRK), Melee Repair Kits (MRK), Explosives Toolkit (XTK): Maximum uses per kit buffed to 10 uses instead of 3. Price per unit is unchanged.
    • Gun Cleaning Kits: Now repairs 200 Condition per use (previously 100).
    • Gun Repair Kits and Melee Repair Kits: Now repairs 400 Condition per use (previously 250).


New traits (Green: Positive ; Red: Negative):

  • Bad eyesight (+2): Your character has a natural vision impairment that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses. You suffer from a permanent FT+1 effect.
  • Druggist (-2): Ability to identify meds on sight
  • Fast learner (-1): Your character earns Training Points at a faster rate.
    • When training at the shooting range or the dojo, you divide the number of successes by 4 instead of 5 to obtain your Training Points (effectively corresponds to ~25% faster learning).
    • You earn training machine XP at a faster rate. When using a Dojo's training machines, you gain 8d25 XP per use instead of the normal 4d25.
    • Not compatible with Slow Learner
  • Frigid (+2): Your character heals no Stress in the following situations: Strip club: Pole-dancing shows, private dances, special services ; Sanctum: Stress-relief chamber ; Cubus: Sex services ; Reading erotic books ; Any sexual or intimate situation (at the GM's discretion)
    • Not compatible with Horny
  • Jeweler's Eye (-2): Ability to identify gemstones on sight (although not appraise them)
  • Mycologist (-2): Ability to identify mushrooms on sight
    • If your character is a hakutaku, you have this trait by default, at no cost. (This trait cannot be removed.)
  • Slow learner (+1): Your character earns Training Points at a slower rate.
    • When training at the shooting range or the dojo, you divide the number of successes by 6 instead of 5 to obtain your Training Points (effectively corresponds to ~16.67% faster learning).
    • You earn training machine XP at a faster rate. When using a Dojo's training machines, you gain 3d25 XP per use instead of the normal 4d25.
    • Not compatible with Fast Learner

Changes to existing character traits:

  • Galaxy Brain has been removed.
  • Phobia: Additional effect. If you were in combat against a creature or a category for while you have a phobia, you receive quadruple Stress at the end of combat.


The following Effects have been modified:

  • Combat Stress: Base effect is doubled, meaning that each turn of combat now causes +0.2% to +0.8% Stress per turn multiplied by the number of starting enemies.
  • Travel Fatigue: The base roll is a 2d4 instead of the previous 1d8, meaning that each room traveled adds +0.2% to +0.8% Fatigue, with a bell curve effect biased towards the median of 5 (+0.5%).

March 5th 2022

Version 6.4 - The Love Hotel Grabbag of Optimizations Update


Several melee weapons have had their damage values and Weight changed to improve balance. List of changes by melee weapon category


  • Fire axe: Increased base damage to 72% - 72/65 54/43/32/14/4

Crude weapons

  • Meat fork: Increased base damage to 30% - 30/27 21/17/12/6/1


  • Dagger: Increased base damage to 53% - 53/48 40/32/24/11/3
  • Karambit: Decreased base damage to 28% - 28/25 20/15/11/6/1

One-handed clubs

  • Heavy spiked gada: Increased LDV to +3
  • Flanged mace: Increased LDV to +3
  • Pipe wrench: Increased weight to 9. Increased base damage to 70% - 70/67 56/46/35/18/5
  • Wrench: Decreased weight to 2. Decreased base damage to 33% - 33/30 25/20/15/7/2
  • Hammer: Increased weight to 3.

One-handed swords

Two-handed club

  • Iron bat: Increased base damage to 50% - 50/48 40/33/25/13/4


  • Kusari-fundo: Increased LDV to +3. Increased base damage to 55% - 55/52 44/36/28/14/4
  • Straight whip: Decreased base damage to 45% - 45/43 36/29/23/11/3
  • Bullwhip: Increased LDV to +2. Increased base damage to 49% - 49/47 39/32/25/12/4
  • Light bullwhip: Increased LDV to +1. Increased base damage to 37% - 37/33 28/22/17/7/2
  • Riding crop: Decreased weight to 3. Decreased base damage to 30% - 30/29/24/20/15/8/2
  • Nine-tails: Decreased weight to 2.


Food items other than packaged rations and canned goods now have different weight values. Instead of being all 1 unit, they may be any one of the following: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, or 3 units.

New weight values


  • 0.25: Apricot, Grapes, Kumquat, Kiwifruit
  • 0.5: Apple, Pear, Orange, Pomegranate, Banana
  • 1: Watermelon wedge
  • 2: Pineapple
  • 3: Cantaloupe


  • 0.25: Carrot, Beet, Turnip, Leek, Wasabi root
  • 0.5: Tomato, Potato
  • 1: Artichoke, Cucumber
  • 2: Cabbage


  • 0.25: All types of game meat


  • 0.25: Mussels, Clam, Sardines
  • 0.5: Trout, Cod
  • 1: Sea bass, Sole, Grilled eel, Lobster
  • 2: Cuttlefish, Salmon, Carp, Tuna, Crab


  • 0.25: Waffle, Madeleine, Crepe, Scone
  • 0.5: Yogurt, Brownie, Ice cream cone, Fruitcake slice, Millefeuille, Donut, Muffin, Cookies (6), Large cookie
  • 1: Black forest cake slice, Cream pie slice, Cookies (18)


  • 0.25: Chocolate bar, Caramel, Bread slice, Cheddar slice, Fortune cookie, Energy bar, Granola bar, Whole wheat biscuits, Candy (mint), Candy (strawberry), Fruit bar, Milk and cereal bar, Peanut caramel bar
  • 0.5: Candied fruit can, Peanut chocolates (27), Salt crackers (10), Breadsticks (10), Breakfast biscuits
  • 1: Peanut chocolates (168), Salt crackers (20), Breadsticks (20), Pretzels, Popcorn (plain), Popcorn (caramel), Honey-roasted nuts


  • 0.5: Fries, Fried potatoes, Nuggets (6), Pizza (1 slice), Sandwich, Cup noodles
  • 1: Cheeseburger, Double cheeseburger, Nuggets (20), Hamburger, Hot-dog, Chili-dog, Corn-dog, Hot-gon
  • 2: Potato chips
  • 3: Pizza (8 slices)


  • 0.5: Orange juice, Tea (black), Tea (green), Lemonade, Cola, Coffee (black), Apple juice, Grape juice, Energy drink, Coffee (cappucino), Hot cocoa
  • 1: Mineral water, Milk, Beer (blonde), Beer (brown), Beer (stout), Craftable powdered drinks (all of them)
  • 2: Champagne, Red wine, Vodka, Mead, Absinthe, Sake, Whiskey, Brandy, Cider
Changes to rations

The contents of specific rations have been changed.

  • Ration B1: Added 1 extra pack of whole wheat biscuits and 1 can of spam
  • Ration B2: Removed 1 packet of powdered coffee
  • Ration L1: Removed 5 cigarettes and 5 safety matches
  • Ration L2: Added 1 can of pasta with tomato sauce
  • Ration S1: All item quantities doubled, added 2 milk and cereal bars
Other food related changes
  • LBE: All LBE with a Food holster: the effect is replaced to "max weight: 3" instead of "max items: 2"
  • Style shop: Custom food holsters are now weight-based instead of item count-based, as above.


First Aid Kits (FAKs) and Field Surgery Kits (FSKs) receive simplifications to make them easier to use and manage:

  • FAKs and FSKs no longer serve as mini containers capable of carrying extra meds (IBs, paracetamol, HAP, epinephrine, etc.)
  • Instead, FAKs and FSKs are now multiple-use. FAKs have 3 uses before depletion, FSKs have 5 uses (1d3 and 1d5 on randomly found ones)
  • No changes to pricing or limb healing effects, all 3 uses of an FAK can therefore heal up to 21 HP, and all 5 uses of an FSK, 60 HP.


A new hotel classification has been added: Love Hotels.

  • Falls outside of the luxury level (star system) by offering a unique service, represented by a heart symbol (♡)
  • Love hotel rooms possess a single king-size bed intended mainly for couples, similar to ★★★★ hotels.
  • Love hotels only allow you to book a room if you have at least one partner, and booking only lasts 4 hours, not 24. The intention is to provide couples (or groups) with the privacy needed for intimacy.
  • In exchange, the stay is cheap - just Parallar symbol.png50 to get in.

Several towns received new hotels:

  • Neutral towns
    • Calfair Sector - ★★ Rudolf's Lodge
    • Littleton - ★★ Little Inn
    • Nanton - ★★★ Slow Wave Hotel
    • Ovis City - ★ The Roadside Resort
    • Saker - ♡ The Serial Inn
  • Angelic towns
    • Alba Radium - ★ Guiding Light Inn
    • Beatus - ★★★ Dreamers House
    • Divus Nitor - ★★ The Celestial Auberge
    • Semitas - ★★ Quietus Inn
  • Demonic towns
    • Flaxton - ★ The Hotelion
    • Novysera - ★ The Bonfire
    • Rog - ♡ Heat Wave Hotel
    • Temno - ♡ Jam and Cream
    • Utroba - ♡ The Deep Dive
  • Military towns
    • Camp Charger - ★ Chamber-Inn
    • Fort Cobalt - ★★★ First Force Hotel
    • Fort Scarlet - ★ Scenic Route Lodge
    • Fort Wight - ★★★★ Fortress R&R
    • Station Delta - ★ Last Stop Hotel
    • Station Lasker - ★ Southern Comfort
    • Station Sigma - ♡ Six Appeal
  • Police towns
    • Beadsor - ★★ The Hog and Barrel Hostel
    • Elusec - ★★★ Kilburn's
    • Murberry - ★ Layd Backe
    • Wayward - ★★ Thornton Hostel
  • Syndicate towns
    • Baden Town - ★★ The Run-Inn
    • Viris Area - ♡ Lovelight
  • Youkai towns
    • Aosaidan - ★★ Kaneda (金田)
    • Masatomo - ★★★ Lodge of the Fork
    • Kazama - ★★ Amane Hotel (天音 HOTEL, lit. "Divine Sound Hotel")
    • Kijirou - ★★★ Dou to Gin (銅と銀, lit. "Copper and Silver")

A few existing hotels changed classification:

  • Ellen Sector - Warm Case Hotel - Was ★★, becomes ♡
  • Abakash - Brim Inn - Was ★★, becomes ♡
  • Garica Block - Marion's Inn - Was ★★, becomes ♡

Creatures and Occupations

The following creatures and occupations received changes to their loadouts and skills:

Other changes

  • M1 Garand: Missing Customs combinations have been added
  • Hospital: Cost of healing limb damage dropped from Parallar symbol.png25 to Parallar symbol.png15.

February 10th 2022

Version 6.3.13 - The 1000-Weapon Update, Part 13: Submachine guns and Two-handed swords

15 new weapons added to the game (14 firearms, 1 melee weapon), bringing the total to the covered 1,000!

New weapons

Other changes

  • Style shop: Now offers a custom LBE service
  • Maze Customs: AR-15s equipped with both a flat-top receiver and quad-rails get a NATO mount instead of a NATO-S mount (the top rail acts as an extension)
  • Updated the silencer roster for compatibility with the new calibers:
    • Pistol, standard, .32: Now compatible with .327 Federal Magnum
    • Pistol, standard, .45: Now compatible with .41 Magnum
    • Rifle, standard, 5.8mm: Now compatible with 5.8x21mm
    • Rifle, standard, .260 / 6.7mm: Now compatible with 6x45mm
    • Rifle, standard, .30 / 7.62mm: Now compatible with 7x57mm Mauser
  • Updated the muzzle brake roster for compatibility with the new calibers:
    • Pistol, standard, .45: Now compatible with .41 Magnum
    • Rifle, standard, .260 / 6.7mm: Now compatible with 6x45mm
    • Rifle, standard, .30 / 7.62mm: Now compatible with 7x57mm Mauser

February 9th 2022

Version 6.3.12 - The 1000-Weapon Update, Part 12: Conventional rifles and Handgear

37 new weapons and 1 new caliber added to the game (30 firearms, 7 melee weapons, including 1 integrated bayonet), bringing the total to 985.

New caliber

New weapons

Other changes

February 1st 2022

Version 6.3.11 - The 1000-Weapon Update, Part 11: Precision rifles and Two-handed clubs

13 new weapons added to the game (7 firearms, 6 melee weapons), bringing the total to 948.

January 23rd 2022

Version 6.3.10 - The 1000-Weapon Update, Part 10: Pistols and One-handed clubs

47 new weapons added to the game (32 firearms, 15 melee weapons), bringing the total to 935.

New weapons

Other changes

Changes to magazines:

  • All Desert Eagle magazines now possess a "Deagle" tag for searching purposes
  • Mauser C96 Red 9 stripper clip: Renamed to "Mauser C96 stripper clip", compatible with both Mauser C96 Broomhandle and Mauser C96 Red 9 depending on loaded ammunition

Changes to Maze Customs magazines:

  • Glock-SF .22 and Glock-LF .22 magazines: Capacity increased from 10 rounds to 12
  • 1911SS 9mm and 1911DS 9mm magazines deleted (replaced with 1911RO magazines and P-18 magazines, respectively)

January 9th 2022

Version 6.3.9 - The 1000-Weapon Update, Part 9: Grenade launchers and Knives

12 new weapons added to the game (2 firearms, 10 melee weapons), bringing the total to 888.

January 2nd 2022

Version 6.3.8 - The 1000-Weapon Update, Part 8: Hand grenades and Axes

New weapons

11 new weapons added to the game (6 firearms, 5 melee weapons), bringing the total to 876.

Other changes

Changes to existing weapons:

  • M84: Weight changed to 2 (from 1)

January 1st 2022

Version 6.3.7 - The 1000-Weapon Update, Part 7: Underbarrel weapons and Crude weapons

12 new weapons added to the game (2 firearms, 10 melee weapons), bringing the total to 865.

New crafting items:

Prior versions