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Northwestern Zone
Town facts
Settled in Era 7
Population size Ghost town
Local laws Lawless
Geographic connections
North N/A
East Intersection 01
South N/A
West N/A

Roazon (pronounced row-UH-zon or row-AH-zon) is a ghost town located in the Northwestern Zone.

Roazon was founded at an unknown point in early Era 7 (possibly between E7-150 and E7-200). Many records were lost, including the exact foundation year.

This town was once a medium-sized town, as well as the headquarters of the defunct Theoretical Science Team, the predecessor to the modern-day Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Science Team (currently headquartered in Ferland Sector. The Roazon laboratory was the theater of many ambitious projects and sinister experiments conducted between E7-290 and E7-419, such as Project Mana, Project Lambda and Project Psyker. These events reached their breaking point with the Roazon Catastrophe, which resulted in the deaths of 90% of the Science Team's personnel. The surviving inhabitants promptly fled the town, abandoning it entirely.

Today, Roazon is a ghost town, largely inhabited by UA creatures, with no power or water, and no functioning services or facilities. Very few have ventured into the town since its abandonment, and none has been able to break into the former laboratory. Because the town has no power, all electronically locked doors in the lab are permanently shut, locking away any potential hidden secrets. Other than the laboratory, there is next to nothing of interest. Inhabitants of Intersection 01 frequently warn the few travelers they see not to take the north road to Roazon, viewing it as a death trap.

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.


  • Generator facility is abandoned. There is no power in the town; all rooms are plunged in the dark, and all electronic locks in town are locked shut.
  • Water facility is abandoned. There is no running water available at all in town, rendering showers, toilets, and sinks non-functional.