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Pain (sometimes referred to as Pain damage) is a statistic and a damage value, which represents a quantity of pain, shock, or trauma. It is one of the primary damage values in the game (alongside Limb damage). It is expressed as a percentage value with no decimals (e.g. "30% Pain").

When in reference to a creature, Pain refers to their Pain level; the current amount of Pain they are experiencing. When in reference to an item, it refers to the amount of Pain that this item will either inflict (e.g. weapons, ammunition) or cure (e.g. meds).

Other statistics, such as Pain Sensitivity, Pain Blackout Threshold (PBT) and Pain Death Threshold (PDT) all have an effect on Pain as well.

Pain levels

Pain cannot go under 0%, but has no upper limit; it is possible to reach multiple hundreds and even thousands of % Pain, though that usually means massive overkill.

Pain level Status name Effects
150% and beyond Dead Creature is killed
100% - 149% Blacked out Creature blacks out
70% - 99% Agonizing FT +2
40% - 69% Hurting FT +1
0% - 39% OK No effects
  • All sources of Pain healing are subjected to the Pain healing effect.

Pain Sensitivity

"Pain Sensitivity" and "PS" redirect here.

Pain Sensitivity (sometimes shortened to PS) is a statistic, which represents the creature's sensitivity to pain and shock. It is a percentage value which acts as a multiplier for all received Pain damage.

By default, this stat is at 100% (1.00x). PS values under 100% will reduce incoming Pain, while PS values over 100% will increase incoming Pain. In other words, lower is better.

  • Examples: Pain Sensitivity 85% means all incoming Pain is multiplied by 0.85x, whereas Pain Sensitivity 120% means all incoming Pain is multiplied by 1.20x.

PS has no upper limit, but cannot go lower than 0%, at which point a creature would be totally immune to Pain.

Tips for Game Masters
If all player characters have blacked out, but did not die and are no longer in danger for whatever reason, they will be rendered helpless and unable to do anything. What happens to these characters is a matter of GM discretion, but the typical recommendation is to have them wake up somewhere safe (a hospital, etc.) sometime later, but with missing money and/or inventory. The explanation as to why is also a matter of GM discretion - maybe they were looted by their enemies, maybe the person that dragged them to safety helped themselves to a payment... It's up to you to decide.

If the situation calls for it, don't hesitate to have these characters wake up captured or imprisoned. If you must threaten the player characters with death for blacking out, make sure your players are well aware ahead of time that there will be no mercy.