Garica Block

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Garica Block
Eastern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-98
Population size Medium
Local laws Independent
Syndicate rule
Geographic connections
North Utroba (_/_/D)
East N/A
South Intersection 11 (_/_/D)
West Intersection 06 (_/_/D)
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Garica Block (often shortened to just Garica, pronounced ga-ree-kah) is a medium Syndicate town located in the Eastern Zone.

Originally, Garica Block was a small, unremarkable neutral town, founded by a male human by the name of Quinten Garica. In E7-126, Mayor Garica was approached by members of the Yatela Syndicate, who proceeded to sign a contract of fealty with the criminal organization, effectively turning over control of the town to the Syndicate. It is unknown what the terms of the contract were or what was in it for Mayor Garica; all that is certain is that he was allowed to serve as mayor for the rest of his life, presumably paying tribute to the Syndicate all the while.

In E7-380, Hugh Lenox, great-grandson of James Lenox (founder of Lenox Corner), traveled north from his hometown of Greening to the fledgling Eastern town of Garica Block with the blessing of the Syndicate to develop a new business opportunity: Club 380, a strip club business with the ambition of gathering the best and the sexiest of the Mazes in one place. The venture is highly successful, putting Garica Block on the map and becoming the biggest and most successful strip club in the world.

The local food production facility is a food factory known as Big Gino's Chips & Snack Foods, mainly known for producing 35 different flavors of potato chips, available in every convenience store and other outlets.

The current mayor of Garica Block is Soren Yatela, the second oldest younger brother of the Syndicate Don, Michael Yatela.

The local population is fairly homogenous, with a majority of humans, a small but active halfling community, and a very small youkai minority.

Local laws

Garica Block is an independent town under the control of the Syndicate, and as such, does not follow nor respect Standard Law. There are no written rules, and local customs may vary greatly depending on the town.

General rules and principles in all Syndicate towns:

  • The Syndicate's word is the law.
  • Local Town Security is subservient to the authority of Syndicate enforcers and capos.
  • Members of the Maze Police are not welcome and will be shot on sight. Friends and known associates of the Police will suffer the same fate.

Although some towns may lean towards orderliness and peacekeeping (especially if there are important businesses intended to attract visitors), visitors must be ready for anything while visiting a Syndicate town, and not count on the help of the local Town Security should anything happen to them. Petty criminal activity targeted towards visitors is rampant, ranging from scamming and swindling to assault and mugging. In common parlance, such activities are referred to as "hustling" or "work" and are generally tolerated so long as they're not aimed at a known associate or full member of the Syndicate.

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.