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Characters in MazeWorld may have a variety of different skills and skill levels, governing their level of proficiency in a variety of domains. Skills belong to one of two categories: Combat skills and Non-combat skills.

For every skill, there are five levels: Unskilled, Basic, Skilled, Expert, and Master, which may also be referred to as Levels (or Lv) 1 through 5.

A variety of weapons and activities demand the use of certain skills, and one's skill level will determine a number of effects (such as accuracy, abilities, and so on). The term "X calls for Y skill" is frequently used throughout this wiki to denote which skills a particular weapon, item, or activity will cover.

Combat skills

There are 30 combat skills in total, grouped in 3 sub-categories: Firearm skills, Heavy weapon skills and Melee and miscellaneous skills.

Non-combat skills

There are 9 non-combat skills in total. Each of these has a dedicated page with more information: