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Hydration is a statistic, expressed as a numerical value with no decimals and the suffix wtr. When in reference to a creature, this represents their hydration level. When in reference to an item (typically food or mushrooms), it refers to its hydrational value.

Hydration levels

Like with nutrition, for hydration levels to make any sense, a character's hydration Baseline Value (BV) must be known. This value represents roughly one day's worth of water. Every day at the Daily Reset, your character will lose a quantity of hydration equal to their BV.

Hydration BV is defined as Base Limb Health value x 10. An average human has a Base Limb Health value of 70, therefore the average hydrational BV is 700 wtr.

On the table below, the abbreviation nBV is used to represent a negative Baseline Value. For an average human, 1x nBV would be equal to -700 wtr (missing one day's worth of water).

Hydration levels have an upper limit at 2x BV, and a lower limit at 3x nBV.

Nutrition levels
Nutrition levels
(average human)
Level name Effects
1x BV : 2x BV 700 : 1400 wtr Hydrated No effects
0 wtr : 1x BV -1 wtr 0 : 699 wtr OK No effects
1x nBV +1 wtr : -1 wtr -699 : -1 wtr Thirsty Strength -10%
2x nBV +1 wtr : 1x nBV -1399 : -700 wtr Dehydrated Strength -20%, FT +1
3x nBV +1 wtr : 2x nBV -2099 : -1400 wtr Very dehydrated Strength -20%, FT +2, Hallucinations
3x nBV -2100 wtr Death Creature dies of dehydration.

It is recommended to write down your particular character's Hydration thresholds for each level.


Defined during character customization for human and halfling characters, a character's constitution may affect their nutrition and hydration BV.

  • If your character's constitution is athletic, your BV for both stats is multiplied by 1.25.
    • Example: An average human (70 base limb health) with athletic constitution would have a hydration BV of 700 x 1.25 = 875 wtr.
  • If your character's constitution is muscular, your BV for both stats multiplied by 1.5.
    • Example: An average human (70 base limb health) with muscular constitution would have a hydration BV of 700 x 1.5 = 1050 wtr.