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A delicatessen (often shortened to deli) is a type of individual shop which specializes in selling various food items.

The word "delicatessen" is derived from an Old Tongue term, delikatesen, which transliterates to "little shop of tasty treats". A delika was any type of tasty treat, and could be used to refer to any kind of delicious food. Delicatessen is invariable; the word is the same in singular and plural forms. However, it is acceptable to add an "s" at the end of "deli" in plural form (a deli/two delis is correct).

Shop rules

Opening hours:

  • Towns: 24 hours a day, six days per week. Closed on Watersday for inventory.
  • Intersections: 12 hours a day (day shift only), six days per week. Closed on Watersday for inventory.

Delis sell the following items:

  • Most types of food items (any item with "Delicatessen" in the "shop type" column of the food article)
  • Canteens

Delis may also:

  • Buy back items of all types sold here for 25% of their shop value
  • Buy game meat
  • Accept payment in cash or appraised valuables
  • Provide store credit (valid only at the specific location you obtained credit from - each store is independent)
    • Shops do not normally return change; it is automatically converted into store credit instead.
  • Transfer store credit into a customer's bank account (for a fee, see Bank).
  • Provide a delivery service into a customer's bank vault (for a fee and if the vault has enough space remaining, see Bank)

Shop generation

This section is intended for GMs.

Food items other than canteens

The customer is expected to request a particular item. This shop uses the standard price-based generation method to determine the number of items in stock:

  • Less than Parallar symbol.png250: 1d40-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png250 - 499.99: 1d30-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png500 - 999.99: 1d25-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png1000 - 1999.99: 1d15-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png2000 and higher: 1d10-5 items in stock.


Every deli carries 1d5-1 canteen.