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Western Zone
Town facts
Settled in E6-685
Population size Small
Local laws Standard Law
Geographic connections
North Fort Cobalt (_/_/D)
East Ellen Sector (_/_/D)
South Beadsor (_/_/D)
West N/A
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Saker is a small town located in the Western Zone.

Saker was founded in late Era 6 and is primarily known for being the home of the Biology Science Team. Although it is a small community, it is strategically located at the crossroads between the Western, Central, and Southern Zones, and is situated between a military town (Fort Cobalt), a police town (Beadsor) and a major Central Zone town (Ellen Sector). As a result, Saker sees many visitors from many different backgrounds, who often stop in town for food, drinks, and supplies.

The town's population is relatively diverse, with a majority of humans and halflings, and an active minority of youkai.

Local town facilities

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