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Small bolt
Crossbow bolt (small).jpg
Bolt with FLD head
Game information
Category Non-firearm
Cost per round See page
Weight per round (units) 0.1
Quantity (retail box/bulk can) 25 / N/A
Damage tables
Varies depending on type
See page for details

Small bolts are a type of non-firearm ammunition, used in archery weapons.

Small bolts are the smallest type of crossbow bolt, and the smallest type of archery weapon ammunition overall.

Small bolts cannot be fitted with all types of arrowheads in the game; only six out of eight arrowhead types are available for small bolts, with the two completely unavailable types being BRD (broadheads) and XPL (explosive heads). As listed on this page, certain types must be crafted.

Damage tables

Base damage

The table below assumes a NRM head.

Damage type LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Piercing +4 46% 41% 37% 30% 23% 12% 3%


Base weapons

There are 2 base weapons chambered in this caliber.

Class 5 Long weapons:

Class 5 Short weapons:

Retail information

Small bolts can be purchased in forges and weapon shops in boxes of 25 bolts. Bulk cans do not exist for this type of ammunition.

The following brands and projectile types are available in retail:

Type Cost per round
NRM Parallar symbol.png3.00
FLD Parallar symbol.png2.40