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Eastern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-414
Population size Very small
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Echizen
East N/A
South Arnett
West Wayward

Elkins is a very small town located in the Eastern Zone.

Founded in E7-414, Elkins was initially founded with the intention of creating a new trade route between the towns of the Eastern Zone and the youkai communities of the Northeast, without the need to travel all the way to Intersection 06, which required going through Garica Block. Three years later, however, the Police town of Wayward was founded, providing travelers with another link between the Eastern and Northeastern Zone, which was thought to be safer. Traffic declined for a while, and population growth stagnated.

Several decades later, in E7-506, an office complex specialized in the development of computer software was opened. Developers of all stripes moved to Elkins, giving the town a chance to grow once again.

However, since the early 690s at the earliest, the Elkins town hall has been accused of corruption and mismanagement, and in particular, not allocating enough personnel or resources to Town Security, resulting in repeated, almost recurring incidents, such as invasions from critters and raiders. Despite these incidents, Town Security remains critically understaffed and underequipped to this day, and the population has steadily been decreasing ever since, resulting in the closure or abandonment of several shops and facilities, including the software development offices.

Elkins is infamous for having no active restaurants as a result of these incidents. The diner, Elkins Kitchen, closed down in E7-702 following the death of its owner at the hands of an invading raider, allegedly in retaliation for refusing to prepare him a meal. The rest of the staff left town the following evening and were not seen again since.

As of today, very few shops and services remain open today, leaving little reason for travelers to stop at Elkins for supplies. The town is widely considered to be one bad invasion away from losing the remainder of its population, either from deaths or further departures. The few remaining inhabitants are mostly humans, with a small number of halflings and youkai.

Local town facilities

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