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This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

This page is intended to provide a chronological timeline of the Mazes' history, regrouping in one place all of the important historical events. For an explanation on how to read the era and year notation, please read this section.


  • Green prefix: Town founded
  • Blue prefix: Birth of an important figure
  • Red prefix: Death of an important figure
  • Black prefix: Other historical event

Ancient history

Era 1

  • Duration: 150 years
  • Started: 3200 years ago
  • Ended: 3050 years ago
  • Technology level: Pre-agricultural

The first primitive tribal human societies are believed to have emerged during this period. Very little is known about this period of history.

An unknown cataclysm wipes out the entirety of these early humans 150 years after first emerging.

Era 2

  • Duration: 150 years
  • Started: 3050 years ago
  • Ended: 2900 years ago
  • Technology level: Bronze/Iron Age

The Mazes' equivalent of Antiquity. A new generation of humans emerges into the world, equipped with more advanced technology. They develop agriculture, writing, and the concept of towns. Reliable recorded history begins during this era. Each town spoke a different dialect and developed their own writing systems and standards, making the translation of the very few documents that survived rather difficult.

Another unknown cataclysm wipes out this antique civilization.

Era 3

  • Duration: 300 years
  • Started: 2900 years ago
  • Ended: 2600 years ago
  • Technology level: Early middle ages

This era is the Mazes' early Middle Ages, forming the first half of the Mazes' medieval period.

The third generation of humans is introduced into the Mazes, with further advances in technology. They now possess steel, develop kingdoms and feudalism, as well as various other advancements, such as guilds and standardized currency. The Tal language also emerged during this period.

The world was largely split into two territories, commonly referred to as the White Kingdom and the Black Kingdom. After a brief period of expansion during the first fifty years, borders separating the Kingdoms began forming, and conflicts over territory expansion soon erupted. The two kingdoms officially declared war on each other in E3-65, starting the 235-year-long War of the Two Banners, over the control of all civilized territory in the Mazes.

Early angelic and demonic creatures start appearing shortly after the war begins, each side supporting one of the kingdoms; the angelic side supporting the White Kingdom, and the demonics supporting the Black Kingdom, introducing a religious and moral element to a conflict of territory. Battles are initially sporadic and unfocused but progressively increase in intensity over the years, with town invasions and liberations becoming more and more frequent starting in E3-110.

The war enters its final and most intense stage in the last 20 years, with the rise of a White Kingdom knight. Raising a massive army, the knight begins a long series of conquests of the Black Kingdom's territory, until reaching the enemy's capital and personally defeating Black King Dornach in single combat.

The downfall of the Black Kingdom triggers the disappearance of demonic forces from the Mazes. All Black Kingdom territory is now united under the White Kingdom's banner, heralding the end of a long conflict, as well as the end of Era 3.

Era 4

  • Duration: 300 years
  • Started: 2600 years ago
  • Ended: 2300 years ago
  • Technology level: Late middle ages

The victorious White Kingdom, supported by the early angelics, renames itself to the Silverlight Kingdom. The knight that led the White forces to victory and defeated the Black king is offered the crown to the kingdom. He becomes King Silfazril, the first Silverlight King.

Under Silverlight rule, backed by angelic religious and moral codes, the Mazes are more or less at peace, only occasionally interspersed with small attacks by uncivilized raiders. Although certain rebellious elements attempted multiple times to revive the Black kingdom, these attempts were thwarted each time, its perpetrators harshly and publicly punished for the heresy.

The Silverlight Kingdom was ruled by five kings:

  • King Silfazril, Silverlight Bringer (E4-0 ; E4-59)
  • King Makazril, Son of the Bringer (E4-59 ; E4-122)
  • King Gulram the Eloquent (E4-122 ; E4-201)
  • King Goganax the Blessed (E4-201 ; E4-252)
  • King Maratuxa the Visionary (E4-252 ; E4-300)

Maratuxa was notable for his frequent visions of the future, which he claimed to see during his sleep since his childhood. After accessing to the throne and becoming the fifth Silverlight King, the visions intensified, and the initially jovial prince became a fearful, paranoid person, obsessed with the nightly visions which he described as "apocalyptic" and "the day Heaven will go away". The King's rule was markedly different from his predecessors, focusing on recording history and book production, as well as the safekeeping and storage of the Silverlight Kingdom's relics. These measures are responsible for the creation of the Silverlight Libraries, found in the towns of Neo Khazrun, Gimrun, Mippei Yosai (formerly Kharidin) and Sirvarris. These books are the largest collection of recorded history, fiction, plays, and other documents ever produced in the medieval era, and are responsible for much of the modern world's knowledge and understanding of the past.

Fearing that the end of the world was imminent and that it would come with great destruction, King Maratuxa did everything in his power to ensure that the Kingdom would not be forgotten, hiding an enormous treasure and instructions for survivors to re-establish the Silverlight Kingdom, should any make it.

These visions were eventually proven true in E4-300, when all angelic creatures departed from the Mazes without leaving a trace. Shortly afterward, a mysterious disease struck humanity, killing every last human being living in the Mazes and instantly wiping the Silverlight Kingdom out.

Modern history

Era 5

  • Duration: 800 years
  • Started: 2300 years ago
  • Ended: 1500 years ago
  • Technology level: Blackpowder era

Era 5 marks the beginning of modern history.

The fourth generation of humans is introduced into the world, equipped with more advanced technology. This era, which introduced the first firearms to the Mazes, is known as the Blackpowder era, after the propellant used to fire them. Technology level roughly corresponds to the real-world 1890s-1900s.

Most notably, this era is the first to introduce firearms, as well as the introduction of youkai into the world, making it the first time that two sapient species coexist in the world, not counting angelics and demonics.

The language spoken by humans is now Common, while youkai speak their own language, Youkai-go.

Angelic and Demonic forces return to the Mazes under their modern incarnations, Heaven, Ltd. and Hell, Inc..

  • E5-1: The Angelic capital city, Cloud Ten, is founded.
  • E5-2: The Demonic capital city, Gehen, is founded.
  • E5-4: Calfair Sector is founded. It is the oldest human settlement in continuous existence.
  • E5-5: Ellen Sector is founded.
  • E5-6: Youkai settlers found their first town, Yurai.
  • E5-84, Pentema 18: Birth of William Eidolon.
  • E5-93: Birth of Jonas Dolar.
  • E5-122: The ruins of Khazrun, former capital of the Silverlight Kingdom, are discovered by human settlers. The town is resettled and becomes Neo Khazrun.
    • Khazrun's Silverlight Library is discovered, making the Neo Khazrun settlers realize there was a civilization before their own. Translation and interpretation efforts begin.
    • William Eidolon, leader of the settling caravan, becomes the first Mayor of Neo Khazrun.
  • E5-123: Jonas Dolar, one of the first Neo Khazrun settlers, opens the first coin mint and bank and creates a currency for trading, the Para-Dollar.
  • E5-128: Ferland Sector is founded.
  • E5-129: The first translations of Silverlight Library books are published. The quality of the translation work is very rough and overly literal, leading to many misinterpretations and mistranslated words, but it forms the basis of the modern understanding of history.
  • E5-148:
    • Formation of the Eidolon Silver Force the predecessor to the Maze Military, by Neo Khazrun Mayor William Eidolon. Originally intended to be Neo Khazrun's Town Security, it grew into a fighting force of over 400 personnel.
    • Inspired by these early translations of Silverlight books and documentations, Major Eidolon believes himself to be the rightful heir to the Silverlight Kingdom. To assert his authority and prove to the world that the Kingdom was indeed back, he compared the nascent youkai civilization with the Black Kingdom of old, beginning preparations to invade and conquer their territory.
    • Operation Shining Blade: The Eidolon Silver Force, led by Major EIdolon, launches an invasion of the youkai territories in the Northeastern Zone, intended to be the first step towards the re-establishment of the Silverlight Kingdom.
    • Operation Scarlet Sakura: Youkai communities respond to the invading forces by mounting a desperate defense, using their population as a militia. The ESF forces are spread too thin from trying to keep multiple youkai towns under control, allowing youkai forces to repel the ESF and push back, retaking their communities. The ESF, reduced to 50 personnel and cornered in Intersection 02, eventually surrenders. Eidolon and the remainder of his forces are allowed safe passage back to Neo Khazrun. This event is credited as the start of youkai activism as an independence movement.
    • William Eidolon is disgraced by the population of Neo Khazrun and condemned to exile.
    • The Eidolon Silver Force is officially disbanded.
    • William Eidolon went missing after his exile, presumed dead. His body was never found.
  • E5-150: A settling caravan departs Neo Khazrun for the West. Composed of the surviving ex-ESF soldiers and a contingent of civilians and led by Donald Brennan, the group founds Fort Cutlass, with the intention of creating a new fighting force, whose sole purpose is to protect the world's towns and communities from the dangers of the Uncivilized Area. The modern Maze Military is born. Donald Brennan is appointed by his ex-ESF colleagues as the new leader, adopting the rank of Colonel. Any military rank containing the word major is banned from use in the Military, as it is associated with Eidolon's name and his defeat two years earlier.
    • The Military grows in size, and soon finds it impossible to house all of their forces in Fort Cutlass. The Military is split into seven companies; the original company founded by the ex-ESF personnel becomes known as the Command Company, with Fort Cutlass as their home base. The other six companies are sent to found their own towns and home bases in the years that followed.
  • E5-151: Fort Cobalt is founded, becoming the home of the First Company.
  • E5-152: Camp Baxter (Second Company) and Camp Charger (Third Company) are is founded.
  • E5-153: Station Delta (Fourth Company) is founded.
  • E5-154: Fort Scarlet (Fifth Company) and Station Sigma (Sixth Company) are is founded.
  • E5-157: Death of Jonas Dolar. His currency, the Para-Dollar, was renamed Parallar shortly after his death.
  • E5-163: Heshbar is founded.
  • E5-174: Death of Colonel Donald Brennan, first leader of the Maze Military.
  • E5-210, Duplima 14: Town Security members from all over the world gather in Neo Khazrun, forming the Great Debate on law enforcement. A consensus on the need for a standardized set of laws and a singular body to enforce them and manage criminals and prisoners was reached.
  • E5-210, Pentema 20: Months after the Great Debate, a settling party founds Citadel Lambeth, and the Maze Police is founded. The position of Sheriff, leader of the Police, is established, and the first Sheriff is settling leader Martin Sinclair.
    • Standard Law is drafted by Sheriff Sinclair. It is adopted by most human towns at the time, but rejected by youkai communities, out of concerns for independence.
  • E5-223: A yousei is arrested in Heshbar for attempted shoplifting. Concerns over the treatment of the perpetrator and the question of whether to consider youkai to be covered by Standard Law are raised. Sheriff Sinclair is called to weigh in and determined that Standard Law applies to all sapients, not just humans, arguing that the yousei perpetrator should be treated no differently from a human.
    • Youkai communities protested and believed that the yousei should be exiled and returned to their home community, to be judged by youkai. Heshbar Town Security refused to hand the yousei perpetrator over, under the notion that if one breaks the local laws, one should expect to be punished by the locals.
    • Crime rates by youkai increased over the following years. In retaliation, youkai are banned from joining the Police. This ban is still in effect today.
    • The Maze Police, lacking sufficient personnel, requests the help of the Military to supplement their forces and aid in the enforcement of Standard Law.
  • E5-225, Pentema: The Ferland Incident: Ferland Sector's Town Security, assisted by soldiers of the Second Company and members of the Maze Police, use deadly force to prevent a group of youkai shoplifters from leaving the town, after unsuccessfully attempting to stop them. The incident resulted in a brief gun battle between the youkai and the human coalition, causing nine deaths (six of the shoplifters, two Town Security guards, and one soldier).
  • E5-225 ; E5-557: The Resource Wars: In retaliation for the deaths of the six youkai perpetrators, the youkai communities form a coalition and declare war on the Maze Military and the Maze Police, and on human society in general.
    • Raiding parties of both species frequently attack each other's towns, specifically to steal food, supplies, weapons, and ammunition, as well as kidnap and enslave personnel. This 355-year long conflict is one of the bloodiest in recent history. Despite the Military now being headquartered in the Western Zone, Neo Khazrun continues to be considered the "capital of the human world", and the Military is frequently called upon to defend its trade routes and assist the Maze Police.
  • E5-557: End of the Resource Wars: After over 300 years of looting and warmongering, the mayors of Neo Khazrun and Yurai sign a peace treaty, calling on all fighting parties to cease the looting and destroying before all civilized communities fall apart.
    • The Maze Military officially cuts its ties with the Maze Police, considering that the purposes of both factions do not align, citing the need to "focus on external threats" and return to its core missions of monster hunting and trade route protection.
    • Standard Law is modified, species-based discrimination becomes a crime. The intention behind this change is to prevent a future repeat of the Resource Wars.
    • Many towns and communities crumbled to the Uncivilized Area, or fell in the hands of criminal groups. One of these towns is Joliet Sector, which became the home of the Delaney Syndicate after the Resource Wars ended. Self-appointed mayor Ray Delaney declared his town to be independent and hostile to "cops and cop sympathizers", vowing to never bow down to Standard Law. Joliet Sector gains a reputation for being a "crime haven".
  • E5-571: The Maze Police sends a fighting force of police officers to raid Joliet Sector, arresting or killing most of the people associated with the Delaney Syndicate. Ray Delaney is killed in a gunfight with the police, effectively dismantling the Delaney Syndicate's operations.
    • Joliet Sector is conquered by the Police, and a new police station is established.
  • E5-600: The Proving Grounds are established in a secret part of the Mazes, allowing the Scientific Community and Engineering Corps to research and develop new technologies in relative safety.
    • Several new technologies are being developed in secret, to be introduced at a later date.

Era 6

  • Duration: 800 years
  • Started: 1500 years ago
  • Ended: 700 years ago
  • Technology level: Cordite era

Era 6 follows immediately after Era 5, with the fruits of the Proving Grounds' labor. Technology levels are further increased, pushing the world into what is known as the Cordite era, roughly equivalent to the real world's 1940s.

  • E6-30: Ferron City is founded.
  • E6-92: The Ferron City Incident: A group of four humans kidnap two kitsune from the youkai town of Hiraya, proceeding to savagely beat them and rape them in the middle of Ferron City's social square center, keeping onlookers at bay and chanting that this was "what nonhuman trash deserves".
    • Town Security Guard Mark Robin requests backup, has the social square surrounded by his colleagues, then proceeded to shoot one of the kidnappers in the leg and ordered the others to surrender. All four perpetrators were arrested and the two kitsune were escorted back to Hiraya.
    • This event marks the first time that Standard Law had been enforced to protect youkai life. It is considered to have contributed to the thawing of human-youkai relations during Era 6.
    • Guard Robin received an official commendation from the town of Hiraya, becoming a local celebrity.
  • E6-105: Death of Ferron City TownSec Guard Mark Robin.
    • When the news of his death reached Hiraya, a statue in his likeness was erected, honoring the memory of the "first human hero to have saved youkai lives". Although this claim was disputed by historians, the Ferron City Incident was the first recorded and confirmed act of its kind.
  • E6-90 ; E6-99: The Mazes are experiencing a copper shortage. Ammunition manufacturing took up the vast majority of the copper ore mined, leaving too little for other applications and forcing other industries to melt copper coins down. Their rate of destruction soon outpaced the production of new coins, resulting in a dwindling supply. This introduced major problems for trading, as copper coins were (at the time) the smallest and therefore the most commonly-used denomination.
    • Various towns issue scrips or exchange bonds to replace the direct use of copper coins. One town in particular, Camp Baxter, used cut cartridge heads as scrips, which eventually resulted in the creation of the brass coin and various other denominations. (See: Parallar#Brass coins)
  • E6-139: Twinleaf City is founded.
    • Twinleaf City creates the Twinleaf Movement, becoming the first newly-settled town with a mixed population of humans and youkai, intending to not align itself with any factions and aim towards mutual peace and cooperation. The Military acknowledges the movement and recognizes neutral towns as such. Over the years that followed, all other non-aligned towns converted to the Movement and began accepting youkai populations. The term "human town" loses its meaning and falls into disuse. Towns not under the influence of a faction are now referred to as neutral towns.
  • E6-532: Littleton is founded.
  • E6-586: The ruins of Kharidin are discovered by a group of youkai settlers, re-founding it and renaming it Mippei Yosai.
    • Although one of the Silverlight Libraries was discovered inside the town's ruins, reportedly containing books and documents in nearly pristine condition, the town quickly announced they would become a "closed city", refusing entry to all but its youkai inhabitants and trusted, vetted caravans and supply groups. The decision angered the Scientific Community, perceiving it as gatekeeping access to history.
    • Mippei Yosai mayor Takuma Himura (male, guhin) justified his decision, stating that the plan to make this town a sealed fortress had already been decided before the Library was found, and that the discovery would not change his decision. He declined to comment on the reasons why Mippei Yosai is a closed town, simply stating that it is "relevant to youkai interests".
  • E6-599: Semitas is founded.
  • E6-671: Ventis is founded.
  • E6-685: Saker is founded.
  • E6-770: The Proving Grounds announce the development of new technologies and begin a 30-year modernization process.

Era 7

  • Duration: Ongoing
  • Started: 700 years ago
  • Ended: Ongoing
  • Technology level: Modern era

Era 7 is the current era. It introduced a technology level equivalent to the real-world mid-1990s.

  • E7-0: The modernization process is completed, and the calendars are reset to mark the new era.
  • E7-5: Arnett is founded.
  • E7-22: Birth of Keith Daxon.
  • E7-24: Nanton is founded.
  • E7-25, Duplima 22: The ruins of the medieval town of Sirvarris are discovered by a group of settlers. The town is re-settled, and a third Silverlight Library is discovered.
  • E7-40: Elusec is founded.
  • E7-41: Keith Daxon moves to Elusec, adopts the street name of "Spectrum" and founds the Wraiths, a local street gang.
  • E7-41, Pentema 25: First Sirvarris mayor Darius Palkovich declared Sirvarris a neutral town that would adopt Standard Law. He then announced that access to the Silverlight Library would be free for members of the Scientific Community, in the name of preserving and studying history.
  • E7-46: Baden Town is founded.
  • E7-49: Flaxton is founded.
  • E7-53: Greening is founded.
  • E7-54, Triema 18: The Sirvarris Discovery: A secret room behind the Sirvarris Silverlight Library is discovered. A tiny chamber is found, containing a handwritten medieval document, a greatsword, and a large, intricate crown made of silver, platinum, and white gold.
    • The crown was confirmed to be King Maratuxa's legendary Silver Crown, however, the large diamond intended to be mounted on it is missing.
    • The document was written by King Maratuxa himself. It explains that the crown was designed to be used as a key, intended to open another secret cache hidden somewhere else in the Mazes. This cache contains the Silverlight Kingdom's treasure, intended to be used by the "rightful heirs to the Silverlight Kingdom's legacy" and encouraging whoever finds the treasure to use the money for re-establishing the Kingdom. The King warns that the crown alone is not sufficient; without its specially shaped diamond, the crown cannot be turned all the way and the cache cannot be opened.
    • Mayor Palkovich organizes an exposition of the crown, the sword, and selected books and medieval artifacts, in an attempt to attract tourists and give Sirvarris an early economic boost.
  • E7-54, Triema 23: On the last day of the special exposition, after the last visitors had left the Library, the Silver Crown is found missing from its display case.
    • Mere minutes later, the body of Sirvarris Mayor Palkovich is found in his office, with two gunshot wounds to the back of the head.
    • Maze Police investigations concluded that the two events are connected; the Crown's display case was not broken into, and Mayor Palkovich's keyring was missing, suggesting that the thieves murdered him, took his keys, and stole the Crown.
  • E7-54, Quartema 11: The offices of the Mazes Broadcasting Company in Nanton receive an anonymous package, containing a videocassette and a message, urgently requesting the broadcasting of the videocassette's content.
    • In the video message, Keith "Spectrum" Daxon, a small-time gang leader from Elusec, makes the claim that he and his gang, the Wraiths, are responsible for last month's heist of the Silver Crown. He claims to be the rightful descendant of King Maratuxa, announcing his intention to re-establish the Kingdom under his rightful rule. He then explains that the crown is missing its diamond, then issued an ultimatum: the world has 72 hours to find the Silver Crown's diamond and deliver it to the Wraiths. Whoever finds it and brings it to him would be "handsomely rewarded"; however, if no-one heeds his demands, then he threatens "terror and misfortune", specifically to the towns of Neo Khazrun and Citadel Lambeth.
    • The message was broadcasted at 2 PM onto the MBC television channel. In the days that followed, eight individuals attempted to claim the reward by bringing various objects, none of which were the real diamond.
    • Sheriff Anton Hennessy urged the population not to take this message seriously and to dismiss it as a mere hoax.
  • E7-54, Quartema 14: Spectrum's Twin Terror Acts: A second videocassette is sent to the MBC's headquarters, containing another message from Spectrum. In it, he explains that eight people have attempted to "deceive" him and that none was able to bring him the diamond he sought. In turn, he once again threatened Neo Khazrun and Citadel Lambeth, promising to "make them pay" for keeping what was his out of his reach.
    • The message was broadcasted once again at 2 PM onto the MBC television channel.
    • Hours later in Neo Khazrun, thirty heavily-armed and heavily-armored men identifying themselves as members of the Wraiths force their way through the town gate, killing all four TownSec guards on duty, then proceeded onwards to open fire on every citizen they could find. Despite exchanges of fire between the invaders and a population desperately trying to defend themselves, the Wraiths were able to briefly take control of the social square, killing 31 citizens and wounding 67 more, while sustaining no losses and 3 wounded. The Wraiths ended the operation by breaking into the town hall and capturing Neo Khazrun Mayor Rodney Vanden.
    • Virtually at the same time in Citadel Lambeth, multiple explosions were reported at the Maze Police Headquarters. Multiple bombs had been planted into the station's offices, killing 11 and wounding 5. Among the casualties was Sheriff Hennessy.
  • E7-54, Pentema 21: The Wraiths send a third video message. In it, the kidnapped Mayor Vanden is forced to recite demands of the Wraiths: Scrap the Standard Law contract between Neo Khazrun and the Maze Police, stop all communication between the town and the Police, appoint Nancy Falkner (known associate of the Wraiths) as the new Town Security Chief of Neo Khazrun, and finally, resign as the Mayor of Neo Khazrun, and designate Spectrum as his successor. Vanden is then executed on video by Spectrum, who ends the message with the words: Neo Khazrun is mine, the rest of you will follow soon.
    • Neo Khazrun falls to the hands of the Wraiths, becoming an outlaw town.
  • E7-54, Hexema 2: Newly-appointed Sheriff Trudy Lanier announces her intention to restructure and modernize the Maze Police, vowing to put an end to the Wraiths' rule and liberate the town of Neo Khazrun. A wide array of changes are announced:
    • Standard police officer equipment is upgraded, now including mandatory body armor, better weapons, mobile phones, tactical radios, and more.
    • The settling and establishment of new Police towns, to increase the amount of available personnel.
    • The establishment of the Special Response Team, a division of elite Maze Police operators intended to wear heavy body armor and use advanced weapons and tactics, to be used for dealing with high-risk situations.
  • E7-54, Penultima 28: Operation Velvet Cake: Following months of investigations to find the whereabouts of the Wraiths, the newly-established Special Response Team raids the town of Elusec, arresting 33 criminals connected to the group. The operation is notable for having no casualties, only 4 wounded - all criminals attempting to flee.
    • The Elusec bank is raided by the SRT, constituting the world's first heist of a bank controlled by a criminal group... by members of the Maze Police. Tens of thousands of Parallars worth of assets and equipment belonging to the Wraiths are seized. The Silver Crown is not found among the seized assets.
    • Neither Spectrum nor his closest lieutenants are found; they are believed to be on the run. Investigations to find him begin immediately afterward.
    • Police occupation of Elusec begins the next day. More arrests are made over the week that follows. In a televised announcement, Sheriff Lanier declared her intention to "make an example" out of Elusec and "show what happens to crooks and crook towns when they go too far."
  • E7-55, Prima 1: During the Day of the New Year celebrations, Elusec is officially conquered by the Maze Police, and transformed into a new Police town.
  • E7-55, Ultima 25: Operation Bleeding Bear: The Special Response Team locates Spectrum and his Wraiths in the small, newly-founded town of Greening. SRT teams organize an invasion of the town, locking the town gate down and methodically clearing every last building and facility within.
    • 4 hours into the operation, Spectrum is found, incapacitated and arrested, alongside the rest of the Wraiths. Spectrum was reportedly stripped naked and publicly beaten in front of his Wraiths, before being dragged to prison. The Wraiths have effectively been dismantled, and cease existing as a group.
    • Keith "Spectrum" Daxon receives a life sentence.
    • Police occupation of Greening lasts for another 24 hours, after which Police and SRT forces retire. Greening falls in disarray as small, rival gangs fight over the town's control.
    • Once again, the Silver Crown turns up missing. Police Detectives begin emitting doubts on the veracity of Spectrum's claims that he and his gang had indeed stolen the Crown, and investigations to search for the Crown are quickly dropped, believed to have been stolen by another group, or somehow lost in another manner.
    • Sirvarris announces a 100 000 P$ reward for the first person to find and return the Silver Crown to the town.
    • Following the news of Spectrum's arrest, Nancy Falkner, an associate of the Wraiths and mayor of Neo Khazrun, fired the entirety of the Town Security before announcing her formal resignation from the post of mayor. All of them left town briefly after the official announcement, presumably to avoid arrest.
    • Neo Khazrun elects a new mayor and a new chief of Town Security three days later. Standard Law is re-established.
  • E7-56: Death of Keith "Spectrum" Daxon, murdered in prison. His body was found with 77 stab wounds in the chest, stomach, and neck. Rumors claim that the perpetrators were a mob of rival gang members.
  • E7-56, Quartema 14: Two years after the events and one year after Spectrum's arrest, Remembrance Day is first celebrated in Neo Khazrun, in memory of the people killed during the Twin Terror Acts.
  • E7-63 ; E7-66: Flaxton Civil War: Flaxton's mayor, Randall Calbach, is murdered by a gang member while visiting residents. That gang member is subsequently shot by a rival gang member, allegedly in anger for "stealing his kill."
    • Both gangs declare war on each other, each claiming responsibility for the kill and declaring themselves the rightful new owners of the town. Other gangs join the chaos soon afterward.
    • Flaxton falls into a state of effective civil war for roughly three years, as multiple local gangs fight each other over the town's control. Town Security is rumored to effectively be one of the gangs.
    • The civil war effectively ends in E7-66 with the victory of the gang originally responsible for murdering Calbach, appointing some of their members as Mayor and Town Security.
    • Flaxton's population was reduced to approximately half of its pre-civil war levels. The town enters a long period of struggling for survival.
  • E7-98: Garica Block is founded.
  • E7-101: Viris Area is founded.
  • E7-106: Birth of Ignazio Yatela.
  • E7-124: The Yatela Gang is formed: Ignazio Yatela, 18, founds the Yatela Gang in the town of Greening. Initially composed of himself, his brother Guido and a small group of friends, they quickly gain a reputation for extreme violence, running a racketeering business.
    • The Yatela Gang aggressively asserts their authority, integrating other gangs into their own, by force whenever necessary.
  • E7-125: The Yatela Gang becomes the Syndicate Within a year of establishment, gangs local to Greening and the Uncivilized Area around the town have been either eradicated or assimilated into the Yatela Gang.
    • Under threat of violent insurrection, the mayor of Greening pledges fealty to the Yatela Gang. The town quickly falls under their control, and the Yatela Gang renames itself to the Yatela Syndicate, with Ignazio Yatela becoming the Syndicate's first Don.
  • E7-125 ; E7-130: The Syndicate's Expansion: The Syndicate begins a campaign of expansion and brutal repression of other gangs and organizations, integrating those who submit and destroying those who resist. The Syndicate asserts itself as a rising power, becoming a major faction of the Mazes.
    • E7-125: Baden Town is conquered, and Guido Yatela installs himself as the local mayor. He becomes the first Underboss of the Syndicate, running the town on behalf of the organization's behalf.
    • E7-126: Garica Block's mayor Quinten Garica signs a contract of fealty to the Yatela capo in charge of the invasion, effectively turning over control of the town to the Syndicate.
    • E7-128: James Lenox, entrepreneur and associate of the Syndicate, travels West to found the town of Lenox Corner. Although effectively under the Syndicate's control, Lenox Corner is intended to be the "Jewel of the West"; a profitable tourist trap with plenty of entertainment, gambling, and vices not tolerated by other towns.
    • E7-130: Viris Area's mayor, Doreen Colby, signs a deal to relinquish control of the town to the Syndicate, in exchange for Parallar symbol.png50 000 and armed protection.
  • E7-142: Birth of Giuliano Yatela, son of Ignazio Yatela.
  • E7-152: In a surprise move, Hell, Inc. takes over the struggling Flaxton, promising to revive its population and its economy. Construction of a sanctum begins on the very next day
  • E7-182: Birth of Angelus Genvor.
  • E7-193, Pentema 18: Death of Ignazio Yatela. On his deathbed, he requests that from here on, the only people allowed to run the Syndicate be direct descendants of his, forming a dynasty of Dons. Ignazio's brother, Guido, takes over the Syndicate while preparing Ignazio's son, Giuliano, for his future role as Syndicate Don.
  • E7-193, Ultima 27: Death of Guido Yatela. Giuliano Yatela, son of Ignazio, takes over the Syndicate.
  • E7-202: Angelus Genvor, a young librarian from Sirvarris, begins studying the Silverlight Libraries, learning about the Mazes' medieval history, the fate of the Silverlight Kingdom and the Silver Crown.
    • Infatuated with the ancient books and grimoires, Genvor travels to the Northern Zone in search of medieval artifacts. During his travels, he finds the ruins of the medieval town of Gimrun, as well as the fourth and last of the Silverlight Libraries. The exciting discovery leads him to return to Sirvarris and organize a settling expedition. A month later, Gimrun is resettled, and Genvor is appointed as the librarian, in thanks for the discovery.
    • Over the months that follow, Genvor increasingly distances himself from the other townspeople, preferring to focus on the study of the books in Gimrun's Silverlight Library.
  • E7-203: Angelus Genvor adopts the new name of Angelus Argentum. Having noticed similarities between gravures depicting King Maratuxa and himself, he began making the claim that he is a long-lost descendant of the King.
    • With the help of a small group of volunteers from the local Town Security, Angelus Argentum stages a coup against the leadership of the newly-settled town, assassinating the mayor and taking over in his stead.
    • After taking control of Gimrun, Argentum declared the town independent. Gimrun's Town Security is renamed, becoming the Silverlight Guild, with Argentum renaming the position of mayor to that of guildmaster.
    • Guildmaster Argentum declares that the purpose of the Silverlight Guild is to find the lost Silver Crown by any means necessary, reunite it with its Diamond, use them to find the secret Silverlight Kingdom's Treasure, and use the wealth to re-establish the Silverlight Kingdom.
  • E7-205: Members of Gimrun's Silverlight Guild completed their first heist, hitting a jewelry store in Lenox Corner and stealing over Parallar symbol.png1 million worth of items.
    • Following the heist, the local jeweler famously referred to the heisters as "those scary larceners in their silver armor" while being interviewed. The name Silver Larceners was penned by the journalist responsible for the interview, and it has been used to refer to the Guild ever since. The Guild seems to have taken this name in stride, adopting the new name of Guild of Silver Larceners.
  • E7-214 ; E7-215: Youkai Expansion plan: The youkai populations expand their reach, founding new towns in the Northeastern, Northern, and Eastern Zones.
    • E7-214, Heptima: Kazama is founded.
    • E7-215, Prima: Kijirou is founded.
    • E7-215, Triema: Masatomo is founded.
    • E7-215, Nonama: Echizen is founded.
    • E7-215, Penultima: Aosaidan is founded.
  • E7-223: Yurai opens the kamiyama (紙山, lit. paper mountain), a large office complex equipped with the latest technology and equipment, meant to process paperwork and information for all activities in all youkai towns.
  • E7-289: The New Science movement: The Scientific Community begins new research avenues, with the explicit intent of selling the fruit of their research and development.
  • E7-289, Ultima: Project Titan: The Genetic Technology Science Team in Arnett launches Project Titan, researching genetic manipulation and gene editing. They are believed to have created various giant versions of common, small animals, such as the giant tarantula. These animals were originally developed for the Maze Military, but the project was turned down by military leadership.
  • E7-290, Hexema: Project Mana, phase 1: The Theoretical Physics Science Team, then located in Roazon, launches Project Mana, for the purpose of researching the exact nature of magic and magical creatures.
    • Scientists behind Project Mana began by offering rewards, in cash or gifts, to various people (mostly youkai) in exchange for answers to questionnaires and various, non-invasive tests and examinations.
  • E7-290, Octama: Project Mana, phase 2: Unsatisfied with the data collected over the past months, the Theoretical Physics Science Team launches phase 2 of Project Mana.
    • Mercenaries hired by the Science Team perform a series of abductions, allowing the project scientists to use the kidnapped targets as live test subjects for more invasive experiments, including acts of brutality such as live dissections, torture, and genetic manipulation.
    • E7-291, Duplima 11: Following months of inhumane experimentations, two kasha women in captivity give birth to genetically altered humans, Carrie and Steven, the first halflings. Because they possessed feline body parts, they were called feline halflings. More halfling species were created over the following months.
    • E7-291, Duplima 12: Using the genes of a captured kitsune, the team create a genetically altered human, John, which became "magic resonant", gaining the ability to freely manipulate elemental energies. John became the world's first magician.
    • Halflings and magicians are declared subspecies of humanity by the Scientific Community. Project Mana is considered to be a resounding success, and the involved teams are given further funding to continue their work.
    • E7-293: Extensive experimentation revealed that halflings and magicians are stable and fertile subspecies, fully capable of reproducing with each other as well as regular humans and youkai.
  • E7-315: After over 20 years of extensive work, Project Mana is terminated, responsible for the birth of over 250 halflings and over 150 magicians. The original halflings, Carrie and Steven, became famous for their successful integration into civilized life; moving into Neo Khazrun, adopting the family name "Hodge", and for the birth of their daughter, Demi, who was also born a feline halfling.
    • Halflings begin their integration into the Mazes, gaining acceptance and recognition. The Maze Military and the Maze Police officially recognize them, allowing halflings to join their ranks.
    • The concept of "human purity" emerges. Groups and organizations following this ideology are committed to only accepting "pure" humans, not recognizing halflings as truly human, considering them to be a separate species.
  • E7-360 ; E7-363: Angelic Faith-Driven Expansion Plan: In a claimed effort to "renew interest in Angelic values", Heaven, Ltd. sends multiple settling parties to form new Angelic towns and shrines.
  • E7-362 ; E7-366: Demonic Super-Special Enlargement Operation: Seemingly in response to the Angelic efforts, Hell, Inc. sends settling parties of their own to form new Demonic towns and sanctums.
    • E7-362, Decima 30: Abakash is founded.
    • E7-363, Triema 18: Temno is founded.
    • E7-364, Nonama 23: Novysera is founded.
    • E7-365, Penultima 19: Rog is founded.
    • E7-366, Quartema 11: Utroba is founded.
  • E7-368: The Almost Divine War: Tensions between Heaven and Hell escalate as each faction attempts everything in their power to increase their respective influence. It comes to a boiling point when a group of Angelic creatures meet a group of Demonic creatures on the newly-formed road linking Ventis and Abakash. Both parties refused to let the other pass, the encounter devolving rapidly into a shouting match, and finally into a fight.
    • Over the hours that followed, each side continued to send reinforcements to the UA room where the fight was taking place, with new forces replacing the eliminated on each side. The battle is virtually constrained to one room, with a few unsuccessful attempts by both sides to gain ground towards the rival town's direction.
    • After 13 hours of sustained conflict and 298 casualties (through a sheer display of coincidence, the casualties are evenly split; 149 angelics and 149 demonics), both sides agree to let representatives meet with each other to discuss ending the conflict. Ventis sends a shrine maiden, Abakash sends a dark maiden; the two meet and briefly discuss how to end this senseless waste of personnel for both sides.
    • After 3 hours of unsuccessful debating, the rival representatives agree to play a round of rock-paper-scissors to determine which side meets the other's demands. 45 minutes and 1047 rounds of perfect ties later, the two grow fatigued of further debating, and finally agree on the terms of a truce; both sides shall present official apologies for the other, both sides shall confirm that war has not been declared and that this incident shall remain isolated, and both sides shall use other roads than the Ventis-Abakash for a little while because it all got quite ridiculous.
  • E7-380: Hugh Lenox, great-grandson of James Lenox, the founder of Lenox Corner, travels north from his hometown of Greening to the fledgling Eastern town of Garica Block with the blessing of the Syndicate to develop a new business opportunity: Club 380, a strip club business with the ambition of gathering the best and the sexiest of the Mazes in one place. The venture is highly successful, putting Garica Block on the map and becoming the biggest and most successful strip club in the world.
  • E7-398: Project Lambda: The Theoretical Physics Science Team in Roazon starts Project Lambda, an initiative to improve personal protection and body armor technology with the introduction of the world's first suit of powered armor. The initial phases of the project required the team to study new physical phenomenons which could, in theory, allow specific metal alloys to become harder and more resilient to damage when an electric charge is applied to them.
    • Funding issues and poor management resulted in the project being relegated to a secondary priority. By E7-400, only three people were still officially on the Lambda team.
  • E7-404, Pentema 10: Birth of Daiki Haraguchi (male kappa), prominent member of the Youkai Nation and Task Force "Mind's Eye".
  • E7-414: Elkins is founded.
  • E7-414, Quartema 4: Birth of Satoshi Sangi (male satori), current leader of the Youkai Nation and Task Force "Mind's Eye". His birthdate, 414/4/4, contains the number 4 four times; it is considered to be extremely unlucky. He was symbolically given 4 days to live.
  • E7-414, Nonama 11: The Super-Heist: The Guild of Silver Larceners perform their greatest heist in history, the so-called Super-Heist, with a direct hit on the Syndicate's capital city, Greening. An estimated 50 Larceners, heavily armed and armored, and equipped with large bags, invaded the town and performed synchronized acts of robbery across every single shop, facility, and outlet with any kind of cash register.
    • Halfway into the synchronized multi-robbery, Yatela gangsters finally sent personnel to open fire on the Larceners, prompting them to bail out with the wares they had already acquired. Gun battles erupted throughout the town as the Larceners made their escape, deploying dozens of smoke grenades. Undercover detectives estimated that over a thousand rounds of ammunition had been fired that day, with the town still bearing some of the scars, with still-visible bullet holes high on the walls and on the ceilings.
    • Most remarkably, the Larceners suffered no losses, only 7 wounded. The Syndicate refused to provide details or full numbers on their own casualties or the value of the stolen goods, but it has been estimated to be between Parallar symbol.png2 and 4 million.
    • The leader of the Syndicate at the time, Benito Yatela III, declared that from this day onwards, the entire Guild was marked for death; any and all personnel who are members of the Guild or associated with them is now the enemy of the Syndicate. War had been declared between the two organizations.
  • E7-415, Duplima 27 ; E7-416, Duplima 27: Benito's Revenge: In retaliation for the Super-Heist, Syndicate gang members lay siege to the town of Gimrun, occupying the town's accesses to the UA and preventing anyone from entering or leaving the town, threatening the people that try with death. The siege lasts exactly one year, during which Gimrun is believed to have undergone rationing of food, water, and other supplies.
    • Syndicate forces laying siege routinely attack caravans attempting to bring goods to the town, supplementing their own supply lines, and depriving Gimrun of many resources.
    • Casualties are unknown, but it is believed that many inhabitants of the town have died of hunger or thirst as a result of rationing and depletion of reserves.
    • Despite repeated pleas from the population of Gimrun, the Maze Police refuses to get involved, treating the incident as outside of their area of influence.
    • Syndicate Don Benito Yatela III called the siege off after one year, warning the Larceners to stay away from their towns or their personnel or face unspecified "greater misery".
    • Larcener activity outside of Gimrun virtually stopped over the years that followed, focusing on rebuilding their control of Gimrun and appeasing the town's population.
  • E7-415, Octama 18: Birth of Sayu Tawara (female oni), prominent member of the Youkai Nation and Task Force "Mind's Eye".
  • E7-415 ; E7-417: Police Protection Plan: The Maze Police expands their reach and founds three new towns, in an effort to better cover all towns in the world. The measure was presumably done as a reaction to the Super-Heist, intending to prevent such events from occurring in towns protected by Standard Law.
    • E7-415, Quartema 16: Beadsor is founded.
    • E7-416, Prima 3: Murberry is founded.
    • E7-417, Hexema 16: Wayward is founded.
  • E7-417, Heptima: The Maze Police announces the Regional Coverage System, assigning each of their towns and associated police stations to a particular area of the Mazes, improving the efficiency and speed of responses to calls.
    • Citadel Lambeth continues assuming the role of a command center/headquarters, but has the authority to send backup officers worldwide, primarily to aid other stations.
    • Joliet Sector and Wayward share coverage of the Eastern Zone, under the Joint Eastern Coverage Treaty. Wayward is also symbolically assigned to the Northeastern Zone, but due to the near-total youkai control of this geographic area, police coverage is virtually nonexistent there.
    • Elusec is assigned coverage of the Southeastern Zone.
    • Beadsor is assigned coverage of the Southern and Western Zones.
    • Murberry is assigned coverage of the Northern and Northwestern Zones.
  • E7-417, Heptima: Project Psyker, phase 1: The Theoretical Physics Science Team of Roazon announces the beginning of Project Psyker.
    • The project was notable for its staff, largely made up of the descendants of those responsible for the earlier Project Mana. They were also famous for their disregard of many ethical and scientific procedures, adopting a sort of "results at all costs" attitude towards their research. Other scientists criticized the project members for "acting like gods" and more generally for their unsafe and unethical behavior.
    • The initial objective of Project Psyker was researching psionic powers, starting with the abduction of several satori to be observed and experimented upon. Ultimately, the objective shifted, and became a mirror to that of Project Mana; isolating the origin of these powers and finding a way to extract them and implement them into a human body, forming a new subspecies, just as Project Mana resulted in the birth of halflings and magicians.
  • E7-418: Project Psyker, phase 2: The first humans with psionic powers, hereon known as psionics, are created in the Roazon labs. Because they are capable of using these powers in an offensive manner, being able to hurt and even kill living beings with them, they were dubbed psionic fighters.
    • The team in charge of the project begins splitting away from the wider Theoretical Physics Science Team, referring to themselves as Team Psyker. Rumors of plans to use the fruits of Project Psyker for unspecified, sinister purposes are widely circulated within the Scientific Community. Team Psyker is warned to stay in line with the community and improve ethics, or face consequences. The demands are largely ignored.
  • E7-419, Pentema: Project Psyker phase 3 and the Roazon Catastrophe: All communications with the town of Roazon brutally ceased during the month of Pentema. Traders and caravans reaching the town found it completely abandoned and littered with dead bodies. The Maze Police is called to conduct an investigation; the town is quickly referred to as Ghost Town Roazon.
    • Extensive police investigations reveal that Team Psyker kept satori and psionics in captivity, under abject, farm-like conditions. The situation reached a breaking point after an unspecified atrocity (detectives suggested that it could have been rapes or tortures, but there was no definite proof), after which the captives organized a breakout, murdered most of the team members and took their weapons in order to raid the town of supplies with which to make an escape. The town population, hearing of the existence of these new monsters that could kill with mere thoughts, thought it more prudent to leave rather than fight them, and escaped the town en masse.
    • The first psionics were first sighted by the general population later that year, and the world became aware of their existence by E7-420. Those few that were interviewed were reluctant to share any details or information about their origins, simply wishing to be left in peace. They have since become UA natives, forming small, hidden communities in a manner similar to magicians.
    • 90% of the Theoretical Physics Science Team, including the entirety of Team Psyker, had been murdered in the incident. The remaining 10% went missing. Effectively and single-handedly disbanded, with their town and associated lab now abandoned and full of bodies, the Scientific Community announced their intention to completely abandon the town of Roazon and to build a new lab in another, less remote town.
    • Many assets, including most of Project Lambda's research, are believed to still be locked away somewhere in Roazon's abandoned lab.
  • E7-420 ; E7-429: The Scientific Community announces the construction of a new Theoretical Physics laboratory in Ferland Sector. The Theoretical Physics Science Team is re-activated and renamed Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Science Team, with completely new personnel. The lab is completed nine years later.
  • E7-432, Nonama 16: Birth of Yuriko Hirota (female kitsune), prominent member of the Youkai Nation and Task Force "Mind's Eye".
  • E7-450: Satoshi Sangi is elected mayor of Yurai with 77% of the votes, on a campaign promising the unification and strengthening of the youkai people and communities. He gains the nickname of "Black-Eye", after the color of his third eye.
  • E7-451, Prima 7: Task Force "Mind's Eye" is established. It is composed of Sangi, his three trusted lieutenants (Haraguchi, Tawara, and Hirota), and a small team of highly-skilled youkai activists.
  • E7-451, Triema 18: Mippei Yosai's Town Security renames itself to Task Force "Divine Edge" (作戦部隊 「神刃」, sakusen butai 「kamijin」), and establishes the Training Center (講習会場, koushuukaiba), a 100% youkai military recruitment and training center.
  • E7-454, Prima 1: Birth of the Youkai Nation: During the New Year celebrations, Satoshi "Black-Eye" Sangi declared in a televised announcement, the entirety of the towns with a majority youkai population, as well as all Intersections and roads in between, to be part of a new, separate country known as the Youkai Nation. The territory encompasses the totality of the Northeastern Zone, plus the towns of Aosaidan and Masatomo.
    • The stated purpose of the Youkai Nation is to be a self-sufficient, safe and prospering country made by youkai, for youkai, with no interference from human-dominated factions and interests, and with its own defense force. Sangi then extended an invitation to all youkai in the Mazes to join the Youkai Nation and help build what he referred to as "our country". The announcement ended with a warning not to challenge the independence and legitimacy of the Youkai Nation; any such acts would be treated as an act of war.
    • The Maze Military and the Maze Police condemned the announcement, refusing to recognize the Nation as legitimate and seeing it as an unsafe, subversive decision that will only make the world unsafe and prevent them from doing their jobs in the Northeastern Zone.
  • E7-454, Hexema 1: In response to the announcement, the Military mobilizes all of its forces and enters a state of high alert, preparing themselves for war. Colonel Mark Phasma, the leader of the Military at the time, treated the announcement as a declaration of war, and intends to strike the Youkai Nation's capital, Yurai, in what he described as a "surgical strike intended to demoralize the enemy activists". This plan is dubbed Operation Needle Poke.
  • E7-455, Prima 16: Operation Needle Poke: The First Company, led by Captain Francis Donahue, moves out towards Yurai to invade the town and demand the unconditional surrender and disarmament of the Youkai Nation's armed forces.
    • The Military initially encounters only very light resistance, quickly neutralizing Town Security and starting to search through the town's shops and outlets. Midway into the search operation, the town's power is cut, and activist fighters began pouring out of the facilities that hadn't yet been searched, armed with NVGs and weaponlights, mounting a surprise counter-attack in the dark. The resulting confusion entrenched the soldiers in one half of the town, while the activists held the other; both sides locked in a stalemate and desperately waiting for reinforcements.
    • A panicked radio call informed Captain Donahue that the expected reinforcements from the other companies were unexpectedly routed by swarms of activists and that roughly 400 activists are coming to the aid of Yurai. Faced with an impossible situation, Captain Donahue refused to order a retreat, relinquished leadership to one of his lieutenants, and committed suicide. The new commanding officer, Lieutenant Halder, quickly retreated alongside his surviving forces without casualties.
  • E7-455, Duplima 4: To honor the memory of the fallen during Operation Needle Poke, a memorial was erected in all of the Military towns at the time. The Military Memorial Day was also established to honor the memory of all soldiers KIA and MIA and is now observed yearly on Duplima 4 by all members of the Military.
  • E7-456: Operation Blood Banner: A group of human and halfling settlers looking to found a new town in the Northeastern Zone was intercepted and gunned down by youkai activist forces, resulting in 83 casualties and the entirety of the caravan looted to the last bag. The official reason given was "trespassing in the Nation's territory and association with the Military." It is believed that the settlers were not given a chance to turn back. The act is widely perceived as a reprisal for last year's invasion of Yurai. The Military responded with a confirmation that the war is not over yet.
  • E7-471 ; E7-531: The Phasma family successfully leads the Military for 3 generations, intending to create a sort of "dynasty" to continue the war effort against the Youkai Nation.
    • E7-450 ; E7-470: Colonel Mark Phasma
    • E7-470 ; E7-504: Colonel Blaine Phasma
    • E7-504 ; E7-531: Colonel Morgan Phasma
  • E7-492: Ovis City is founded.
  • E7-531, Nonama 21: Operation Red Temple: The Youkai Nation's elite group, Task Force "Mind's Eye", plans Operation Red Temple, intending to assassinate Morgan Phasma and his son Gerald (then a Captain, leader of the Fourth Company), to break up the dynasty and force changes within the Military's leadership. With the aid of human mercenaries providing intelligence to the cell, the activists split into two teams, one for each target, the intended plan was for each team to assassinate their targets at the same time.
    • Captain Gerald Phasma was assassinated in Ovis City, inside of the convenience store. His body was found alongside that of the shop manager, both of which were shot in the head with a powerful, suppressed firearm. The perpetrators were a male kappa and a female oni. They were later revealed to be respectively Daiki Haraguchi and Sayu Tawara, members of the Mind's Eye cell, and two of Satoshi Sangi's trusted lieutenants.
    • Colonel Morgan Phasma was lured out of Fort Cutlass and into Neo Khazrun through a telephone scam. Once the Colonel was at the intended location, the plan was to assassinate him and use the crowd to escape before being noticed. However, the activist fighters were spotted by the Colonel's security detail, and the assassination plot turned into a very brief gun battle in the middle of the town's social square center. The Colonel sustained eight gunshot wounds, and the panic caused the Town Security to open fire on both the youkai assassins (which later turned out to be Satoshi Sangi himself, alongside his third trusted lieutenant, female kitsune Yuriko Hirota.) Although the Town Security guards failed to hit the Colonel, the brief confusion allowed the youkai activists to flee, and the Colonel to bleed out and die of his wounds.
    • Days after the events, the Maze Police produced an official televised statement strongly condemning the Youkai Nation for the acts, declaring it to be a criminal organization and reaffirming their intention to not allow youkai into their ranks.
  • E7-531, Nonama 28: Following a week of official grieving, the Military selected Donald Weil of the Fourth Company as their new Colonel. At the age of 38, Weil became the youngest Captain to be promoted to the Military's leadership. Unfortunately for the Youkai Nation, Weil was just as hardline, if not more so than the Phasma family was. Rather than initiate talks and thaw human-youkai relations, Colonel Weil instigates what became known as the Weil era of the Military.
  • E7-531 ; E7-580: The "Weil era". This period was famous both for the increased amount of hardliner, anti-youkai rhetoric, and for its lack of major conflicts with youkai activists.
    • Weil established the Special Neo Khazrun Platoon, a special unit composed of two squads worth of soldiers (20 Privates and 2 Sergeants), whose task was to aid and assist Neo Khazrun Town Security and strengthen the security at the front gate. The town's inhabitants received the extra security well, considering the soldiers' presence to be beneficial. Originally intended to be stationed in Neo Khazrun for just 4 years, the Special Platoon was so well-received and so popular, it remained active for nearly 50 years instead, until the end of the Weil era in 580.
    • A memorial to Colonel Morgan Phasma was erected in the Neo Khazrun mall, which still stands today.
    • Rather than launch grand military operations directly against the towns under the Youkai Nation's control, Weil changed tactics and attempted an attack on their economy. Soldiers on patrol in the Northern, Eastern, and Central Zones were now tasked with arresting caravans, couriers, and other tradespeople traveling to and from youkai towns, ordering them to pay a "security tax" or face lethal force. Weil's objective was to attack the Youkai Nation's economy. In response, these caravans began hiring mercenaries and activist fighters to protect the cargo.
    • Weil was strongly against the Twinleaf Movement, which he viewed as subversive and encouraging terrorism. Pro-military media, such as books, songs, TV shows, movies, advertisements, and other propaganda were spread across neutral towns, encouraging the human population to embrace their humanity, support the Military, and be wary of suspicious activities by non-humans. For a time, an "activist hotline" was opened, encouraging random citizens to call the number and inform the Military if they believed having seen people working with activist fighters.
  • E7-580, Decima 12: Colonel Donald Weil dies of old age, leaving the legacy of a hardline protector who used his faction's influence more than combat strength to keep the peace.
  • E7-581: Captain Carl Lembo of the Second Company is selected as Weil's successor, becoming the new Colonel.
    • Under Lembo's leadership, the Military became noticeably less aggressive, ceasing the harassment campaigns against youkai caravans, softening the message in Military merch and propaganda, and promising a "return to form" in the form of increased monster-hunting and critter destroying operations. Human-youkai relations thaw once again.

Recent history

  • E7-619, Quartema 1: Death of Colonel Carl Lembo.
  • E7-619, Quartema 16: Captain Ethan Humbra of the Sixth Company is selected as Colonel Lembo's successor, becoming the new leader of the Military.
  • E7-622, Heptima 9: Birth of Lewis Dunbar.
  • E7-624, Octama 10: Vending machines are introduced into the Mazes, selling various items such as food, ammunition, and other knick-knacks.
  • E7-625, Triema 14: After a seemingly unending wave of vandalism, theft, and property damage, vending machine production ceases and almost all existing models are abandoned. They have not been reintroduced since.
  • E7-626, Prima 12: Birth of Thomas Wight, current leader of the Maze Military.
  • E7-632: The Scientific Community develops wearable defibrillators, releasing the first version of the LifeVest.
  • E7-644: Thomas Wight, age 18, joins the Maze Military and aces every single training exercise. For his outstanding, record-setting performance, Wight is offered the choice of choosing his home company instead of being assigned one. Wight specifically requests to be part of the 1st Company, 1st Platoon, 1st Squad, affirming his objective of becoming "the number one soldier". His request is granted and he is welcomed into the 1-1-1 by his new squadleader, Sergeant Zachary Geist.
  • E7-645, Pentema 15: Birth of Len Hargrave, current leader of the Maze Police.
  • E7-658, Decima 13: Birth of Michael Yatela, current leader of the Yatela Crime Syndicate.
  • E7-666, Penultima 11: Birth of Minik Argentum, current leader of the Guild of Silver Larceners.
  • E7-670, Prima 18: Colonel Ethan Humbra passes away, at the exceptionally advanced age of 94. Zachary Geist, now aged 39 and Captain of the 1st Company, is selected to become the new Colonel. Thomas Wight succeeds to him and becomes the new Captain of the 1st Company.
  • E7-670, Duplima 18: While leading a small group of soldiers on a training exercise in the Northern Zone, Captain Thomas Wight is ambushed by a large group of activist fighters looking for a fight.
    • Unsuccessful in his attempt to negotiate his group's departure, one side opened fire on the other, triggering a huge gunfight. Despite being outnumbered four to one, Captain Wight ordered his forces to fall in and fight, but a flashbang grenade detonating inches away from his head caused the Captain to go down, missing most of the fight. The flashbang left the famous burns and wounds to the right side of his head.
    • When he comes to his senses again, he finds the bodies of his subordinates littering the floor, being stripped of their every last clothes and gear by two remaining activists. The sight reportedly filled Wight with indescribable rage. Having lost all his weapons besides his knife, Wight charged the two activists with it, and proceeded to eliminate both of them before they could land a shot on him. He then desperately searched all of the bodies for signs of life to try and find a survivor, but finds only one; Lieutenant Lewis Dunbar, Wight's best friend, and oldest colleague. These events are widely considered to be the reason behind Wight's hardline anti-youkai stance.
    • Lewis Dunbar is promoted to the rank Captain, and placed in charge of the Regular Forces 1st Company, succeeding to Wight.
  • E7-671: Colonel Zachary Geist, last seen in the Central Zone leaving Neo Khazrun for Nanton, mysteriously disappears. Considered MIA and presumed dead, the Military decides to elect a new leader. Captain Wight of the 1st Company is selected, and becomes the new Colonel, returning the Military to a hardline anti-youkai stance.
  • E7-671 ; E7-677: Great Military Reform: Colonel Wight introduces the Great Reform, instigating several changes over a period of 7 years.
    • Inspired by Wight's own training ethos and personal career, Wight increases the training standards for new recruits, pushing for efficiency and accuracy, and encouraging competition between soldiers at all levels.
    • The Military is now separated into two branches; the Regular Forces, and the new elite branch, the Phantom Forces, composed of four companies worth of the best-performing soldiers and new recruits.
    • E7-677: The towns of Fort Phantom, Outpost Trion, Station Lasker and Camp Huntsman are founded to give the newly established Phantom Forces new homes.
    • Fort Cutlass is renamed to Fort Wight, and the two companies assigned to its defense become known as Wight's Elite Battalion. They are retrained to Phantom Forces standards and given Phantom Forces uniforms.
    • The size of the Military is dramatically increased, from 7 companies to 12, and is given its current organization of 6 RF companies, 4 PF companies, and the remaining two companies forming Wight's Elite Battalion.
    • "Harassment patrols" of the Weil era are re-established, and although soldiers are explicitly told to avoid entering the Northeastern Zone, they are once again tasked with searching for activist groups, caravans, couriers, and other people affiliated or protected by activist fighters, and to engage in combat with them on sight.
  • E7-676: Raven City is founded.
  • E7-692, Heptima 26: Death of Captain Lewis Dunbar, only surviving friend of Colonel Thomas Wight following the ambush of E7-670.
  • E7-693: Michael Yatela becomes the new Don of the Yatela Crime Syndicate.
  • E7-694 ; E7-696: Operation Toss The Pineapple: The Yatela Crime Syndicate launches a campaign for the control of the redlight industry of the Mazes, gaining control of the largest network of escorts in the world.
    • Youkai escort groups are brutally repressed and forced to either quit or hide their activities. The name of the operation comes from a derogatory term used to refer to youkai escorts, seen as stereotypically exotic, like a pineapple.
  • E7-698: Chief Len Hargrave of Citadel Lambeth becomes the new Sheriff of the Maze Police.
  • E7-701: A serial killer in Viris Area murders seven locals, leaving their disemboweled bodies on display in the middle of the social square center. The perpetrator, nicknamed the Viris Butcher by the press, was not identified by the Police and is believed to be on the run.
  • E7-704, Prima 1: Present day. Recommended starting date of all new MazeWorld sessions.