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Hell, Inc.
Founded Unknown
Era 3 (first demonics in the Mazes)
E5-2 (rebranding as Hell, Inc.)
Headquarters Gehen
Activities Promoting Demonic beliefs and values
Fighting angelics
Leaders Lucifer (CEO)
The Board of Directors (other chief officers)

Hell, Inc. (pronounced Hell, Incorporated, also simply referred to as Hell or more generally the demonic faction) is a major faction in the Mazes and one of the major religious organizations in the Mazes.
In the Demonic language, "Hell, Inc." is pronounced Gehen'om. Gehen simply means "Hell" or "related to Hell", and was chosen as the name of their headquarters town. The particulate 'om refers to a type of organization that transliterates to "Corporation" with a supernatural connotation. The Demonic language script for "Hell, Inc." is shown on the company logo, above its Common equivalent.


Monochrome company logo of Hell, Inc.

Hell, Inc. describes itself as a "faith company" and follows a strict bureaucratic hierarchy with defined ranks, with the lowest rank being Echelon 7 and the highest rank being Echelon 1.

At the very top of the company is the Chief Executive Officer, the sole member of Echelon 1. Echelon 2 is composed of the company's Board of Directors, and every echelon from 3 to 7 is made up of staff in decreasing order of responsibility and importance.

The CEO of Hell is Lucifer, Demon Lord of Pride. His Board of Directors is composed of the following figures:

  • Leviathan, Demon Lord of Envy, Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Beelzebub, Demon Lord of Gluttony, Chief Knowledge Officer
  • Mammon, Demon Lord of Greed, Chief Financial Officer
  • Belphegor, Demon Lord of Sloth, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Satan, Demon Lord of Wrath, Chief Operations Officer
  • Asmodeus, Demon Lord of Lust, Head of Demonic Resources and Chief Public Relations Officer

Under the Board of Director's command is the bulk of Hell's hierarchy:


Hell's stated mission is the promotion of the Demonic Way and its Seven Vices, the basic tenets of Demonic faith. These tenets are as follows:

  • Lust, the ideal of sexual freedom
  • Gluttony, the pursuit of satiation
  • Greed is always good, it ensures financial security
  • Sloth, or the right to leave work for later (or to others)
  • Wrath, the catharsis of expressing anger
  • Envy, the engine of competition
  • Pride is everything. To value oneself above all else.

In practice, all demonic creatures have the same basic objectives: to convince sapients to live according to the Demonic Way. Different demonic creatures will try to achieve this through various methods that Hell refers to as "services". Usually, demonics will offer sapients their friendship and their protection, and gain Demonic Energy for every person they defend (and every Angelic creature they eliminate), which in turn allows them to use their Demonic powers.

The demonic place of worship is the sanctum. One can be found in of the seven towns under the faction's control.

Although they do not necessarily view themselves as the representation of evil, the Demonic Way is, according to Hell's official documentation, about promoting and nurturing one's natural urges and desires, not repressing them but rather indulging in them as much as possible. Demonic faith believes the only way to live a fulfilling life is to pursue pleasure and let one's true nature shine through with no restraint or moderation, viewing pleasure as the greatest objective of sapients.


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Medieval eras

An early form of Hell existed during the medieval times. The then-unnamed demonic group was providing military and religious support to the Black Kingdom of Era 3. When the Black Kingdom was defeated, Demonics departed from the world and were virtually absent during all of Era 4, biding their time and preparing their return.

Return and rebranding

On E5-2, the demonics returned under a new brand: Hell, Inc., re-establishing a presence in the Mazes just one year after the angelics did, through the foundation of their first town, Gehen. The rivalries of old seemed set to return.

Throughout Eras 5, 6, and the first half of Era 7, Hell remained uninvolved with warfare or armed conflicts, keeping themselves out of the game of alliances and rivalries between other factions and only protecting their towns and assets whenever necessary, focusing instead on fully developing what they refer to as the "vice market"; spreading the Demonic Way, teaching about the Seven Vices, and using their demonic personnel to educate, teach, provide various services, and generally serve as a cornerstone of pleasure-providing and hedonism-seeking instead of a more territory- and military-oriented faction.

The capture of Flaxton

In E7-152, 86 years after the end of the Flaxton Civil War, which decimated its population and nearly ended the town, Hell sends envoys to the struggling town with a surprising intention; the faction wished to purchase the entire town and all of its assets, intending to build a new sanctum and populate it with new people and personnel. When the demonic envoys were unable to locate the town mayor or any form of authority with which to deal and sign a contract, the envoys simply captured the town hall, planted a new mayor, and effectively treated the town as their own, entirely without bloodshed. With no-one to stop them, Hell had effectively gained a new town in which to expand their activities, all for free.

The Almost Divine War

Just two years after Heaven announced their Faith-Driven Expansion Plan in E7-360, which resulted in the settling of four new angelic towns, Hell responded with the Demonic Super-Special Enlargement Operation, lasting between E7-362 and E7-366 and resulting in the founding of Abakash, Temno, Novysera, Rog and Utroba.

As both factions began expanding their reach and influence, the number of angelic and demonic entities in the Mazes also sharply rose. Inevitably, tensions between the two factions also increased. One of Hell's new towns, Abakash, had been settled uncomfortably close to the older angelic town of Ventis. A new UA route between both towns had been established, and quickly became the new flashpoint of the angelic-demonic rivalry. The situation eventually reached a breaking point in E7-368, when a group of Angelic creatures met a group of Demonic creatures on the Ventis-Abakash road. Both parties refused to let the other pass, the encounter devolving rapidly into a shouting match, and finally into a fight.

Over the hours that followed, each side continued to send reinforcements to the UA room where the fight was taking place, with new forces replacing the eliminated on each side. The battle is virtually constrained to one room, with a few unsuccessful attempts by both sides to gain ground towards the rival town's direction. After 13 hours of sustained conflict and 298 casualties (through a sheer display of coincidence, the casualties are evenly split; 149 angelics and 149 demonics), both sides agreed to let representatives meet with each other to discuss ending the conflict. Ventis sent a shrine maiden while Abakash sent a dark maiden; the two met, briefly discussing terms and conditions on how to end this senseless waste of personnel for both sides.

After 3 hours of unsuccessful debating, the rival representatives agreed to play a round of rock-paper-scissors to determine which side would meet the other's demands. 45 minutes and 1047 rounds of perfect ties later, the two representatives grew fatigued of further debating, finally agreeing on the terms of a truce; both sides shall present official apologies for the other, both sides shall confirm that war has not been declared and that this incident shall remain isolated, and both sides shall use other roads than the Ventis-Abakash for a little while because it all got quite ridiculous.

Although the casualties declared are, by Maze standards, enormous, officially this incident was not a war and did not spark further violent conflict. However, it is widely believed that both sides have grown emboldened to engage in combat with one another in various parts of the UA, so long as the fights remained small, short, and sporadic. Nevertheless, the rivalry had finally and officially been reignited, and more active measures to influence and sway the populations of the world were now underway on both sides.


With the only significant angelic-demonic conflict having happened over 400 years ago, few people believe that Heaven and Hell will openly declare war on each other anytime soon, seemingly more concerned with their public image, their influence, and their respective control of the "faith market" in the Mazes. Some, however, believe that a divine war is coming, the result of which may forever change the face of the Mazes. Only time will tell if these predictions will come true.

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