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Resting (which may also be referred to as Sleeping) is an ability that can be performed by a character. The only requirement to perform this ability is access to a bed.

The primary purpose of Resting is to heal Fatigue while passing time.


The way this ability works and what occurs as a result changes depending on whether the bed is located in the UA or not.

Resting in a civilized area

If the bed is found in a town (hotel, residential area...) or intersection (rest stop...), it is possible to use Resting to its fullest and least restricted extent, as these locations are implied to be the safest. You may need to have legitimate access to this bed; most characters can visit hotels and rest stops, and purchase the right to use a room (and therefore its bed) for fixed periods of time, but it may also include beds found in actual, properly owned personal quarters, should your campaign give your character access to one.

You will have the ability to pick how many time periods you want your character to sleep off at once. Each day period corresponds to roughly 4 hours of sleep, and you may choose between 1 day period (4 hours) and a full 6 day periods (24 hours) at once.

For every day period (4 hours) slept, your character will heal -16.0% Fatigue.

Resting in the UA

If the bed is found in the UA, it can still be used and it will still heal Fatigue; however there are certain limitations and differences, mainly aimed at discouraging their overuse. The UA is meant to be dangerous, and it is not always the safest or wisest solution to fall asleep there.

It is only possible to sleep off one day period at a time in a UA bed. After doing so, the GM is encouraged to make a roll of some kind that has a chance of placing a creature in the room, thus making the character wake up and find themselves with a new creature to deal with. This can be done in a number of ways; rolling for room events as if the room had been entered again, and ignoring any result that isn't a creature, manually choosing and placing creatures to introduce, and so on. Creativity is encouraged!