Calfair Sector

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Calfair Sector
Central Zone
Town facts
Settled in E5-4
Population size Medium
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Intersection 08
East N/A
South Neo Khazrun
West Ellen Sector

Calfair Sector (often shortened to just Calfair) is a medium town located in the Central Zone.

Calfair Sector was founded in E5-4 and is the oldest human settlement in the Mazes in continuous existence. The town is most famous for its weapons factory, opened in E5-5; the oldest factory in continuous existence, with nearly 2300 years of nearly uninterrupted activity.

Today, Calfair Sector is also known for being the home of the extensive and powerful Wilco family; twelve brothers, all native to Calfair, famous for their influence over the weapons production and selling businesses in town.

  • Willy and Wyatt Wilco, the two oldest of twelve brothers, run Wilco Weapons, the local weapon shop and the only one in the Mazes regularly capable of selling every single type of retail weapon available
  • Wesley Wilco is an engineer and the chief of the Calfair weapons factory. Four other Wilco brothers, Walt, Wade, Warren, and Winston, are also engineers, working under their older brother at the same factory.
  • Watson, Walden, and Wilbur Wilco have pursued careers as couriers and independent mercenaries, although they unofficially act as advertisers for Wilco Weapons, often promoting their products on their travels.
  • One of the Wilco brothers, Waldo, is famous for having run away from town without a known explanation at the age of 17; he has never been seen since. He is depicted on the famous "Brother missing" poster exposed in the social square center and in various other places in town. He is regarded as somewhat of a legend, with many wild theories and rumors regarding his whereabouts. Willy Wilco promises a substantial reward to the first person who can bring his missing brother back, or provide substantial information leading to his whereabouts.

The engineering workshop in Calfair Sector is also notable for having a Proving Grounds engineer as extra personnel; their role is to trade Specs Docs for certain types of unique weapons. (See here for details about the engineer's availability.)

The town's population is fairly homogenous, largely composed of humans, with a small but very active halfling community, and an even smaller youkai minority.

Local town facilities

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