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Southern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-49
Population size Medium
Local laws Standard Law
Demonic regulations
Geographic connections
North Ventis
East Intersection 21
South Gehen
West Camp Baxter

Flaxton is a medium Demonic town located in the Southern Zone.

Flaxton was originally a human town, founded in E7-49 by human settler Randall Calbach. In E7-63, he is murdered by a local gang member while visiting residents. Moments later, that gang member is shot by a rival gang member, allegedly in anger for stealing the kill, sparking a chain of chaotic events that became known as the Flaxton Civil War.

The Flaxton Civil War lasts three years, in which several gangs (including the remnants of the Town Security) fight each other for control of the town. In E7-66, the gang originally responsible for murdering Calbach emerged as the victor, having eliminated or driven out of town all of their opponents. By E7-66, Flaxton's population fell to half of its pre-war state, leaving an understaffed and damaged town struggling for survival.

Less than a century later, in E7-152, Hell, Inc. makes a move on Flaxton, invading it and routing the gang out of town, subsequently conquering it. This surprise move was not challenged by the local population, embracing the Demonics as saviors. The local Sanctum and Circle H convenience store began construction within a month of the town being conquered, opening for business by E7-153.

In an effort to increase the town's population and revive its economy, residential area rent prices were slashed in half for the next 10 years to all existing residents and newcomers, and the local Circle H applied an automatic 30% discount on all purchases to all residents. These measures proved highly popular, and the town returned quickly to its pre-civil war population levels, exceeding them within three years.

As of today, Flaxton's population is fairly diverse, with roughly equal numbers of humans, halflings, youkai and demonic creatures.

Local laws

Flaxton, like other Demonic towns, mostly follows Standard Law. However, as a town controlled by Hell, Inc., there are various customs and regulations in place:

  • Angelic creatures are not allowed to enter and will be attacked on sight if they attempt to get past the Town Gate.
  • Individuals and groups known to be associated with Heaven, Ltd. or prominent Angelic figures will be refused entry; refusal to comply will be punished with extreme prejudice.
  • Spreading pro-Angelic propaganda or generally displaying an overly positive or tolerant view of Angelics may result in removal from the town. Repeat offenders may be considered "associated with Heaven" (see above).
  • As per Demonic customs and regulations, various offenses outlined in Standard Law may not as actively enforced in Demonic towns.
    • Specific minor offenses (voyeurism, exhibitionism, verbal abuse, gross public behavior) tend to be tolerated and generally won't be stopped by local Town Security.
    • Demonic towns have a tendency to underreport certain cases that would be considered acts of slavery or sexual assault in other communities, due in large part to Demonic beliefs on sexual behavior.
  • Flaxton residents benefit from an automatic 30% discount on all purchases at the local Circle H convenience store, on the condition of identity verification.

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.