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The Civilized Areas (capitalization optional; sometimes shortened to CA or CAs) is the collective name given to all settlements in the Mazes, as they are permanently occupied by a significant population of sapient creatures. Anything that is not part of the Civilized Areas is instead part of the Uncivilized Area (the UA).


The world is subdivided into 8 Zones, in which every town, intersection, and connecting roads can be found. They are simply named after their geographic location on the overall world map.


  • Bolded town name: Faction capital
  • Italicized town name: Abandoned/Ghost town
Map Zone Towns Intersections
World Map chunk1.jpg Northwestern Zone (NWZ) Alba Radium
Fort Phantom
Raven City
Station Delta
Intersection 01
Intersection 04
World Map chunk2.jpg Northern Zone (NZ) Aosaidan
Cloud Ten
Outpost Trion
Ovis City
Viris Area
Intersection 05
World Map chunk3.jpg Northeastern Zone (NEZ) Echizen
Mippei Yosai
Intersection 02
Intersection 03
World Map chunk4.jpg Western Zone (WZ) Beatus
Camp Charger
Fort Cobalt
Fort Wight
Lenox Corner
Intersection 07
Intersection 12
Intersection 19
World Map chunk5.jpg Central Zone (CZ) Calfair Sector
Citadel Lambeth
Ellen Sector
Neo Khazrun
Twinleaf City
Intersection 08
Intersection 10
Intersection 13
Intersection 15
Intersection 16
World Map chunk6.jpg Eastern Zone (EZ) Arnett
Divus Nitor
Fort Silver
Garica Block
Joliet Sector
Intersection 06
Intersection 09
Intersection 11
Intersection 14
Intersection 17
Intersection 18
World Map chunk7.jpg Southern Zone (SZ) Abakash
Camp Baxter
Camp Huntsman
Ferland Sector
Fort Scarlet
Station Lasker
Station Sigma
Intersection 20
Intersection 21
Intersection 24
Intersection 27
Intersection 28
World Map chunk8.jpg Southeastern Zone (SEZ) Baden Town
Ferron City
Intersection 22
Intersection 23
Intersection 25
Intersection 26
Intersection 29


A town is a large settlement in the Mazes, with a relatively large permanent population.

All towns are modeled on the same basic layout and are distinguished from intersections by the presence of a town gate; a room that separates the town proper from the access points into the UA. All towns are guaranteed to have certain "basic" facilities, considered necessary for servicing a permanent population; these include a power generator, a water processing facility, some form of food production, a hospital, residential areas, a shop hub, a central social square, and some type of special facility. The exact quantity and types of facilities available may vary by town.

A town may also be considered to be either neutral / non-aligned or faction-aligned. Non-aligned towns usually have a certain degree of independence, as well as a diverse population. Faction-aligned towns are under the total control of one of the Mazes' major factions, and their special facility, local laws, and population will generally reflect that.

Town local laws may also fall under one of two broad categories; Standard Law or Independent. Towns that follow Standard Law benefit from the ability to call the Maze Police for protection from criminals and processing of prisoners, whereas Independent towns generally manage their own safety and process their prisoners however they see fit, either in accordance to the mayors, or the faction governing them, if faction-aligned.

Certain towns may also be ghost towns; they have no permanent population and their facilities are usually nonfunctional, but certain specific circumstances have prevented the town from falling to the UA, keeping their layout coherent.

In total, there are 61 towns in the Mazes.


An intersection is a small settlement in the Mazes.

Intersections are small and possess few facilities, with a generally low permanent population count. They do not possess a town gate or any means to produce their own food, water, power, or supplies. However, as their name implies, they are usually located at strategic points in the Mazes, usually at a crossroads between four (sometimes three) other towns or intersections.

An intersection is guaranteed to have a rest stop, a bar, a convenience store, and some form of security. The primary function of an intersection is to provide a reliable, relatively safe area for travelers so that they can stop, rest, and restock on essentials such as food and ammunition before continuing on their journey. They can also serve as semi-permanent shop hubs, where traders sometimes install themselves to sell their wares to passing travelers until their stocks are depleted; at which point they leave, and the shops are closed until they return (or a new trader replaces them).

In total, there are 29 intersections in the Mazes.