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Eastern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E6-599
Population size Small
Local laws Standard Law
Angelic mandate
Geographic connections
North Intersection 09
East Arnett
South Intersection 18
West Intersection 11

Semitas (pronounced semi-tas) is a small Angelic town located in the Eastern Zone.

Semitas was founded in E6-599, in an early attempt by Heaven to expand their influence into more remote parts of the world. It is a small and quiet community where little of note happens.

As with most Angelic towns, Semitas' population is diverse, with a roughly equal proportion of humans, halflings, youkai, and angelic creatures.

Local laws

For most crime and law enforcement issues, Semitas follows Standard Law, but as a town controlled by Heaven, Ltd., an Angelic mandate is in place, which stipulates the following:

  • Demonic creatures are forbidden from entry and will be attacked on sight if they attempt to enter the Town Gate.
  • Individuals and groups known to be associated with Hell, Inc. or prominent Demonic figures will be refused entry; refusal to comply will be punished with extreme prejudice.
  • Spreading pro-Demonic propaganda or generally displaying an overly positive or tolerant view of Demonics may result in removal from the town. Repeat offenders may be considered "associated with Hell" (see above).

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.