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Recoil is the rearward impulse generated by a firearm when it is fired. In the context of the game, Recoil is a mechanic meant to limit the effectiveness of shooting large amounts of ammunition by introducing gradual decreases in accuracy, corresponding to the amount of recoil generated by that firearm.

Recoil comes into play only when using weapons shooting firearm calibers. It doesn't apply in any other circumstances.

There are 8 Recoil levels. The Recoil generated primarily depends on the caliber of the firearm as well as the pressure level of the loaded ammunition. Or in other words; the hotter the ammo, the more it will recoil.

If ammo of multiple different pressure levels is fired during a single turn, the highest pressure level fired (or in other words, the "hottest" ammunition) is considered to apply to all ammunition fired this turn.

  • -P ammunition: Recoil level -1
  • SP ammunition: Recoil level +0
  • +P ammunition: Recoil level +1
  • +P+ ammunition: Recoil level +2

Recoil levels of all applicable calibers are listed on the Ammunition page and on the corresponding individual caliber pages.

Recoil levels

Every Recoil level has a limit called the accuracy drop threshold or ADT, which represents a certain amount of shots that can be fired before losing accuracy. If you shoot more shots than the ADT allows for the current Recoil level, it is called going/passing over ADT, and you will sustain maluses for the entire string of fire. It is also possible to go over ADT twice, if the amount of shots fired is more than double the listed ADT; in which case you will sustain a second, harsher level of penalties.

For example, at Recoil 1, ADT is 12 shots, meaning that you can fire between 1 and 12 rounds without maluses. This may also be referred to as the accuracy window. If you shoot between 13 and 24 rounds, you are going over ADT (sometimes shortened to 1 pass as in the table below) and thus receive the first level of penalties. Lastly, if you shoot 25 rounds or more, you are going over ADT twice (shortened to 2+ pass) and thus receive the second level of penalties. The effects do not stack; you receive either no effects, the 1 pass effects or the 2+ pass effects depending on the amount of shots fired.

If, after calculating all modifiers, Recoil were to exceed 8 or drop below 1, treat it as 8 or 1, respectively.

  • NOTE: If your weapon is equipped with both a muzzle brake and a scope, the brake limits the weapon's maximum Recoil to 6. In this case, if Recoil were to exceed 6 after applying all modifiers, it is treated as 6.
Recoil level Name ADT Accuracy window Effects (1 pass) Effects (2+ pass)
1 Negligible 12 shots Shots 1-12 (Shots 13-24) IR+1 (Shots 25+) IR+1
2 Low 10 shots Shots 1-10 (Shots 11-20) IR+1 (Shots 21+) IR+2
3 Medium 8 shots Shots 1-8 (Shots 9-16) IR+1 (Shots 17+) IR+3
4 Heavy 6 shots Shots 1-6 (Shots 7-12) IR+2 (Shots 13+) IR+3
5 Punishing 4 shots Shots 1-4 (Shots 5-8) IR+2 (Shots 9+) IR+4
6 Brutal 3 shots Shots 1-3 (Shots 4-6) FT+1, IR+2 (Shots 7+) FT+1, IR+4
7 Extreme 2 shots Shots 1-2 (Shots 3-4) FT+1, IR+3 (Shots 5+) FT+1, IR+6
8 Insane 1 shot Shot 1 (Shot 2) FT+1, IR+3 (Shots 3+) FT+2, IR+6