Ferland Sector

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Ferland Sector
Southern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E5-128
Population size Large
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Intersection 20
East N/A
South Station Sigma
West Beadsor

Ferland Sector (often shortened to just Ferland) is a large town located in the Southern Zone.

Founded in E5-128, Ferland Sector was the first human town in the Southern Zone, and the second overall after Gehen. It started life as a small industrial town, then became an infamous part of history, as the theater of the Ferland Incident in E5-225, which eventually sparked the Resource Wars. Ferland was one of the first towns to have adopted Standard Law, and fiercely resisted the influence of criminal elements during and after the war, remaining independent from the influence of any faction.

Many centuries later, following the Roazon catastrophe of E7-419 and the deaths of 90% of the original Theoretical Physics Science Team, the Scientific Community elected Ferland Sector as the home of the new Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Science Team. In E7-429, the new laboratory was opened, resulting in the immigration of many scientists and bright minds, who slowly transformed the old industrial town into a scientific hub. The Agroscience Team replaced the old land farm with a brand new hydroponics lab in E7-440, further increasing the scientist population.

As of today, Ferland Sector is home to a large and diverse population of many different species, with roughly equivalent numbers of humans, halflings, and youkai. Surprisingly, there are also small but active communities of psionics, magicians, and demonic creatures.

Local town facilities

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