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Southeastern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-363, Triema 18
Population size Small
Local laws Standard Law
Demonic regulations
Geographic connections
North Intersection 22 (_/_/D)
East N/A
South Elusec (_/F/D)
West Intersection 24 (_/F/D)
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Temno is a small Demonic town located in the Southeastern Zone.

Temno was founded in E7-363 as part of the Demonic Super-Special Enlargement Operation, which was seemingly launched in response to Heaven's Angelic Faith-Driven Expansion Plan, and which resulted in increased Demonic reach and influence across the Mazes. Temno was the second of five towns founded during this plan, after Abakash and before Novysera.

Temno is a small settlement, located near the border with the Southern Zone.

As with most Demonic towns, Temno's population is relatively diverse, being mainly composed of humans and demonic creatures, with a minority of halflings, and a smaller minority of youkai.

Local laws

Temno, like other Demonic towns, mostly follows Standard Law. However, as a town controlled by Hell, Inc., there are various customs and regulations in place:

  • Angelic creatures are not allowed to enter and will be attacked on sight if they attempt to get past the Town Gate.
  • Individuals and groups known to be associated with Heaven, Ltd. or prominent Angelic figures will be refused entry; refusal to comply will be punished with extreme prejudice.
  • Spreading pro-Angelic propaganda or generally displaying an overly positive or tolerant view of Angelics may result in removal from the town. Repeat offenders may be considered "associated with Heaven" (see above).
  • As per Demonic customs and regulations, various offenses outlined in Standard Law may not as actively enforced in Demonic towns.
    • Specific minor offenses (voyeurism, exhibitionism, verbal abuse, gross public behavior) tend to be tolerated and generally won't be stopped by local Town Security.
    • Demonic towns have a tendency to underreport certain cases that would be considered acts of slavery or sexual assault in other communities, due in large part to Demonic beliefs on sexual behavior.

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.