List of underbarrel shotguns

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This page lists the types of underbarrel shotguns (USG) available in the Mazes. Each individual USG page will list the compatible weapons.

List of USGs


  • Cond: Maximum amount of Condition points
    • A listed value of N/A means that the weapon has no maximum durability; this weapon therefore requires no repairs.
  • Wgt: Item weight, in weight units
Picture Name Fire modes Caliber Wgt Cond Parallar symbol.png
M26 MASS.jpg M26 MASS Bolt-action 12 gauge 3 10000 850
KAC Masterkey.jpg Masterkey Pump-action 12 gauge 3 14000 600
Crye Precision SIX12.jpg SIX12 Semi-auto 12 gauge 3 10000 1500