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An individual shop is a general term for a small, two-room emplacement specializing in selling one type of product. There are many different kinds of individual shops, though all share the same map.

Individual shop types

All individual shops possess a unique trait: they have closing days.

In towns, individual shops are open 24 hours, six days of the week, leaving the seventh closed for inventory replenishment, during which it will not be accessible at all.

  • Shops closed on a Firesday are marked with a [F]. Shops closed on Watersday are marked with a [W]. Shops closed on Breakday are marked with a [B].

In intersections, individual shops are also open for six days of the week, but for only 12 hours instead of 24; specifically, they are open for three out of six time periods, either during the day shift (Morning, Afternoon, Dusk) or the night shift (Evening, Late night, Dawn).

  • Shops that are only open during the day shift are marked with a , while those that are open only during the night shift are marked with a .


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Orientation depends on where the shop is located (see Social Square and Shop hub)



Shop floor

  • Personnel: Trader or Engineer (Engineering workshop only)
  • Furniture: Counter, shelves, advertisement posters and signs
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Metal shelves (60 health, A1)
  • Locked doors:
    • North or South (depending on orientation): Electronic lock A, to Storage room

The shop floor is where people may buy and sell their wares.

Storage room

  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Storage shelves, boxes, crates
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Storage boxes (66 health, A3)