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A residential hub is an essential connecting element linking the Social Square with the Town Hall, the residential areas, and if applicable, the hotel and duplex villa.


Every town in the Mazes possesses a residential hub.


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Hub corridor

  • Personnel: None
  • Furniture: Posters, notes, announcement boards
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None


The residential hub vertiports (stairs and elevators) serve as access points to the town's residential areas.


  • 0: Residential hub
  • -1 to -20: Residential area 1 to 20
    • The exact number of residential areas (and corresponding levels) depends on the town. For example, in Sirvarris, there are 14 areas, meaning the residential hub vertiports only go to level -14. See individual town pages for details.
    • If the town has a duplex villa, it is found one level under the lowest residential area.