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Nutrition is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant. The primary items that affect Nutrition are food, although certain other kinds of items may affect the statistic as well. Nutrition is measured into abstract nutrition units, called ntri, which are based on the real-life kilocalorie.


Thresholds >2.5x BV ≥2x BV ≥1.5x BV 1x BV ≥0.5x BV >0ntri 0ntri
Effects Choking Oversatiated Satiated Baseline value Okay Hungry Starving


  • The baseline value corresponds to the amount of nutrition units that represents neutral nutrition - neither positive (leaning towards satiation) nor negative (leaning towards starvation). For a human creature such as the Contestant, the baseline value is 2100 ntri, calulated as meat worth * 30. Human meat worth being 70, 70 * 30 = 2100.
  • Non-human creatures may have another meat worth value; for example, the Kitsune's meat worth is 56, meaning the Baseline Value (BV) is 1680ntri. Thus, a kitsune needs less food than a human to sustain themselves, but may need to eat more frequently to compensate.
  • Multiply the nutrition Baseline Value (BV) by the amounts displayed in the table above to figure out a creature's nutrition thresholds.


  • A human's thresholds of nutrition are 0 - 1050 (0.5x BV) - 2100 (1x BV) - 4200 (2x BV) - 5250 (2.5x BV).
  • A kitsune's baseline value is 1680 (30 * 56), meaning that their thresholds are 0 - 840 - 1680 - 3360 - 4200.

How it works

  • Every turn, under normal conditions, all creatures lose 1 ntri. This is called natural hunger.
  • Eating food is, naturally, the best way to replenish nutrition.
  • Nutrition is also expended when naturally healing Pain and Blood, as well as when receiving treatment for Limb damage ; this is called healing hunger. See the respective articles to see how they affect nutrition.


The various states of hunger and satiation may cause different secondary effects.

  • Hunger: Accelerated fatigue
  • Starvation:
    • Intense accelerated fatigue
    • Natural healing is severely hindered ; Pain, Blood and Limb health all require at least a certain amount of nutrition to heal ; if the Contestant is starving (meaning their nutrition counter fell to zero) then healing is impossible.
    • Self-deterioration ; As long as starvation is active, the Contestant will lose 1 chest HP every turn, until death occures or starvation is stopped.
  • Satiation: Mild accelerated thirst
  • Oversatiation:
    • Intense accelerated thirst
    • Nausea
  • Choking: Causes death. Massively overeating is deadly.


  • Inediate creatures do not suffer from the effects of nutrition as they simply do not have a nutrition or a hydration counter to begin with.

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