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A dojo is an establishment devoted to the teaching and practice of traditional martial arts, including combat with melee weapons. The term is derived from a Youkai-go word, doujou (Youkai-go: 道場), which transliterates to "place of teachings". Dojos are managed by an appointed martial artist, sometimes referred to as the dojo master. The resident martial artist is usually (but not always) the town's most skilled melee combat specialist.

Dojos also function as rental shops, providing melee weapons for the purpose of training melee combat skills.


Dojos may be found in the following towns:


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Rental shop

  • Personnel: Citizen (Rental shop manager)
  • Furniture: Counter, shelves, advertisement posters and signs
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Metal shelves (60 health, A1)
  • Locked doors:
    • West: Keycard A, to Shop storage room
    • South: Requires payment to access, to Training floor

The rental shop is where customers may purchase various dojo services. See this section for details.

Shop storage room

  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Storage shelves, boxes, crates
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Storage boxes (66 health, A3)

Training floor

  • Personnel: Martial artist, Citizen (2-5, practicing martial arts or melee combat)
  • Furniture: Tatami floors, announcement boards, training dummies, training targets, punching bags, gym equipment
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

Training machines room

  • Personnel: Citizen (1-4, training on the machines)
  • Furniture: Training machines
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

Dojo services

All of the services provided by the dojo can be purchased through the rental shop.

Dojo services are available 24/7.

Service Details Fees (in Parallar symbol.png)
Entrance fee You must pay a nominal one-time fee to access the training floor, valid until you leave the premises (with exceptions for bathroom breaks).
Also grants access to the training machines.
Weapon rental See below. Varies
Learn techniques Ask the resident martial artist to teach you a martial arts technique. Varies

Training floor

You may use the training floor in one of two modes: Weapon practice and Combat training.

Weapon practice

In this mode, you enter Combat mode against an infinite-health human-shaped wooden dummy. You may "fight" the target in turn-based mode, giving you a chance to learn the basics, learn how a new weapon works, or find out the damage and accuracy of your weapons. You may ask the GM to give you readouts based on the Pain Sensitivity and Armor Class of your choice.

Combat training

In this mode, you can spend day periods and ammunition to increase your Training Points with a combat skill. The process is abstracted, and weapons do not lose Condition in the process.

To perform combat training, go through this procedure:

  • Select a weapon (it can be a rental weapon)
  • Select a compatible skill to train with less than 250 Training Points
  • Select a number of strikes to practice, up to 500 strikes.
    • If your weapon requires ammunition, select an amount of ammunition to dedicate towards training, up to 500 rounds.
  • After selecting the number of strikes or shots, roll a 1d100 for each strike or shot fired.
  • Count a success for every roll superior to 65 (equal to 66 or more).
  • Divide the number of successes by 5, round down. The result is the amount of Training Points you have earned for the selected skill.
  • The following effects apply:
Tips for Game Masters
You can use the inequality operators built into SnakeEyes to simplify the process. Use this command: /r xd100>65, where x is the number of strikes.

Due to a parsing limitation, please do not roll more than 150 dice at once (x should be 150 or less). Rolling too many dice will cause SnakeEyes to become unable to return the total number of successes. If this happens, try again with fewer dice. If you're performing more than 150 strikes in a training session, roll multiple times and add the results together.

Weapon rental

The rental shop's primary purpose is to offer various rental weapons. Rent a melee weapon if you don't have one of your own to learn or practice melee combat skills with.

Weapon rental shops work similarly to forges or weapon shops, except weapons must be returned to the shop once customers are done practicing. Ammunition can only be purchased for use on the training floor. Any unfired ammunition must be returned to the shop.

The dojo rental shop offers the following:

Weapon Suitable skills Rental fee (in Parallar symbol.png)
Shortbow Archery 55
Arrows (FLD) Archery 0.40
Hatchet Axe 25
Nightstick One-handed club 10
Wooden bat Two-handed club 5
Broom Crude weapon 1.25
Pocket knife Knife 9
Training one-handed sword One-handed sword 5
Training longsword Two-handed sword 7.5
Bou staff Staff/Pole weapons 16
Light bullwhip Whip/Lash weapons 18.5
Shuriken Thrown weapons 15
Fist wraps Martial arts 5

Training machines

One room of the dojo features a series of special training machines. Their purpose is to allow a character to gradually increase specific primary statistics, improving their natural capabilities.

Using a training machine requires spending 1 day period. Significant amounts of effort are deployed to use them, which may decrease nutrition, hydration, increase Fatigue, and even cause Pain. In return, you gain training machine XP.

Every time you reach a specific threshold of XP, you gain the listed bonuses, up to the listed limits. For example, if you reach 780 XP with the electric workout machine, you've hit the threshold 3 times (250 x 3 = 750), therefore your Natural Pain Sensitivity is reduced by 3%.

If your character is a yousei, you have the Limitless Potential trait, significantly altering your maximum XP with all training machines.

Machine Costs per use XP gained per use Bonus gained every Bonus effect Maximums
Electric workout machine +40% Pain
+50% Fatigue
-4d300 ntri
-4d200 wtr
+4d25 250 XP Natural Pain Sensitivity -1% Cannot gain more XP if Natural PS is 25% or less
Strength training +50% Fatigue
-4d400 ntri
-4d250 wtr
+4d25 200 XP Natural Strength +1% 20 000 XP
Low air pressure chamber +75% Fatigue
-4d300 ntri
-4d200 wtr
+4d25 250 XP Max Blood +0.1 20 000 XP
Hypertrophic training +50% Fatigue
-4d400 ntri
-4d250 wtr
+4d25 500 XP Max Limb HP +1 on all limbs 7 500 XP
Endurance training +50% Fatigue
-4d200 ntri
-4d150 wtr
+4d25 100 XP Endurance +1% 10 000 XP
Agility training +75% Fatigue
-4d300 ntri
-4d200 wtr
+4d25 1000 XP Natural Agility +1 Cannot gain more XP if Natural Agility is +4

GMs should disallow training if it would cause the character to work themselves out to the point of passing out or dying.