Neo Khazrun

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Neo Khazrun
Central Zone
Town facts
Settled in E5-122
Population size Very large
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Calfair Sector (S/F/D)
East Intersection 13 (S/F/_)
South Heshbar (S/F/D)
West Intersection 16 (S/F/_)
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Neo Khazrun (often shortened to just Khazrun, traditionally pronounced haz-roon, nowadays kaz-roon or kaz-run) is a very large town located in the Central Zone.

Neo Khazrun is the modern incarnation of the medieval-era town of Khazrun, which once was the capital city of the Silverlight Kingdom, a medieval-era nation that ruled across the world throughout Era 4. The town ruins were found by human settlers in E5-122, alongside one of the Silverlight Libraries, but it is believed that Khazrun has existed in some form since at least Era 3.

Neo Khazrun is the largest town in the Mazes. Due to this, and despite the fact is no longer the headquarters of any major faction, Neo Khazrun is sometimes unofficially considered to be the "capital city" of the Mazes. Before the advent of the Twinleaf Movement, Neo Khazrun was, like many other neutral towns, primarily home to humans. Today, the town's population is very large and diverse, consisting of humans, halflings, youkai, and a small scattering of other civilized beings.

Local town facilities

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