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Southeastern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-25, Duplima 22
Population size Large
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Joliet Sector (_/F/D)
East N/A
South Intersection 25 (S/F/D)
West Intersection 23 (S/F/D)
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Sirvarris (pronounced seer-varis) is a large town located in the Southeastern Zone.

Sirvarris, as it exists today, is the modern incarnation of the medieval-era town of the same name, discovered by a group of settlers in E7-25, Duplima 22. It is believed that the original town was founded sometime in Era 3.

Like Neo Khazrun, Gimrun, and Mippei Yosai, Sirvarris is home to one of the Silverlight Libraries. On E7-41, Pentema 25, the first Sirvarris mayor, Darius Palkovich, made several declarations regarding the town's direction, affirming that Sirvarris is a neutral town which will follow Standard Law. He also declared that the Silverlight Library will forever be free of charge for all members of the Scientific Community, in the name of preserving and studying history.

In E7-54, on Triema 18, a secret room was discovered in the Silverlight Library, triggering the events of the Sirvarris Discovery, in turn unfolding a chain of events that eventually resulted in the Twin Terror Acts.

In E7-202, Angelus Genvor, a young librarian from Sirvarris, was inspired by his studies of the medieval tomes and departed the town for the Northern Zone, discovering the fourth, and to this day, the last set of medieval ruins. He later returned with a settling expedition, founding the town of Gimrun that year, and forming the Silverlight Guild the next year, adopting the name of Angelus Argentum.

Sirvarris is home to a fairly diverse population, consisting mostly of humans and halflings, a significant youkai minority, and a smaller community of Demonic creatures.

Local town facilities

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