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Northern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-202
Population size Medium
Local laws Independent
Guild rules
Geographic connections
North Outpost Trion (_/_/D)
East Cloud Ten (_/F/D)
South Ovis City (_/_/D)
West Viris Area (_/F/D)
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Gimrun (traditionally pronounced geem-roon, nowadays geem-run) is a medium town located in the Northern Zone.

Gimrun, as it exists today, is the modern incarnation of the medieval-era town of the same name. The town ruins were found by Angelus Argentum (then known as Angelus Genvor, at the time a librarian from Sirvarris) in E7-202, before founding the Silverlight Guild the next year, which is better known today as the Guild of Silver Larceners. As of today, the Guild is still active and in control of their hometown.

The Guild is well-known for its numerous acts of grand thievery, however, their main source of income is through the management of Gimrun, via a unique taxation system. The guild keeps control over the town by restricting access to Town Hall and Town Security positions to Guild members. The position of mayor, in particular, is reserved for the leader of the Guild, the guildmaster.

Gimrun is a medium-sized town neighboring a major faction capital and is one of the Northern Zone's most visited towns. The Guild is known for its strict, pure-human policy, viewing halflings, youkai, and other non-human sapients as second-class creatures, unworthy of joining them. As a result, although it is legal for non-humans to become residents of Gimrun, they pay higher taxes than humans, and as such, only constitute a small fraction of the population. It is estimated that 75% to 80% of the population is composed of humans, with the remainder being roughly equivalent numbers of halflings, youkai, and angelic creatures.

Influenced by the Guild of Silver Larceners' traditions and preferences, Gimrun has a strong culture of unarmed and melee fighting. The town is famous for not having a shooting range in town, a particularly rare occurrence in the Mazes.

Local laws

Gimrun's local laws are generally aimed at residents, although some of them may affect visitors as well.

Laws for residents include the following:

  • All residents of Gimrun must pay what is known as the Levy, a sort of residency tax collected every week on Breakday. The Levy is a fixed value historically based on the "fair price of a long sword", which corresponds to Parallar symbol.png800.
    • The Levy for non-human residents is Parallar symbol.png1100 and is derisively referred to as the "race tax".
    • Too many missed or incomplete payments of the Levy are generally punished severely, generally with beatings or confiscations, but can go up to immediate (and violent) expulsions and banishment from the town.

Visitors, in turn, will find the following may apply to them:

  • Although there are no laws explicitly banning or restricting non-humans from visiting or even becoming residents, non-human residents are not allowed to join the Guild of Silver Larceners and in turn, are barred from working at the local Town Hall in any capacity.
  • Due to the need to pay the Levy, the price of every item or service in Gimrun is increased to 120% of the normal value. In other words, the shop value of everything sold in Gimrun is 1.2x the normal value. (This only affects items for sale; i.e. that you purchase. If you sell items to a shop in Gimrun, there are no changes to the amount of money you receive.)

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.