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Central Zone
Town facts
Settled in E6-671
Population size Small
Local laws Standard Law
Angelic mandate
Geographic connections
North Heshbar
East Intersection 21
South Abakash
West Camp Baxter

Ventis is a small Angelic town located in the Central Zone.

Ventis was founded late in Era 6, as a means for the Angelic faction to expand its reach into the Central and Southern Zones, being located right before the border between the two. It was a small and unremarkable town until E7-362, when the Demonic town of Abakash was founded. Since then, Ventis became a small and unremarkable town with hundreds of years of rivalry and blood feuding with their Demonic neighbors.

The UA roads between Ventis and Abakash are famous for being the theater of the Almost Divine War, and continue to feature occasional clashes between passing Angelic and Demonic creatures.

Attracted by the possibility of watching them fight, many visitors travel in between the two towns, for the sole purpose of hoping to find an Angelic-Demonic battle. Many are unsuccessful, but the rare few that manage to see fights often recount tales of opponents spending at least as much energy insulting each other as they do fighting each other. These frequent visitors have resulted in the opening of the Heavenly Nights Inn, the local hotel.

As with most Angelic towns, the population of Ventis is fairly diverse, with a slight majority of angelic creatures, and roughly equal numbers of humans, halflings, and youkai.

Local laws

For most crime and law enforcement issues, Ventis follows Standard Law, but as a town controlled by Heaven, Ltd., an Angelic mandate is in place, which stipulates the following:

  • Demonic creatures are forbidden from entry and will be attacked on sight if they attempt to enter the Town Gate.
  • Individuals and groups known to be associated with Hell, Inc. or prominent Demonic figures will be refused entry; refusal to comply will be punished with extreme prejudice.
  • Spreading pro-Demonic propaganda or generally displaying an overly positive or tolerant view of Demonics may result in removal from the town. Repeat offenders may be considered "associated with Hell" (see above).

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.