Ovis City

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Ovis City
Northern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-492
Population size Medium
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Gimrun
East N/A
South Intersection 08
West Intersection 05

Ovis City is a medium town located in the Northern Zone.

Ovis City was founded in E7-492, intended to serve as a convenient mid-point between the Central Zone and notable towns further north, such as Gimrun and Cloud Ten. As a result, Ovis City is in the middle of a major trade route and is very frequently visited by travelers of all stripes.

The local population is fairly diverse, with a slight majority of humans and equivalent amounts of halflings and youkai.

The two facilities of note in town are the canning factory, which produces a large percentage of the Mazes' canned food products, and the warehouse facility. The warehouse facility was originally established to stockpile food surplus waiting to be sold to other towns and communities, but after realizing that there were far too many storage units for a single factory to fill out, its use has been expanded, and the facility now offers its storage space to anyone with the money to spare.

In stark contrast to Gimrun's harsh local laws and taxation system, Ovis City welcomes all; local housing prices are very low - the lowest in the Mazes. A mandate, established by the first town mayor, fixed the maximum rent price in an effort to attract population. In E7-561, a newly-elected mayor attempted to abolish the mandate and allow residential area owners to set their prices freely. The near-entirety of the canning factory workforce, aided by a large contingency of other local inhabitants, responded by threatening to stop all production and seize the existing reserves of canned goods for themselves. The mayor relented, and the low rent mandate remained in place ever since.

The local convenience store, the Tin Can Emporium, specializes entirely in canned goods, and doubles as a museum on the history of canned and pre-packaged food in the Mazes.

Local town facilities

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