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The Hiring Bureau is a facility handling and assigning job requests and applications. This facility is managed by a single person, the Hirer (appointed by the mayor), which processes all requests for a town.

Functionally, the Hiring Bureau may be treated as the equivalent of an adventuring guild; in that independent contractors and mercenaries may take jobs frequently from requests posted at the Bureau. It also fulfills the role of an employment agency, matching potential employers and employees together. Visiting the local Hiring Bureau is the recommended first step towards employment for all inhabitants, whether contractual or long-term.

Visitors looking for contracts, one-time jobs and similar gigs may use one of the public-use computers, whereas guidance and long-term employment are handled by visiting the Hirer's office.

It is an essential facility; one is guaranteed in each town in the Mazes.


Every town in the Mazes possesses a Hiring Bureau. The ones in Roazon and Fort Silver are abandoned.


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  • Personnel: None but frequently visited by the Hirer and visitors
  • Furniture: Rows of desks, computers and chairs, sofas, bookshelves, potted plants
  • Cover:
    • All sides: None

Hirer's office

  • Personnel: Citizen (Hirer)
  • Furniture: Desk, chair, computer, file cabinets, potted plants
  • Cover:
    • Side 4: Desk (36 health, A1)

Job types

Common jobs include the following:

  • Postal jobs (deliver letters, files, and communication packages safely and without tampering)
  • Courier jobs (deliver packages of merchandise safely and without damage)
  • Bodyguarding (escort people safely)
  • Pest control (kill a designated number of creatures on your way from A to B).
  • Room marking (locate specific rooms for the Engineering Corps on your way from A to B, such as blacked-out rooms, broken room furniture, and other fixtures, leave markers in each one so the Corps knows where things to fix are located, then get paid for each marker left.)

More serious jobs include the following:

  • Debt collection (find specific people on your way from A to B and make them pay what they owe - one way or another)
  • Acquisition (locate a specific object and bring it to the destination)
  • Bounty hunting (locate and either kill or capture specific people on your way from A to B)
  • Extraction (locate a specific person and bring them alive to the destination, one way or another)

Jobs based on skill usage include the following:

  • Hunting supplier (use your Hunting skill to hunt and butcher creatures for meat, and sell a specific number of raw or cooked meat pieces to a specific restaurant.)
  • Engineering assistance (advanced version of Room marking, except you use your Repair skill to fix things yourself.)
Tips for Game Masters
If your players are looking for jobs to do, they should be pointed towards the Hiring Bureau! This facility is a great starting place to get player characters matched with employers, jobs, or situations of any kind.