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Load-bearing equipment (often shortened to LBE) is the general term for various types of wearable containers and equipment carriers, allowing characters to carry items besides weapons and clothing. In a general sense, LBE is what allows characters to have inventory space, with different items offering different carrying capacities.

All characters that are capable of wearing clothing (whether human, or youkai outfits), can also wear LBE with no restrictions.

There are four types of LBE: Tactical vests, Backpacks, Utility belts and Leg rigs. All LBE have two major traits: a general capacity, up to three special carrying capacities, and for certain LBE types, a unique capacity as well.

General details

Carrying capacities

LBE items are defined by their carrying capacities: General capacity, Special capacity and Unique capacity. All LBE items have a general capacity and between 0 and 3 special capacities. Backpacks have a unique capacity called money pouch, and utility belts have a unique capacity called key item pouch; these are detailed in the sections below.

General capacity is measured in weight units, and allows for all types of items, so long as they do not exceed the listed maximum amount of weight units.

  • Example: The field pack is a backpack with a general capacity of 40 units.

Special capacities, often nicknamed pouches or pockets, are additional sections separate from the general capacity, which typically only allow for one type of item, with a small, limited maximum amount for each.

  • Example 1: The TT-1A Assault vest is a tactical vest with a general capacity of 5 units and an additional special capacity called Ammunition, which allows up to 6 magazines with a size tier of Large or less.
  • Example 2: The BDS 40mm rig is a leg rig with a general capacity of 0 units and an additional special capacity called Ammunition, which allows up to 8 grenade launcher rounds.
  • Example 3: The Crosman Elite competition vest is a tactical vest with a general capacity of 3 units and three additional special capacities: Ammo 1 (allows up to 2 magazines, size tier Large or less), Ammo 2 (allows up to 2 pistol magazines, max size tier Small or less), and Ammo 3 (shotgun shells only, up to 20).

Full definitions of each special capacity will be shown on the relevant lists, linked in the sections below.

There are many different types of LBE. Finding and choosing LBE with the right general and special capacities for your character and your playstyle is important, not just for inventory management but also to enhance and improve the effectiveness of your character. Rememeber that there is no additional carrying limits based on strength or constitution; in other words, as long as you have the space to carry it, you can have it.


The concept of accessibility refers to whether or not an item is immediately accessible to a character while they are in combat. Items that are immediately accessible can be reached and therefore used freely; items that are not require an additional step to reach.

Immediately accessible items include:

NOT immediately accessible items include:

  • Items on the floor, if on a different Battlespace Side; you must first reach that Side.
  • Items carried by other characters; they must first be dropped or given away, one way or another.
  • Items carried in worn backpacks; the backpack must first be set down on the floor, which costs 1 turn to do while in combat.

Folding down

Because they are containers for items, LBE items cannot normally be carried into other LBE items, to prevent nesting.

However, there is a way to transport LBE items for storage; folding them down to a more compact, easier to transport shape. Folding an LBE item requires it to be completely empty.

Once folded down, the item is marked as such, it cannot be worn or used to store items, but it can be stored in another LBE item and has a weight value; therefore being treated as a regular item.

Weight values of folded-down LBE depends on their type:

Item type Weight (units)
Backpacks with a general capacity of over 40 units 20
Backpacks with a general capacity of 20 to 40 units 10
All tactical vests
Backpacks with a general capacity of less than 20 units
All utility belts 3
All leg rigs 2

Emergency situations

If your character wears no LBE at all, it theoretically forbids them from carrying anything in inventory other than equipped weapons and equipped clothing. This can be left up to the GM's discretion, however we recommend that characters without any LBE at all be given one or two immediately accessible "pockets", each with a capacity between 1 and 2 units.

In certain situations, it may also be useful to transport or move LBE items (even if not empty or not foldable) over short distances. Once again, the right to do so should be left up to the GM's discretion, with an official recommendation to allow it from time to time, if the situation allows.

Tactical vests

Tactical vest (also called Tac-vest, Load-bearing vest, or simply vest; not to be confused with ballistic vests, which is a term for body armor) is the general term for load-bearing equipment worn over the chest or torso using some sort of vest, chest rig, or equivalent system.

Tactical vests do not have a unique capacity, and are largely used for their useful special capacities, usually related to carrying ammunition, grenades, or additional small weapons.

A character may wear only one tactical vest at a time.

List of tactical vests

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Backpack (also known under a variety of other names, most commonly shortened to pack or bag) is the general term for load-bearing equipment worn on the back.

The primary purpose of a backpack is to carry the bulk of a character's inventory; they have the highest available general capacity, and may, but tend not to, have special capacities.

As explained above, backpacks are the only type of LBE in which the items are not immediately accessible unless it is first removed and set down on the floor; this contrasts with their large carrying capacity.

The unique capacity of a backpack is the money pouch, which is a special pouch designed to carry up to 20 weight units of coins.

A character may wear only one backpack at a time.

List of backpacks

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Utility belts

Utility belt (also simply called belt) is the general term for load-bearing equipment worn around the waist or the hips.

The unique capacity of an utility belt is the key item pouch. Though not actually a singular pouch, this unique capacity allows a character to carry one of each key item freely; it is assumed that pockets, clips, or hooks are attached to the belt to allow for carrying these items.

A character may wear only one utility belt at a time.

List of utility belts

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Leg rigs

Leg rig (also simply called rig) is the general term for load-bearing equipment worn on the legs; specifically the thighs.

Leg rigs do not have a unique capacity; but the special trait of a leg rig is that a character may wear up to two instead of just one, theoretically one for each leg. This includes youkai with the Type U body type, who may not have two legs in the first place.

List of leg rigs

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