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The Proving Grounds (sometimes shortened to PG) is a secret facility in the Mazes, serving as the headquarters of both the Scientific Community and the Engineering Corps, and their associated branches, the Proving Grounds Science Team and the Proving Grounds Engineering Crew.

A separate section of the Mazes serves as the residence of the Administrator, although it is seemingly impossible to reach.


The exact location of the Proving Grounds is not known to the public. It is believed that there is only one access point, but the location of that access point is known only to members of the Proving Grounds, who appear to be the only ones with secure access.

Members of the Proving Grounds Science Team and the Proving Grounds Engineering Crew possess a special black keycard, which seems to be their access pass. The corresponding electronic lock is located in the Wing C storage room of the Laboratory in Ferland Sector. Once the keycard has been inserted into the lock, a door leading south opens, revealing an elevator with a hexadecimal keypad (0-9 A-F). The keypad code changes every month and is communicated only to PG staff.


Part facility, part miniature town, the Proving Grounds is home to a testing facility where new weapons and new technologies are researched, developed, and test-produced. All new technologies in the Mazes are developed here, and everything is subjected to the approval of the Administrator.

When not developing new technologies, the Proving Grounds staff maintain various core facilities, such as the central servers for the telephone network and MazeNet, the local internet. This location is also home to a great Archive Room, containing an astronomical amount of knowledge, technical data, blueprints, prototypes, and other records of past experiments and technological advancements, both introduced and non-introduced.

The Proving Grounds staff is subjected to a rule of secrecy, stipulating that no information - especially devices or concepts - that were not officially approved for introduction shall escape the Proving Grounds. Despite that rule, unique documents are sometimes lost or leaked into the Mazes. An engineer acting as a PG liaison can be found at the Calfair Sector workshop; their role is to incentivize inhabitants of the Mazes to retrieve these documents and bring them to the workshop in exchange for rewards, which include working prototypes and examples.

Although no technical documentation proving their existence has ever been discovered, one of the oldest and most popular rumors regarding secret Proving Grounds projects is the development of teleportation portals. Whether or not they possess working prototypes is not known, but it is often circulated the technology is being kept from being introduced, as it could render the Mazes so safe, it would make traveling in the Uncivilized Area unnecessary, potentially endangering many other businesses.

Neither the Scientific Community nor the Engineering Corps has ever confirmed or denied the existence of teleportation technology.


This facility is secret; no known maps exist.