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A clothing shop is a type of individual shop which specializes in selling clothing and armor as well as load-bearing equipment.

Shop rules

Opening hours:

  • Towns: 24 hours a day, six days per week. Closed on Watersday for inventory.
  • Intersections: 12 hours a day (day shift only), six days per week. Closed on Watersday for inventory.

Clothing shops sell the following items:

Convenience stores may also:

  • Buy back items of all types sold here for 25% of their shop value
  • Accept payment in cash or appraised valuables
  • Provide store credit (valid only at the specific location you obtained credit from - each store is independent)
    • Shops do not normally return change; it is automatically converted into store credit instead.
  • Transfer store credit into a customer's bank account (for a fee, see Bank).
  • Provide a delivery service into a customer's bank vault (for a fee and if the vault has enough space remaining, see Bank)

Shop generation

This section is intended for GMs.

Clothing, armor, outfits, trauma plates, LBE

The customer is expected to request a particular item. This shop uses the standard price-based generation method to determine the number of items in stock:

  • Less than Parallar symbol.png250: 1d40-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png250 - 499.99: 1d30-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png500 - 999.99: 1d25-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png1000 - 1999.99: 1d15-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png2000 and higher: 1d10-5 items in stock.

Gas masks

Every clothing store carries 1d5-1 gas masks.