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A hospital is a facility managed by the Medical Science Team, which provides treatment and healthcare for the wounded and the sick. Hospitals fulfill three major functions: diagnosing and treating patients, offering beds and amenities to patients, and trading meds, through the meds shop.

It is an essential facility; one is guaranteed in each town in the Mazes.


Every town in the Mazes possesses a hospital. The ones in Roazon and Fort Silver are deactivated.


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  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Posters, notes, announcement boards
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

Hospital room

  • Personnel:
    • If occupied: Random citizens (1-2) as patients, may also include one tending nurse per patient.
    • If unoccupied: None
  • Furniture: 2 hospital beds, 2 nightstands, bookshelves, potted plant, radio, television
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None


  • Personnel: Nurse (Receptionist)
  • Furniture: Desk, computer, file cabinets, flower pots, chairs
  • Cover:
    • Side 2: Desk (36 health, A1)
    • Side 4: Desk (36 health, A1)

Medic's office

  • Personnel: Medic, Nurse (1-2)
  • Furniture: Medic's desk, nurses' desks, chairs, computers, operating table, examination table, medical machinery, file cabinets
  • Cover:
    • Side 2: Desk (36 health, A1)
    • Side 3: Desk (36 health, A1)
    • Side 4: Desk (36 health, A1)

Visitors can pay for medical services in this room. See this section for more details.

Meds shop (room)

  • Personnel: Nurse (Meds shop duty)
  • Furniture: Counter, shelves, advertisement posters and signs
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Metal shelves (60 health, A1)
  • Locked doors:
    • East: Electronic lock A, to Meds shop storage

Visitors can trade meds in this room. See this section for more details.

Meds shop storage

  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Storage shelves, boxes, crates
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Storage boxes (66 health, A3)

Staff break room

  • Personnel: None, but may be occasionally visited by nurses or the medic on break
  • Furniture: Couch, widescreen TV, radio, table, chairs, bookshelves
  • Cover:
    • Side 1: Couch (36 health, A1)
    • Side 2: Table (36 health, A1)


  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Mirror, sink, 2 shower cabins, temporary-use lockers
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

The temporary-use lockers are generally empty and possess no locking mechanism. Their purpose is to temporarily stash clothing and equipment while taking a shower, protecting them from water and humidity.


  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Sink, mirror, urinals, toilet seats
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

Medical services

The resident medic offers medical services to any visitor who enters their office.

Medical services are available 24/7.

Service Details Cost (in Parallar symbol.png) Additional details
Addiction treatment Injects substances designed to treat addictions. Cost is per addiction treated. 1000 Requires checking into a hospital bedroom for 8 hours (2 day periods) per addiction.
Antivenom Removes Venom. Cost is per 0.1 unit of Venom removed. 10
Blood transfusion Recovers lost Blood. Cost is per 0.1 unit of Blood refilled. 20
Cyanide poisoning Cures Cyanide poisoning. Cost is per 0.1 unit healed. 100
Fracture healing Injects a bone-healing substance. Cost is per fracture healed. 200 Requires checking into a hospital bedroom for 4 hours (1 day period) per fracture.
Hospital bedroom check-in Get rest in a warm bed(1). Cost is for a 24-hour stay. Free if undergoing addiction treatment or fracture healing (for the duration of the treatment only)
600 otherwise
Limb healing Heals damaged limbs. Cost is per 1 HP healed.
Cannot be used to heal severed limbs.
Painkillers Heals Pain. Cost is per 1% healed. 2
Wound healing Patches up Wounds. Cost is per wound healed. 10


  • (1) If you need treatment for Inebriation and Fatigue, staying in a hospital bed to get some rest (and let your body eliminate alcohol) is the best solution. Stress can be healed by reading a book or using the radio and television in the bedroom.

Meds shop

Meds shop redirects here.

A meds shop is an outlet specialized in trading meds. It functions like an individual shop but is part of a hospital.

Shop rules

Opening hours: Open 24/7.

Meds shops sell the following items:

Meds shops may also:

  • Buy back items of all types sold here for 25% of their shop value
  • Accept payment in cash or appraised valuables
  • Provide store credit (valid only at the specific location you obtained credit from - each meds shop is independent)
    • Shops do not normally return change; it is automatically converted into store credit instead.
  • Transfer store credit into a customer's bank account (for a fee, see Bank).
  • Provide a delivery service into a customer's bank vault (for a fee and if the vault has enough space remaining, see Bank)

Shop generation

This section is intended for GMs.


The customer is expected to request a particular item. This shop uses the standard price-based generation method to determine the number of items in stock:

  • Less than Parallar symbol.png250: 1d20-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png250 - 499.99: 1d15-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png500 - 999.99: 1d12-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png1000 - 1999.99: 1d10-5 items in stock.
  • Parallar symbol.png2000 and higher: 1d8-5 items in stock.