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Central Zone
Town facts
Settled in E6-532
Population size Small
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Yurai (S/F/D)
East Masatomo (_/F/D)
South Intersection 10 (S/F/D)
West Murberry (_/_/D)
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Littleton is, true to its name, a small town located in the Central Zone.

Although it was founded in late Era 6, Littleton has, perhaps by choice more than circumstances, remained a relatively small settlement.

Perhaps due to its small size, Littleton enjoys the reputation of being a charming and tight-knit community where most of the locals know each other by first name. In an interest to preserve this atmosphere, the mayors of Littleton devised what they refer to as the Little Code; a set of rules and conducts that all town hall staff must abide by; most of them are related to keeping the tight-knit feeling and the spirit of a small town alive. The most important of these rules is a mandate which imposes a limit on the amount of residential areas the town should possess: no more than seven.

A minority of inhabitants, referring to themselves as the Big Littleton Collective (BLC), has risen in E7-665, campaigning to have the Little Code changed and the residential area mandate abolished to allow Littleton to grow and attract more inhabitants. Bringing up the BLC or the residential area question in Littleton is considered to be a hot-button issue, which should be avoided or addressed with extreme care, as many inhabitants have strong feelings on the subject, to the point the population can be divided into two camps; the expansionists (those who agree with the BLC's demands) and the originalists (those who wish to keep the "little town" spirit alive).

The town's population is mainly composed of humans, with a vibrant minority of youkai and a smaller minority of halflings.

Local town facilities

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