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Fatigue is a statistic, representing a creature's level of tiredness and physical exhaustion. It is expressed as a percentage value to one decimal (e.g. "30.0% Fatigue").

Another statistic, Endurance, is relevant to the way Fatigue works.

Like Stress, Fatigue is not healed naturally at Daily Reset; active measures must be taken to reduce the Fatigue of a creature.

Fatigue levels

Fatigue levels have a lower limit of 0.0%, and an upper limit equal to twice the character's Endurance.

Fatigue levels Level name Effects
2x END Dead Creature dies of exhaustion
END : 2x END -0.1% Exhausted Agility -3, FT +1, IR +1
70.0% : END -0.1% Fatigued Agility -2, IR +1
50.0% : 69.9% Tired Agility -1
0.0% : 49.9% OK No effects
  • END: Endurance (see the section below)
  • Fatigue typically increases as a result of traveling, due to the travel fatigue effect.
  • One of the most effective ways to heal Fatigue is resting in a suitable bed.


"Endurance" redirects here.

Endurance (shortened to END) is a statistic that influences a creature's higher thresholds of fatigue. This stat influences the amount of Fatigue needed to reach Exhausted level, the amount needed to die from exhaustion, and in turn the size of the Fatigued level.

By default, this stat is at 100%, meaning that a character needs to reach 100.0% Fatigue to be Exhausted, their Fatigued level will be active between 70.0 and 99.9% Fatigue, and they will die of exhaustion upon reaching 200.0%.

Endurance cannot normally be influenced by any effect or ability; it is a statistic determined during character customization.

Minimum Fatigue

By default, the minimum amount of Fatigue a character can have is 0.0%; however it is possible for this minimum value to be increased through certain effects, making it impossible to have less than the listed amount of Fatigue (and if it previously was 0% or less than the listed amount, it is set to that amount instead), effectively making a character's OK level shorter.