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A jewelry store is a type of individual shop which specializes in selling valuables as well as providing various jewelry services.

Shop rules

Opening hours:

  • Towns: 24 hours a day, six days per week. Closed on Breakday for inventory.
  • Intersections: 12 hours a day (day shift only), six days per week. Closed on Breakday for inventory.

Jewelry stores sell the following:

  • Pre-made jewelry: 8 items made of random materials.
  • Identification and appraisal service for unknown and unappraised gemstones
  • Jewel customization service (see below)

Jewelry stores may also:

  • Buy back items of all types sold or made here for 25% of their shop value
  • Accept payment in cash or appraised valuables
  • Provide store credit (valid only at the specific location you obtained credit from - each store is independent)
    • Shops do not normally return change; it is automatically converted into store credit instead.
  • Transfer store credit into a customer's bank account (for a fee, see Bank).
  • Provide a delivery service into a customer's bank vault (for a fee and if the vault has enough space remaining, see Bank)

Jewel customization service

One of the services provided by jewelry stores is a jewel customization service. This service is used to convert metal bars and gemstones into jewelry. The purpose of jewelry is to condense potentially high amounts of value into lightweight items, more efficient than coins or unprocessed valuables.

This service offers two options: Creating jewelry bases out of a metal bar, and gemstone mounting; setting or adorning a base with gemstones to further increase the item's value.

Jewelry bases

Jewelry base Minimum weight Cost to produce (per item, in Parallar symbol.png) Gemstone slots Value(1) Weight (per item) Description
Ring 125 grams(2) 10 1 (MV / 2) * 1.25 0.1 A piece of jewelry worn on the fingers.
Bracelet 250 grams 15 2 MV * 1.25 0.2 A piece of jewelry worn on the wrists, arms (armlets) or ankles (anklets).
Necklace 500 grams 30 3 (MV * 2) * 1.25 0.4 A piece of jewelry worn around the neck.
Tiara 1000 grams 50 5 (MV * 4) * 1.25 0.8 A piece of jewelry worn on the head, like a crown.
  • (1): To calculate the value of a jewelry base item, start with the value of a 250-gram ingot of the metal submitted for conversion. This value is referred to as MV.
    • Example: The value of a 250-gram ingot of gold is Parallar symbol.png500. If Amber asks the jeweler to convert it into rings, she gets two gold rings worth Parallar symbol.png312.50 each, with a combined total value of Parallar symbol.png625. (The result of (500 / 2)*1.25 is 312.5.)
  • (2): 125-gram ingots do not exist; however, a 250-gram ingot is enough to make two rings (costing Parallar symbol.png20), which is the minimum amount of rings you can have made at once.

Gemstone mounting

If you possess gemstones and you wish to install them onto a jewelry base, the jewelry store offers a gemstone mounting service, for a flat rate of Parallar symbol.png25 per gemstone.

Only appraised gemstones can be mounted on a jewelry base. A mounted gemstone becomes part of the jewelry base, which does not gain additional weight. Gemstones mounted on a jewelry base gain 1.1x value (rounded to the nearest Parallar symbol.png0.05), which is then added to the value of a base.

  • Example: A gold ring is worth Parallar symbol.png312.50. Amber also possesses a sapphire, appraised at Parallar symbol.png610. If she asks the jeweler to mount it on the gold ring, the sapphire's value will increase to Parallar symbol.png671, which will be added to the gold ring's value, totaling Parallar symbol.png983.50. This ring with a sapphire is still a 0.1 unit item, making it an extremely valuable item for the weight.

Alternative materials

Some non-gemstone alternative valuable materials can be mounted on jewelry bases instead of gemstones, creating custom jewelry with a custom appearance.

Valid non-gemstone valuables that can be mounted on custom jewels include the following special valuables:

  • Beast fang
  • Frost crystal
  • Golden Lion fang
  • Spiny scale
  • Thorny scale

Example object lines

Whenever jewelry items are created or modified, a new object line must be created to represent what they're made of and what their total value is. Here are a few examples you can inspire yourself from:

  • [Valuable] Custom - Silver ring - Gems mounted: None - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.1
  • [Valuable] Custom - Silver ring - Gems mounted: gem1 - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.1
  • [Valuable] Custom - Gold bracelet - Gems mounted: gem1, gem2 - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.2
  • [Valuable] Custom - Gold necklace - Gems mounted: gem1, gem2, gem3 - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.4
  • [Valuable] Custom - Gold tiara - Gems mounted: gem1, gem2, gem3, gem4, gem5 - Value XXX P$ - Weight: 0.8

Shop generation

This section is intended for GMs.

Pre-made jewelry

Jewelry stores sell a selection of 8 pre-made jewelry items, of a random type, made using a random material, and mounted with random gemstones.

To roll the jewelry store's inventory, roll 1d4+1d14+5d100 per jewelry item.

  • The 1d4 roll determines the jewelry base type (and in turn, the number of gemstone slots)
  • The 1d14 roll determines the jewelry base metal
  • Each 1d100 roll determines the type of mounted gemstone, with results equal to 44 or more representing no gemstone mounted (57% chance per gemstone slot to be empty). All gemstones generated this way have the maximum value possible.

Roll results

Roll Jewelry base Base metal Gemstone
1 Ring Brass Amethyst
2 Bracelet Copper Big pearl
3 Necklace Electrum Black glass
4 Tiara Gold Blue glass
5 Gray copper Brown glass
6 Iron Carnelian
7 Lead Citrine
8 Platinum Clear glass
9 Silver Clear quartz
10 Steel Diamond
11 Tungsten Emerald
12 Tungsten carbide Garnet
13 White gold Golden topaz
14 Zinc Green glass
15 Heliodor
16 Impure diamond
17 Jade
18 Kyanite
19 Lapis-lazuli
20 Malachite
21 Moonstone
22 Obsidian
23 Onyx
24 Opal
25 Orange glass
26 Peridot
27 Pink glass
28 Pink quartz
29 Purple glass
30 Red glass
31 Ruby
32 Sapphire
33 Small pearl
34 Smoky quartz
35 Spinel
36 Sugilite
37 Sunstone
38 Tanzanite
39 Tiger's Eye
40 Tourmaline
41 White glass
42 Yellow glass
43 Zircon
44 Beast fang
45 Frost crystal
46 Golden Lion fang
47 Spiny scale
48 Thorny scale
49-100 No gemstone installed