Hebizuka Jinkou

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Hebizuka Jinkou
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Born Unknown
Died Alive (Age unknown)
Dimensions 5'8.5", 157 lbs
Physical traits Tanned skin
Black hair
Yellow lightning hair accents
Yellow eyes
Athletic build
Snake eyes and fangs
Black and yellow snake tail

Hebizuka Jinkou (Youkai-go: 迅轟 蛇塚, sometimes Hebi), better known as the Administrator (Youkai-go: 支配人様, shihainin-sama) is the secretive figure in charge of the Mazes, ruling from the shadows.

Publicly known information

In the public eye, very little is known about the one they call the Administrator, not even her actual name. According to the scientists and engineers in the Proving Grounds, she rarely gives out orders or communication, only occasionally giving instructions on what to research, produce, or study. Many believe the Administrator resides in some unknown part of the Proving Grounds, judging by her ability to seemingly always be aware of what goes on inside the facility.

Despite appearing extremely rarely and giving very few orders to the Scientific Community and the Engineering Corps, she does wield absolute authority over them, and what few orders and directives she gives out are executed without fail. Because of the various roles and responsibilities both factions have, she is considered to be the most powerful person in the Mazes, viewing her as the Administrator of the world as much as simply their collective boss.

Although other faction leaders are dimly aware of her existence, she is largely ignored, in part due to her secretive nature and the neutral stance taken by scientists and engineers.

Theories regarding her identity

Several generations of scientists and engineers of all species and ages have noticed that the Administrator's writing style and voice over the phone always seem to be the same, leading many to suggest that she is very long-lived. One of the most popular theories surrounding her identity is that she is a kitsune, one of the few youkai species that cannot die of old age. However, others dispute the theory, citing the lack of fox ears and tails, the presence of a large serpentine tail, and her striking, snake-like gaze.

Another theory suggests she could be a magus magician or an extremely long-lived halfling, but neither theory is well-supported, as evidence of communication with the Administrator long before Project Mana was preserved.

Few people believe she could be a human, due to the snake-like traits she exhibits.

Some have suggested she could be a high-ranking Angelic creature, possibly even TUAG themself, but Heaven, Ltd. has denied that their deity is the Administrator, if for no other reason than TUAG would not approve of creating a world where the Demonics are still allowed to exist. Much the same way, the CEO of Hell, Inc., Lucifer, has utterly denied being the Administrator, citing that if he was in control of the Mazes, he would similarly not allow the Angelics to exist.

A smaller contingent of people believe she is herself some sort of deity, as there is no other explanation for her supposed longevity (at least two thousand years)

Less serious, more humorous theories were crafted, suggesting she could be an undead creature, possibly even a necromancer whose real name is Bazooka Jo. Naturally, this is an extremely unlikely theory, as all known necromancers are animated skeletons.

The Administrator herself has consistently refused to answer questions regarding her identity, her species, her age, or her past, considering that the information is "irrelevant."

The truth

The following section is intended for GMs. We can't stop players from reading, but please do not meta-game!

In reality, Hebizuka has existed for longer than the Mazes has, and may well be responsible for the creation of the world. This makes her not only a deity but the creator deity. As the known history of the Mazes spans for approximately 3200 years, Hebizuka may well be far older than that.

Her name and appearance are very youkai-like, but she does not describe herself as a youkai in the sense the Mazes understands it. In her own words, she is "something much older and primordial than the youkai of the Mazes, or really any creature." She denies being a deity or a ruler, despite ostensibly possessing the powers of one.

Having played and experimented with the world, causing multiple extinction events and "resets" (at the end of Eras 1, 2, and 4), she eventually allowed the world to run its course naturally, preferring to introduce gradual changes, such as technological improvements, to see how the inhabitants adapt.

Hebizuka is aware of the multiverse and the fourth wall, considering the GM to be the conduit of her will and every MazeWorld session to be its own timeline, in its own branch of the MazeWorld multiverse. Anything that happens in a MazeWorld session is her will, expressed through the power of the GM, right down to the ability to change fate and control stories and plot by GM fiat. The GM is not Hebizuka, but the GM can play as her just as they can with any other NPC.

She appreciates GMs that do not allow the world or the fabric of reality to be destroyed, preferring constant change and evolution and being disdainful of world-ending, universe-shattering plots.


In stark contrast with her secretive tendencies, Hebizuka is a pleasant, optimistic creature, her face almost always displaying a smile or a smirk of some sort. Neutral expressions are rare, and she seemingly never displays anger or outbursts of emotion.

Most of the time, Hebizuka appears serene and peaceful, though she describes herself as full of energy, more than anyone can imagine ever existing.

Hebizuka describes herself as a fierce believer in the natural order, despite having the power to create anything and everything within the Mazes. In her eyes, forcing a constructed vision of a "perfect" order into existence can never be truly perfect, because it would be born from her point of view. She viewed it as much more interesting and natural to simply create the conditions in which a natural order could rise on its own, perceiving it as more genuine and beautiful.

In her own words, "my non-action is the purest action there is; me not keeping the world in balance allows it to balance itself."

She spends her time observing the world in her quarters, located in a disconnected part of the Proving Grounds, seemingly possessing an all-seeing ability streamed directly on a collection of computer screens, where the daily lives of the world's inhabitants are displayed 24/7.

She appears to have a childish and mischievous streak, sometimes preferring to observe the world directly, changing her appearance, and visiting random parts of the world, assuming the guise of a random individual to blend in with her surroundings. She typically assumes the appearance of a female squamata halfling with silver hair and an all-black snake tail, but may sometimes take on the appearance of a female human with similar traits to her halfling disguise, or a silver-scaled kirin with black hair.

Her equipment, clothing, and even assumed names may vary a lot, although the name of her characters is always, in some way or form, related to snakes. Example disguise names (feel free to come up with your own!)

She enjoys coffee, preferring to drink hers black. She loves to talk weapons; her favorite guns are the Glock 20 and the Alexander Arms Ulfberht. Her favorite radio stations are Das Haus and FM-2000.