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A citizen is a general term referring to an inhabitant of the Mazes.


Citizen equipment is special; it is not meant to be strictly defined. Random NPCs may wear just about any combination of compatible clothing, armor, and LBE, and may carry just about any kind of weapons and items, within reason.

As such, there is no "standard" equipment for a citizen; there are only guidelines. A GM should not generate and keep track of every single NPC that may or may not be in the room, and can simply ignore their existence until and unless player characters interact with them. In such situations, equipment should only be generated or assigned on the fly as needed; for example, if a player character picks a fight with a random customer in a bar, that customer could be assumed to be a citizen, and the GM is free to assign or randomly determine whether they are armed and armored, and what with. GMs that really wish to can randomly generate everything on the fly, but it is recommended to do this as little as possible, especially if it would cause significant delays during the session. As with everything else, simplicity and swiftness are better than exact data.

Other information


  • The skills of a citizen are not defined. Citizens can be just about any kind of person; they could be nobodies with just their species' natural skills, or they could be a super-powered ultra-badass in their civilian clothing. Generally, skills of a citizen should remain undefined until useful or necessary to define.
  • If a citizen's skills must be generated, they should be their species' natural skills, plus any extras the GM feels would be necessary or fun.


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

According to most dictionaries in the Mazes, a citizen was originally defined as "a sapient creature that lives in a civilized area." However, this strict definition no longer completely applies. Over time, especially as it became apparent that there were many thriving and organized communities living in the Uncivilized Area (either out of necessity or out of choice), the meaning of the term was changed by common parlance. Today, the term can have different meanings depending on the context, which have been grouped into various rough categories:

  • In general, a citizen implies a sapient creature whose occupation is not obvious or immediately visible when observing them.
  • Unemployed citizens: A sapient creature that does not have a job or an occupation, thus only have their own personal gear to wear.
  • Off-duty citizens: A sapient creature that does have a job or occupation with a standard uniform and/or equipment, but is not currently working, and is therefore currently wearing personal gear.
  • Sleeper citizens: A sapient creature that works what is colloquially known as a sleeper occupation: a job or occupation that is more substantial than an occasional odd job, but does not require one to wear standard gear of any kind, thus making it ambiguous that they have an occupation judging solely on looks. Certain occupations may intentionally approach the "sleeper" look but are not truly considered to be sleeper occupations, because the equipment provided is standardized (e.g. the standard clothing of a Police Detective).