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Mushrooms (colloquially, shrooms) are a special category of item that can be considered halfway between food and meds.

Mushrooms, like food, have nutritional values; all mushrooms provide tiny, seemingly negligible amounts of nutrition, a fact that is offset by their extremely light weight; all mushrooms have a weight of 0.01.

Like certain meds, the majority of mushrooms require identification before their name and effects can be revealed. An unidentified mushroom can only be described by its appearance (see below).

Mushrooms belong to one of three categories; normal mushrooms (which are distinguished by mundane effects such as Venom, which simulates poisonous mushrooms, or Hallucinations), magic mushrooms, and unique mushrooms (detailed further below).

All mushrooms are usually generated in groups or clusters, the size of which depends on the category the mushroom belongs to.

  • Normal mushrooms are found in 1d10 clusters.
  • Magic mushrooms are found in 1d3 clusters.
  • Unique mushrooms are found in 1d5 clusters.

Unusually for an item in the Mazes, mushrooms cannot be purchased or sold at any shop, and therefore have no monetary value. Mushrooms can only be found, typically in the UA and most frequently in rooms with high levels of decay (with the "forsaken" or "overgrown" descriptor).

Magic mushrooms

Certain mushrooms are referred to as magic mushrooms; though unlike their real-life counterparts, this is because they are actually infused with some sort of magic energy, causing them to have far more varied effects.

Although magic mushrooms can have both positive and negative effects, those with positive effects may be highly sought after, as their extremely low weight makes carrying them very convenient. However, great care must be taken when consuming them; all magic mushrooms are addictive. Characters that have developed an addiction to magic mushrooms are said to be afflicted with sick hakutaku syndrome.

Unique mushrooms

A small amount of mushrooms are classified as "unique"; these mushrooms have a unique, unmistakable appearance, and therefore do not require to be identified.

List of mushrooms


  • Appearance - Appearance of this item when unidentified.
    • If the listed shape is "N/A", this item does not require identification.
  • Effects - Effects upon consumption. If this item is addictive, it will be listed here.
  • Name - Usual name in bold, alongside its Old Tongue (Latin) name in smaller characters.
  • Notes - Additional notes regarding this item, if applicable.
  • ntri - Amount of Nutrition gained from eating this item.
  • Type - Type of mushroom; either normal, magic or unique.
Name Type Appearance ntri Effects Notes
Field mushroom
Agaricus campestris
Normal White, odorless 5 None
Wood mushroom
Agaricus silvicola
Normal Yellowish, fruity smell 5 None
Agaricus xanthoderma
Normal Yellowish, unpleasant smell 5 Venom +1
False death cap
Amanita citrina
Normal Yellowish, pleasant smell 2 None
Nisekan (偽柑)
Amanita caesarea
Normal Orange, unpleasant smell 11 None
Panther cap
Amanita panthera
Normal Brown, pleasant smell 5 Venom +4, Hallucinations for 5 turns
Death cap
Amanita phalloides
Normal Yellowish, pleasant smell 5 Venom +4
Destroying Angel
Amanita verna
Normal White, odorless 5 Venom +4
Fly agaric
Amanita muscaria
Normal Red, odorless 4 Venom +3, Nausea, FT +2 for 5 turns
Bay bolete
Boletus badius
Normal Brown, odorless 5 None
Ruby bolete
Boletus rubellus
Normal Red, pleasant smell 6 None
Archangel's Mushroom
Calocybe gambosa
Normal Yellowish, flour smell 10 None
Golden chanterelle
Cantharellus cibarius
Normal Yellow, fruity smell 11 None
Sweetbread mushroom
Clitopilus prunulus
Normal White, flour smell 9 None
Oni's Bane
Coprinopsis atramentaria
Normal Black, odorless 5 Anti-Oni Syndrome for 10 turns
Cinnamon webcap
Cortinarius cinnamomeus
Normal Orange, odorless 4 Venom +2
Fool's webcap
Cortinarius orellanus
Normal Orange, pleasant smell 5 Venom +4
Daemon webcap
Cortinarius prestans
Normal Brown, pleasant smell 4 None
Splendid webcap
Cortinarius splendens
Normal Yellow, odorless 2 Venom +4
Black chanterelle
Craterellus cornucopioides
Normal Black, odorless 12 None
Livid entoloma
Entoloma lividum
Normal White, flour smell 5 Venom +3, Nausea
Violet chanterelle
Gomphus clavatus
Normal Purple, odorless 5 None
Chestnut bolete
Gyroporus castaneus
Normal Brown, pleasant smell 4 Nausea
Hedgehog mushroom
Hydnum repandum
Normal White, odorless 9 None
False chanterelle
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca
Normal Yellow, odorless 2 None
Amethyst Deceiver
Laccaria amethystina
Normal Purple, odorless 5 None
Saffron milkcap
Lactarius deliciosus
Normal Orange, pleasant smell 10 None
Peppery milkcap
Lactarius piperatus
Normal White, unpleasant smell 2 None
Oak milkcap
Lactarius quietus
Normal Brown, unpleasant smell 2 None
Shiitake (椎茸)
Lentinula edodes
Normal Brown, odorless 11 None
Cloud funnel
Lepista nebularis
Normal White, flour smell 4 Venom +1
Tall lepiota
Macrolepiota procera
Normal Brown, pleasant smell 8 None
Fairy ring mushroom
Marasmius oreades
Normal Brown, pleasant smell 9 None
Poison pax
Paxillus involutus
Normal Yellow, odorless 2 Venom +4, Nausea
Tamogitake (楡木茸)
Pleurotus citrinopileatus
Normal Yellow, odorless 9 None
Golden cap
Psilocybe cubensis
Normal Brown, flour smell 4 Hallucinations for 10 turns
Liberty cap
Psilocybe semilanceata
Normal Brown, flour smell 3 Hallucinations for 10 turns
Tsukiyotake (月夜茸)
Omphalotus japonicus
Normal Yellow, odorless 3 Venom +4, Nausea
Charcoal burner
Russula cyanoxantha
Normal Black, odorless 8 None
The Sickener
Russula emetica
Normal Red, fruity smell 6 Venom +2, Nausea
The Flirt
Russula vesca
Normal Red, odorless 9 None
Fragile brittlegill
Russula fragilis
Normal Red, fruity smell 3 Venom +1
Bloody brittlegill
Russula sanguinea
Normal Red, fruity smell 2 None
Yellow Knight
Tricholoma equestre
Normal Yellow, odorless 9 Venom +1
Leopard Knight
Tricholoma pardinum
Normal White, flour smell 5 Nausea
Magic Brown, pleasant smell 0 Mushroom corruption
Magic Yellow, fruity smell 9 Nausea, Strength -20% for 10 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Yellowish, unpleasant smell 9 FT+1 for 10 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Purple, odorless 9 Hallucinations for 10 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Wound healing
Vulnus medicae
Magic Yellowish, fruity smell 9 Cures 2 random wounds Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Blood regeneration
Sanguinus medicae
Magic Red, pleasant smell 9 Blood +5.0 Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Bone repair
Ossum medicae
Magic White, unpleasant smell 9 Repairs 1 random broken limb (fracture) Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Limb healing
Magic Orange, unpleasant smell 9 Heals 2 limbs by 5 HP each Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
CANNOT heal disabled or severed limbs. Will prioritize healing eligible limbs with the lowest HP.
Extra limb healing
Extra chirurgia
Magic Brown, flour smell 9 Heals 2 limbs by 8 HP each Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
CAN heal disabled limbs (but still CANNOT heal severed limbs). Will prioritize healing limbs with the lowest HP.
Pain relief
Subsidio dolor
Magic Orange, odorless 9 Pain -30% Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Extra pain relief
Extra subsidio dolor
Magic Orange, unpleasant smell 9 Pain -55% Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Alcohol repulsion (Oni Terror)
Alcohol repulsum
Magic Black, odorless 9 Anti-Oni Syndrome for 30 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Yellowish, flour smell 9 Fatigue +30.0% Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Yellow, fruity smell 9 FT+3 for 20 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Red, pleasant smell 9 Strength +20% Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Brown, flour smell 9 FT-1 for 20 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Stress relief
Anxietas medicae
Magic Orange, pleasant smell 9 Stress -10.0% Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Yellowish, unpleasant smell 9 Alertness increase for 20 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic Brown, odorless 9 Agility +1 for 20 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Extra speed
Extra velocitas
Magic Brown, unpleasant smell 9 Agility +2 for 20 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Magic White, odorless 9 Rage for 20 turns Addictive (Sick hakutaku syndrome)
Demonic mushroom
Boletus satanas
Unique N/A 2 Venom +2, Nausea None
Red cage mushroom
Clathrus ruber
Unique N/A 0 +9% Pain per turn and FT +2 for 3 turns. Pain received this way is NOT affected by Pain Sensitivity (treated as if 100%) Crafting ingredient for the Chlorine bomb
Copper rust mushroom
Stropharia aeruginosa
Unique N/A 3 Venom +1 None


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

Certain mushrooms are given a different usual name than in real life; the explanations given are listed here.

  • Archangel's Mushroom: Known in real life as Saint George's Mushroom. The name in the Mazes is a reference to the Archangel, an Angelic creature.
  • Daemon webcap: Known in real life as the Goliath webcap. The name in the Mazes is a reference to the Daemon, a Demonic creature.
  • Demonic mushroom: Known in real life as Satan's mushroom. The name in the Mazes is a simple reference to the Demonic faction.
  • Nisekan: Known in real life as Caesar's Mushroom. The name in the Mazes is a Youkai-language reference to the mushroom's shape and appearance. 偽柑 (nisekan) is transliterated to "fake orange" or "fake citrus", so called because this mushroom can be confused for an orange.
  • Oni's Bane: Known in real life as the tippler's bane, the ink cap or inky cap, this mushroom was given this name because, much like in real life, it becomes poisonous when consumed with alcohol.
    • Oni have vilified black mushrooms to the point of using "black mushroom" as a synonym for "toxic" or "hazardous". This is because both the Oni's Bane and the magic Oni terror, which induce Anti-Oni Syndrome, are black in color.