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Maze Customs is the name of the in-depth weapon customization service, available at all workshops.

Maze Customs offerings include a wide variety of modifications, largely oriented towards firearms. They allow discerning characters to modify their weapons in ways that are not otherwise possible, such as changing a weapon's caliber, barrel length, stock, accessory interfaces, and many more modifications.

Maze Customs offerings are separated into four categories:

  • Major mods, which regroups certain weapons into Customs families. All weapons within a Customs family of weapons can receive the same range of varied and comprehensive modifications. There are 11 weapon families in total.
  • Minor mods, which are smaller ranges of modifications aimed at individual firearms. The range of modifications is not as extensive but may still be useful.
  • Cosmetic mods, which are ranges of modifications that only change the visual appearance of a weapon. These services are only meant for fluff and descriptive purposes.
  • Maze Customs feeding devices, which are feeding devices that are available nowhere else, used to feed certain Major Customs weapons: