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Stress is a statistic that represents a creature's level of mental exhaustion. It is expressed as a percentage value to one decimal (e.g. "30.0% Stress").

Like Fatigue, Stress is not healed naturally at Daily Reset; active measures must be taken to reduce the Stress of a creature.

Stress levels

Stress levels have a lower limit of 0.0% and an upper limit of 100.0%. There is no equivalent to Endurance for Stress.

Stress levels Level name Effects
100.0% Breakdown Decompensation, Agility -2, IS tier +1, Strength -20%, FT +2
75.0% : 99.9% Extreme Agility +2, Strength +20%, FT +1
50.0% : 74.9% High Agility +1, IS tier -1, FT +1
20.0% : 49.9% Moderate Agility +1, IS tier -1
0.0% : 19.9% Low No effects

Minimum Stress

By default, the minimum amount of Stress a character can have is 0.0%; however it is possible for this minimum value to be increased through certain effects, making it impossible to have less than the listed amount of Stress (and if it previously was 0% or less than the listed amount, it is set to that amount instead), effectively making a character's OK level shorter.