Station Lasker

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Station Lasker
Southern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-677
Population size Very small
Local laws Standard Law
Military rule
Geographic connections
North N/A
East Intersection 27 (_/_/D)
South N/A
West Intersection 28 (_/_/D)
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Station Lasker is a very small Military town located in the Southern Zone.

Station Lasker was founded in E7-677, during the last year of the Great Military Reform, for housing the then newly-established Phantom Forces. Station Lasker is home to the Phantom Forces 3rd Company (or simply the Phantom 3rd).

Like Camp Huntsman, Station Lasker is one of very few towns with no direct connection to another town, being surrounded with intersections instead.

The population of Station Lasker consists entirely of humans and halflings, with no youkai inhabitants at all.

Local laws

For most crime and law enforcement issues, Station Lasker follows Standard Law, but as a military town, additional rules are in place:

  • Known members of the Youkai Nation and individuals associated with them will be arrested on sight; any resistance will be punished with extreme prejudice.

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.