Fort Wight

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Fort Wight
Western Zone
Town facts
Settled in E5-150 (as Fort Cutlass)
E7-677 (renamed to Fort Wight)
Population size Very large
Local laws Standard Law
Military rule
Geographic connections
North N/A
East N/A
South N/A
West Intersection 19 (S/F/_)
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Fort Wight (formerly known as Fort Cutlass) is the capital of the Maze Military. It is a very large town located in the Western Zone.

As Fort Cutlass, the town was founded in E5-150 by Donald Brennan, a former member of the Eidolon Silver Force. Upon founding the town, he was appointed as the leader of a new fighting force, which would become the Maze Military, turning Fort Cutlass into the new faction's capital city.

Originally, Fort Cutlass was the home of the entire Military, but as the faction grew, the need to house new recruits resulted in the faction expanding and founding new towns. By E5-154, six new towns had been founded, each housing a company of soldiers. Fort Cutlass became the "headquarters town", and was the home of what was referred to as the Command Company.

In E7-677, after Colonel Thomas Wight became the new leader of the Military and instigated the Great Military Reform, Fort Cutlass was renamed to Fort Wight and became the home of a new unit, Wight's Elite Battalion, two companies' worth of the very best soldiers in the Military.

Fort Wight is also the home of a canning factory, nicknamed the Ration Factory, which produces regular canned food items and rations. Most of the food made in a ration is prepared and packaged in Fort Wight; whatever wasn't made locally is typically made at the mass baking factory in Fort Cobalt.

The local population exclusively consists of humans and halflings.

Local laws

For most crime and law enforcement issues, Fort Wight follows Standard Law, but as a military town, additional rules are in place:

  • Known members of the Youkai Nation and individuals associated with them will be arrested on sight; any resistance will be punished with extreme prejudice.

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.