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Engineering Corps
Founded Era 5
Headquarters Proving Grounds
Activities Engineering R&D
Operation of certain facilities
Leaders The Administrator

The Engineering Corps is a minor faction in the Mazes. They are the entire body of engineers and technicians of all kinds in the Mazes, in charge of mining, construction, maintainenance, production, and various other activities.

The Engineering Corps is divided into seven Crews, each representing one of the many elements of engineering in the Mazes. They are as follows:

  • Workshop Crew (WSC): Operation of workshops, which provides crafting, weapon repairing and modification services, and Maze Customs gunsmithing services.
  • Power and Water Crew (PWC): Operation and maintenance of the Mazes' water and electrical networks, as well as the power generators and water processing facilities.
  • Computer Systems Crew (CSC): Operation, maintenance and administration of the Mazes' computers, software, and networks.
  • Production Crew (PC): Operation, maintenance, and administration of factories, plants, and other mass production facilities, transforming raw materials into end products.
  • Building Crew (BC / The Bees): Specialized crew devoted to the building and maintenance of the Mazes' core infrastructure: rooms, corridors, doorways, and other access ways.
  • Mining Crew (MC): Specialized team devoted to the operation and administration of mining facilities.
  • Proving Grounds Engineering Crew (PGEC): The engineering half of the Proving Grounds, where new and untested technology is researched, developed, and tested before approval and release into the Mazes.

Although unofficially, engineers organize themselves into an informal hierarchy by age and expertise, none of the Engineering Crews have official leaders. The Proving Grounds are considered the administrators of the Scientific Community and the Engineering Corps, themselves receiving orders and directives from the unseen and mysterious Administrator.

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