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Scientific Community
Founded Era 5
Headquarters Proving Grounds
Activities Scientific studies
Research & development
Operation of certain facilities
Leaders The Administrator

The Scientific Community is a minor faction in the Mazes. They are the entire body of scientists of all stripes in the Mazes, in charge of studying, researching, developing, and applying various fields of science, as well as operating and maintaining certain facilities.

The Scientific Community is divided into seven Science Teams (shortened to ST), each representing one of the many fields of science studied and practiced in the Mazes. They are as follows:

  • Biology Science Team (BST): Studies and researches life and living organisms in the Mazes. The Biology lab is located in Saker.
  • Physics and Chemistry Science Team (PCST): Studies and researches matter and energy. The Physics/Chemistry lab is located in Neo Khazrun.
  • Agroscience Team (AST): Specialized team devoted to studying and researching hydroponics, as well as operating Sci-Farms found in various towns.
  • Genetic Technology Science Team (GTST): Specialized team devoted to studying, researching, and developing genetic engineering techniques. The Genetics lab is located in Arnett.
  • Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Science Team (MTST): Studies and researches mathematics and mathematic models, models of physics and physical phenomena. The Theoretical Physics lab is located in Ferland Sector.
  • Medical Science Team (MST): Specialized team devoted to the study and practice of medicine, as well as operating and maintaining the hospitals found in each town. Possesses a special headquarters in Raven City, developing, testing, and producing most of the medical equipment for sale in the Mazes.
  • Proving Grounds Science Team (PGST): The scientific half of the Proving Grounds, where new and untested technology is researched, developed, and tested before approval and release into the Mazes.

Although unofficially, scientists organize themselves into an informal hierarchy by age and expertise, none of the Science Teams have official leaders. The Proving Grounds are considered to be the administration of the Scientific Community and the Engineering Corps, themselves receiving orders and directives from the unseen and mysterious Administrator.

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