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The cleaning facility is the headquarters of a town's cleaning staff. A cleaning facility is managed by a head janitor. In a town, the head janitor is appointed by the mayor whereas in an intersection, they are appointed by the InterSec Chief.

It is an essential facility; one is guaranteed in each town in the Mazes.


Every town and intersection in the Mazes possesses a cleaning facility. The ones in Roazon and Fort Silver are abandoned.


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Break room

  • Personnel: None, but may be occasionally visited by janitors on break
  • Furniture: Couch, widescreen TV, radio, table, chairs, bookshelves
  • Cover:
    • Side 3: Couch (36 health, A1)
    • Side 4: Table (36 health, A1)

Head janitor's office

  • Personnel: Head janitor
  • Furniture: Desk, chair, computer, file cabinets
  • Cover:
    • Side 3: Desk (36 health, A1)


  • Personnel: Janitor (lobby duty)
  • Furniture: Desk, chair, computer, benches, bookshelves
  • Cover:
    • Side 3: Desk (36 health, A1)

Locker room

Storage room

  • Personnel: None, but frequently visited by janitors managing supplies
  • Furniture: Industrial shelves, storage boxes, dumpster, body bag racks, cleaning cabinets
  • Cover:
    • All sides: Storage boxes (66 health, A3)

Waste disposal

  • Personnel: Janitor (1-2, waste disposal duty)
  • Furniture: Incinerator machinery, recycling machinery, conveyor belts, pallets, computer terminals
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None