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A library is an establishment which collects and displays knowledge, generally in the form of books, organizing them by type and genre.

Other than being useful respositories of knowledge and information, libraries are well-known for enforcing a quietness rule (no noises or talking louder than whispering), and are frequently visited by people seeking the unique atmosphere of peace and quiet that a library provides.

Most libraries collect copies of books that have achieved worldwide success, magazine and periodical issues, as well as the works of local writers. Certain special libraries, referred to as Silverlight Libraries, possess books written during the medieval eras of the Mazes. Studying these books has contributed to much of the modern understanding of the Mazes' history, leading to the Silverlight Libraries being considered of extreme importance, if not sacred, in certain circles.

Libraries also possess a computer room. Library computers possess software allowing any visitor to check the library's inventory of books, how many copies are available, as well as which room and bookshelf they are located.


Libraries may be found in every intersection, and in the following towns:


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Bookshelf room

  • Personnel: None, but may occasionally be visited by the librarian
  • Furniture: Large bookshelves, tables, chairs
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Large bookshelf (53 health, A2)

Computer room

  • Personnel: None, but may occasionally be visited by the librarian
  • Furniture: Rows of desks, computers and chairs
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None


  • Personnel: Citizen (librarian's assistant)
  • Furniture: Desk, chair, computer, file cabinets, potted plants
  • Cover:
    • Side 2: Desk (36 health, A1)
  • Locked doors:
    • East: Requires payment to access, to Reading area

Library services can be purchased here. See this section for more details.

Librarian's office

  • Personnel: Librarian
  • Furniture: Desk, chair, computer, file cabinets, potted plants, bookshelves
  • Cover:
    • Side 4: Desk (36 health, A1)
  • Locked doors:
    • East: Mechanical lock A, to Storage room

Reading area

  • Personnel: None, but may occasionally be visited by the librarian
  • Furniture: Sofas, tables, chairs, bookshelves
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Table (36 health, A1)

Storage room

  • Personnel: None, but occasionally visited by the librarian
  • Furniture: Industrial shelves, storage boxes, dumpster
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Storage boxes (66 health, A3)

Library services

All of the services provided by the dojo can be purchased through the lobby.

Service Details Fees (in Parallar symbol.png)
Entrance fee You must pay a nominal one-time fee to access the rest of the facility.
Grants the right to enter and read books on the premises.
Buy book Enjoyed a book so much you want to take it with you? There's a fee for that too. 10 per book
Sell book Found books in the UA that you want to get rid of? Libraries will accept them.
On occasion, shortages for specific titles occur, causing the value of these books to rise.
5 per book
25-100 if the title is in high demand
Tips for Game Masters
Libraries can be used as in-character methods of performing research to obtain basic information, particularly if the current story or quest may require some book smarts or knowledge that can only be found in books.