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A sanctum is a special facility managed by Hell, Inc. It serves as the home of a town's dark maidens, as well as an entrance point for Demonic creatures.


All Demonic towns possess a sanctum.


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Altar room

  • Personnel: Dark maiden (3, altar duty)
  • Furniture: Sacred altar, porn posters, announcement boards, wish board
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

The sanctum's services can be accessed here. See this section for details.


  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Posters, notes, announcement boards
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None
  • Locked doors:
    • North: Mechanical lock A, to Stress-relief chamber
    • East: Requires payment to access, to Guest dorms
    • South: Mechanical lock A, to Sanctum office

Guest bathroom

Guest dorms

  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Bunk beds
  • Cover
    • All sides: None

Sanctum office

  • Personnel: Dark maiden (2, paperwork duty)
  • Furniture: Desks, chairs, computers, file cabinets, sex toys
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Desk (36 health, A1)

Stress relief chamber

  • Personnel: None, but occasionally used by dark maidens performing special services
  • Furniture: Sex toy racks, single bed, chains and shackles, cages, leashes and collars
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None


  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Sink, mirror, urinals, toilet seats
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

Sanctum services

Demonic sanctums offer a number of services to visitors in exchange for a donation. Sanctums only accept cash.

Services are not purchased directly; instead, check how high your donation ranks in the table below. After making your donation, you may choose one (and only one) of the services at or under your donation's rank. For example, if you donated Parallar symbol.png910, it is over 750 but less than 1000; you may choose between restful sleep, Hellish Meal, stress-relief chamber, or thanks.

You may not make a donation to any sanctum more than once per day. If you've already made a donation, you will have to wait for the next Daily Reset.

Amount donated (in Parallar symbol.png) Service Details
At least 2000 Hell-p Has Arrived One of the dark maidens will cast Hell-gating
One of the creatures summoned this way will accompany you in your travels, under certain conditions (see below).
At least 1000 Companionship One of the dark maidens may accompany you in your travels, under certain conditions (see below).
At least 750 Restful sleep The sanctum's guest beds are charged with demonic energy, guaranteeing restful sleep and wet dreams.
Sleeping in a guest dorm advances time by 1 day period, heals -32% Fatigue and -10.0% Stress.
* If your character has the Can't get no sleep trait, they will heal -16% Fatigue instead of -32%.
At least 500 Hellish Meal One of the dark maidens will summon a demonic meal, the Gehennom sandwich, for you to eat if you're hungry or thirsty.
Effects: +2400 ntri, +1200 wtr, +32% Pain.
Ingredients: Club sandwich, deviled ham, deviled eggs, Lucifer's Sauce (6.66 million Scoville units)
At least 250 Stress-relief chamber If you require some "stress relief", one of the dark maidens will guide you.
A "stress relief" session advances time by 1 period and heals -2d12 x 1.0% Stress (but also inflicts +24% Pain)
* If your character has the Horny trait, they will heal -2d12 x -2.0% Stress instead (double the normal amount).
* If your character has the Frigid trait, they will heal heal no Stress at all.
Less than 250 Thanks Hell, Inc. thanks you for your generous contribution.

Companionship conditions

The dark maiden or assigned demonic creature will follow you on your travels on the following conditions:

  • The offer is valid for 24 hours.
    • When the allotted time is over, the dark maiden or assigned creature will leave your side.
  • Do not visit Angelic towns
    • The dark maiden will warn you if you intend to get past the gap corridor and enter the town gate. If you insist, she will leave on the spot.
  • Accept that fights against Angelics are inevitable.
    • Angelics and demonics will almost always fight each other on sight.
  • Allow your demonic companion to fight on your behalf and heal or protect you when necessary
    • Demonic companions will treat you as an ally in battle and expect you to treat them the same way.
  • Maintain appropriate and respectful behavior towards your demonic companion and Demonics in general
    • If you are callous, disrespectful, violent, or otherwise hostile towards your companion or Demonics, they will attack you.
    • Lecherous behavior is okay, but don't push your luck.